MCDA Spring Conference

The Changing World of Work for the 21st Century


Paul Timmins, NCDA President

“Future-Proof Your Career in the Changing World of Work”

Friday, June 1, 2018, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, USM, Portland

The Maine Career Development Association is excited to hold its Annual Conference on June 1st with the theme, “The Changing World of Work for the 21st Century.”  Our keynote speaker will be Paul Timmins, the current President of the National Association of Career Development.  He will discuss how to help clients “Future-Proof Your Career in the Changing World of Work.”  

Paul is an experienced career development professional with 20 years in a leadership role at the University of Minnesota. During his tenure there, Paul established a strong track record of supporting college students with their career development, empowering staff and campus colleagues to create cutting-edge services, and fostering connections with colleagues across the country.

Immediately following the keynote address we will host a panel discussion during which leaders from Maine will discuss the skills gap common among people transitioning from a degree or certificate program to an entry level job, the challenges it presents for employees and employers alike, and what we, as career professionals, can do to help solve the problem.

Panelists include:

  • Ed Cervone, Executive Director, Educate Maine
  • Lisa Cooper, Program Director, Maine Development Foundation
  • Brigitte Emmons-Touchette, Director, Global Talent Acquisition, WEX
  • Mary Lafontaine, Director of the Southern Maine CareerCenters

After lunch, there will be two sessions of workshops.  Attendees can choose from a variety of topics including those listed below:

  • In Her Presence: Bridges to Career Fulfillment
  • Careers Present & Future: Guiding Clients to their Future
  • The Future of Work Still Includes LinkedIn
  • Incorporating Social and Emotional Learning in Career Development
  • The Pitfalls and Pratfall of Private Practice
  • Creating a Career Ready Culture
  • The Future Workforce of “Intrapreneurs”
  • How to Help People Bring Their Best, Most Resilient Selves to Their Job Search and Their Work
  • Preparing to Pivot – Repeatedly!
  • Bridging the Workforce Skills Gap through Adult Education

This dynamic conference will be a full and productive day with opportunities for collaboration and professional enrichment.  Join us for one of the best professional development opportunities this year!


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NCDA Credentials – An Overview 8 2017

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