Innovative Solutions for Educating and Retaining Maine’s Workforce

Auta Main, Maine Department of Labor, Mel Arsenault, Senior Program Director, Maine Employer’s Initiative, Maine Development Foundation, Rob Brown, Executive Director, Opportunity Maine

The Maine Legislature supported and passed into law two innovative education programs in 2007 aimed at educating and retaining Maine’s workforce; The Competitive Skills Scholarship Program and Opportunity Maine. At the same time, the Maine Development Foundation was spearheading the Employer’s Initiative, with an ambitious goal of increasing the number of working adults going back to school by several hundred over the next 3 years. In this workshop you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about these exciting new programs, how they are working together to support Maine’s employers and employees and Maine’s future workforce! The Competitive Skills Scholarship helps Maine residents who need skills for jobs in growing sectors of the Maine economy. The program is sponsored by the Maine Department of Labor.

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