MCDA Governing Board
January 7, 2013
Meeting called to order  1:09pm

 Present: Nicole Drew, Leigh Mundhenk, James Westhoff, Merle Davis, Deborah Walsh, Tom Novak, Jim Peacock, Gail Dyer, Richelle Tieman

Absent:  Jill Barlow-Kelley, Karen McGrady

Presidents report is in newsletter.  Deb participated in recent Maine Counseling Association Board meeting and updated us on some issues there.

Secretary report: Approved minutes via email

Treasurer report:  checking has $1478.80 and savings has $1659.35 for a total of $3138.15.

We have 2 outstanding checks from fall workshop bills. (Kaplan). All bills have been paid from the Workshop.
James W. moved to accept & seconded by Richelle. Approved.

Membership report:  73 members (128 last year).  Numbers are low due to the fact we did not have an annual conference this year.

38 College / University

11 DOL Career Centers

7 other

6 private practice

5 government

5 high school counselors

3 Adult Education

1 Church

Marketing Committee report:   James W. reports we need more members as it is down to two people currently.  Richelle volunteered to help out. James W. to send email request out to membership with a brief description of what we do.  Deadline for newsletters will be on the 27th of each month to James W so he has time to pull it together and get it out the 1st of each month.

Annual Conference; 23rd of January is the next meeting. We have 6 presentations so far  and would like to have at least 10 to review. (5 in morning & 5 in afternoon).  Board members are requested to announce on LI , twitter, other  state organizations and to individually ask potential presenters to submit a proposal by the new deadline of February 15.   Nicole volunteered to help at the conference as well.

Strategic planning

Individual updates were given based upon the work that was done at our Strategic Planning meeting in November.  A brief summary is below.

DEB:  facilitate  meetings, NCDA rep, transition next president, newsletter report @newsletter, securing CEU’s for conference , strategic planning, investigating Board Insurance.

GAIL: looking for person to fill the Treasurer position when she leaves in June. Committed to an orderly transition, investigate  board insurance, get audit information and maybe find a CPA or someone  who can just look at what we are doing and ask for input, formatting reports better

JAMES: newsletter  monthly, career cafe bangor, website, chair of marketing,

JILL:  attend as many meetings  as possible, making an effort to talk with people she does not know at MCDA events, interested in mentorship,  liaison to MCCC.

JIM P.  Board member, Marketing Committee Member, webmaster, and developing the career cafe concept to include regional representatives

Leigh Greater Portland with help from Richelle

James W. Greater Bangor

Jim P Greater Augusta & Waterville

Lewiston ?

To develop a mentor  program with a kick off at the conference in May by presenting a session on Mentoring with James W. and Kim Gustafson from Bates College. Richelle & Jill have also also volunteered to assist.

LEIGH; career  cafe coordinator for Greater Portland,  increase engagement & membership, create a private practice group,  attend NCDA & write article for MCDA newsletter, member of conference comm, i.d. 2 new potential board member.

MERLE:  conference chair and finish up past president, chair of nominations committee.  next year remain on board.

RiCHELLE;  commitment is to continue to learn about board,  interested in marketing, career cafe,  contact 1 person at MCDA events she does not know, mentorship program.

TOM: Continue as membership chair, maintain  email  list, liaison to MCCC,

conference registration, Workshop Committee, create a membership committee.

KAREN: (submitted via email) I can commit to helping with the conference, including certificates, speaker gifts, packets, help day of the conference – any or all of which you’d like me to do.

I cannot attend meetings that occur during the school day, with the exception of the conference, which I plan to attend.  Unfortunately this means someone else will have to take minutes until May, either as a substitute Secretary, or if you’d like me to resign, a newly appointed Secretary. Please let me know what you decide.

Officers elections 2013-2015

Discussion on nominations followed, Merle reports that we have all 3 officer positions to fill.

Initial announcement will go out before February 15,




Nomination and Elections Process and Timeline.

a.       A call for nominations shall be communicated to all MCDA members no later than February 15 of the election year.

b.      The nominations shall be submitted in writing to the Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee no later than March 15 of the election year.

c.       A ballot including a list of the names of all persons nominated for all elected office shall be distributed by the Nominations and Elections Committee to all members of the Association by mail or e-mail no later than April 15 of the election year.

d.      All mail or e-mail ballots shall be returned to the Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee no later than May 15 of the election year.

e.       The results of the election shall be reported to the members in attendance at the Annual Conference and in the MCDA Newsletter.

Board insurance; Deb Walsh is exploring Board Insurance to cover members. She was not able to get it from MECA in time but it is estimated as about $1000 / year.  Will report back in April.

New business

Fall workshop:  need person to coordinate

Conference 2014: need to begin thinking about this

Open forum

NCDA conference in Boston:  Deb W. reports that NCDA will give $120 off the registration to next years President of MCDA.  Deb to see if we can “hold” this until our President is elected. This line item was set up in the budget to cover any Board member to attend the national conference if the President could not attend. Concern was raised regarding the fact that our budget is lower than usual this year.  A number of Board members are planning to attend the Boston NCDA conference this year.

Next meeting is April –  8, 2013  1pm-3pm at Portland career center

Adjournment: Richelle motion to adjourn, second  by Gail. Approved. Adjourned 3:10pm

Respectfully submitted

Jim Peacock, Acting Secretary


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