Minutes of the September 14, 2011 Meeting of the Board of Directors

Attending: Deb Walsh, Jim Peacock, Gail Dyer, Karen McGrady, Merle Davis, Jill Barlow-Kelley

Board president Deb Walsh called the meeting to order at 3:05 pm, and welcomed those attending. In the future she will attempt to get all written reports available out to Board members 3-4 days in advance of the meetings to help make the most of our time together. Since not everyone received the information prior to this meeting, the President’s Report will be embedded in the minutes:

President’s Report

Since our last meeting in August I have been very busy getting a handle on the responsibilities of the President, as well as actually taking action. Some activities and efforts include:

State Division Administration

Updating state division information to NCDA, MeCA and other organizations Updating our Board roster

Recruiting new Board members

Meeting with Treasurer Gail Dyer to review our financial status with an eye toward

understanding our spending patterns, anticipating expenses and revenues, and

establishing more standard accounting procedures Contacted Dean Collins at MeCA regarding tax reporting and accounting requirements


Fall Workshop Planning

Working to establish a workshop planning team. Secured a speaker and date – LeighMundhenk for November 14th at USM L/A Everyone seems to have very busy schedules, but we need more help to make this project a reality, and a workshop that we will all be proud of. National Career Development Month – November

Working with team – John Fehlau, Robin Finelli, and Gail Dyer to kick-off NCDM in concert with our fall workshop. NCDM is a great opportunity to increase awareness of career counseling and to advocate for our profession and our clients.

Plans for next 2 months:

Attend the MeCA Executive Board meeting October 14th at Husson University

Meet with committees as needed

Contact NCDA about co-hosting for 2013 National Conference in Boston

I am certain the upcoming months will be as busy  as the past month and a half. I look forward to working with all of you as we continue our mission to deliver quality professional development opportunities and advocate for our profession.

Respectfully submitted,

Deborah Walsh

President, MCDA

Karen McGrady presented the Secretary’s Report. The minutes of the August 3 meeting were distributed as corrected. The minutes were approved, and will be sent to James for posting on the website.

Gail Dyer presented the Treasurer’s Report. She is working on a new format for reporting. We currently have approximately $4000 between checking and savings, and she is working on finalizing our expense and income situation. The conference cost $2447 more than it brought in, which has depleted our reserves. This is something to keep in mind as we plan for the fall workshop and next year’s conference. She will discuss developing a more proactive budget, which will lead to better projections and planning under new business. The ByLaws state we should have a periodic audit, and we need to be sure we are in compliance with tax reporting requirements. Gail will do more research and report back. A budget will be developed to present at the next meeting. Board discussion supported these actions. The Treasurer’s Report was approved as presented, and Gail was thanked for her efforts.

The Membership Chairman’s report was sent in by Tom Novak. Currently we have 91 members.

Jim Peacock presented the Marketing Committee report. The website conversion by Alpine Web Design is 50% paid; $440 will be due when we go live. The Committee has been reluctant to go live on the website until the new logo is done. No one is totally happy with it yet. Asked for some updates from the designer. Would like to present a slightly changed logo to the membership. The logo design fee has not been paid for yet, and will be a couple hundred dollars. Website hosting fee is due in December, and was $288 last year. Constant Contact cost is based on the number of people we have on our mailing list, and is currently $153. The Committee needs to make a decision on the logo. They will meet soon and make a recommendation to the Board electronically.

The Fall Workshop Report was presented by Deb Walsh. We are behind in planning for this event, and will need some quick action by the Board to pull it off. Leigh Mundhenk, PhD. is Associate Professor and Director of Field Experience at the University of Southern Maine at Lewiston-Auburn, and has agreed to present for an honorarium. She will discuss the role that cognitive stage development plays in helping our clients and students make and implement career decisions, examine the four stages of cognitive development, and discuss why each impacts how clients experience the career counseling process. Strategies and tools that can be used to customize the counseling process to engage our clients and students at each stage of development will be presented. Merle noted this is an important and timely topic for her population at the Career Centers, and as our expenses will be minimal, the costshould be attractive to people in these tight budget times. Monday, Nov 14 is the date, and USM –Lewiston Campus is the location. Merle is facilities liaison, but as she cannot attend the workshop, Gail has agreed to be point person for the day.Robin Finelli has agreed to pull the program details together. James Westhoff will post information to the website. We need to finalize the program times, logistics, cost, and get the information out immediately to all our contacts and set up the registration system with Tom Novak. Deb will send out an email with last year’s forms for updating and a list of any tasks that need to be completed.

In a related matter, NCDA awareness month is November. This is an opportunity to increase awareness and advocate for our profession. Resources for promoting the event are on the NCDA website. John Fehlau, Robin and Gail said they would help promote this in conjunction with our fall workshop plans. We should consider observing this annually. Those present agreed to discuss this at a future meeting.

Nominations Update– James Westhoff had agreed to step up to chair this committee, but the By-Laws indicate the past president is in charge of this piece. It was suggested that we discuss this further as part of the By-Laws review.


The By-Laws Review Committee has not met, as Gail has been working to get a handle on the Treasurer’s job. She will convene the group soon. Deb reminded the Board that potential By-Law changes must be sent to the membership within a certain amount of time before the annual meeting.


There was no additional discussion under Old Business.


Under New Business, Gail provided additional information about creating an annual budgeting process, and system for keeping track of expenditures and reimbursements, and plans to create forms that will be on the website for easy access. Our fiscal year is July 1- June 30. Since we are three months into that year, we need a budget as soon as possible. Any information about anticipated or recurring costs should be sent to Gail. It is imperative that we know what our resources are for future planning. What kind of cash flow is necessary to insure we can make conference deposits, pay our bills on time, etc.? Those present agreed to put raising the membership fee on the November meeting agenda.


Plans for the Annual Conference will begin after the fall workshop has occurred. We have a date and location secured; St Joseph’s College in Standish on July 6. “Advocacy for All” is a developing topic. We’ll need to be frugal after losing money on the 2011 conference.

There was no discussion during Open Forum.

Our next meeting will be Nov 2 at 3 PM. Merle offered a conference room in Augusta if anyone would like to attend the meeting in person.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm.

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