MCDA minutes January 19, 2011

Attending: Merle Davis, Judy Danielson, James Westoff, Karen McGrady, Bev Bayer, Deb Walsh


Merle called meeting to order at 3:05 New member Amy Fectau has a class and was unable to attend. We will welcome her to the Board at the next meeting.

The minutes of last meeting were approved as previously corrected.

Bev emailed copies of the Treasurer’s Report to everyone.  We are in good shape, with 6565.02 combined in savings and checking.  She worked up the expenses and receipts for the Fall Workshop.. The committee did a great job budgeting. Bev questioned if an $88 expense for membership related mailing and supplies should be charged to the workshop or tracked in a different category. After some discussion the $88 was moved out of the conference expenses. Merle reminded us that when a new treasurer comes aboard next summer we may look at a more detailed spread sheet that tracks expenses. Bev will amend the report and resend to the Board. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted as amended. Deb noted that we will be getting a credit from Constant Contact.

Tom was unable to join us but sent Merle his report. Currently MCDA has 136 members. One may have joined as a result of our new connection with Careerwell, so that she could participate in the seminars.

James reported for the Marketing Committee.  He recently sent the newsletter, which promotes the annual conference. Those present agreed the issue was colorful and well laid out. The front page is updated with conference information and a call for programs proposals. As soon as we have registration information he or Jim will post it. It was suggested that any downloads be available in both word and pdf format.  This will enable people to fill out the forms and email it to Judy for proposals and Tom for registrations.  James has not done a featured resource for this newsletter, but was considering promoting Careerwell and conference speaker Rich Feller’s work – all agreed that was a good idea.  The committee received about 17 responses to their survey so far. It will probably be promoted again in near future to try for a few more. Results will be published in the newsletter.

Under Old Business, Deb presented the Conference Update. We have secured College of the Atlantic for Friday, June 24.  Keynote Speaker is Rich Feller, and  Plenary Speaker, Greg Bartlett. They will each do a workshop session as well, leaving us with 8 spots for presenters, which is a good place to be in.  Deb reminded Board members to send the call for programs to all personal affiliates. Judy suggested James could send an email to membership, with same request to distribute to professional colleagues.   This brought up the idea of developing a master contact list to facilitate our communications with other organizations, instead of having to brainstorm lists repeatedly and risk leaving someone out of the loop. All James needs is an email address and he can add to the constant contact list.

Jill sent update – COA rooms will be available for Thursday pm, but they have another conference coming on Friday.  She will check into local hotels for conference rates. Good hotel rates may help inspire some mini-vacation planning as late June is a great time to be in Bar Harbor. The food is all set. The committee will discuss conference fees and registration set up at the February 8 meeting, which may be held via email. On March 8 they will meet to review proposals for programs.       James shared that Rich has requested that he have no more than 30 attendees at his breakout session, which the committee will factor in to their planning.

Related to the conference, a question has come up about student scholarships for conference attendance. We traditionally have a reduced rate  of $35 for students. Bev noted that occasionally we have allowed Vista volunteers or other non-profit employees to attend for the same lower rate.  After some discussion, we agreed to continue this practice.

Merle noted that attendance at the past two meetings has been low. She questioned whether there is a better day and/or time for meeting.  Deb recalled that Tuesdays were not good for a few people, which let to the change to Wednesdays. It was suggested we try Thursdays. Karen is unable to attend before 3 pm, and Merle said the conference call is more likely to be available at that time of day as well. She will email the Board with the suggested dates of March 17 and May 19.

Under New Business, we discussed the procedure for electing new officers and members of the Board. Judy suggested Merle contact Nancy Gibson to see if she is willing to facilitate the nominations process again.  The process must begin quite soon to meet the timeline stated in the By-Laws.   Merle will contact members to see who is interested in staying on the Board. Bev will complete her time as Treasurer, leaving that office and President open. The President usually comes from within the exec board ranks, so Merle will ask members who is ready to take on the job.

This led to a discussion about representation to the Maine Counseling Association Board. Currently Deb is the designee, but most of the meetings are in Bangor, a 3 ½ hour trip one way for her. She will inquire about the possibility of attending the meeting via ATM or ITV. James volunteered to help attend the meetings as he works at Husson, where the meetings are held. Judy reminded us that MCA Board members must be members of both MCA and MCDA, and that in the past the MCDA rep received free registration to the MCA conference in exchange for MCDA offering the same to a MCA Board member. Deb will investigate all if this and report back. In the meantime she will register for the MCA Annual Conference.

Merle reported that she has received some feedback about the Careerwell seminars. Apparently the call in number is not toll free, which means none of the members who work for the state could participate.  James mentioned that the archived presentations can be listened to from the website for no charge, but you must register for the original call in order to have access after the fact. Deb has done three and found them enjoyable and valuable.  She noted that in the live version you can ask questions and participate.  She suggested a group could listen to the archived calls and have discussions  to make the experience better. Merle would like Jim P to be involved in the discussion, and we don’t need to make any decisions until next fall, so we will table this for now.

Merle wanted to pass along to the Board that the NCDA membership fee for any new CDF grad is $28. She let Jim Peacock and Cathy VanDyke know so they could share with CDF classes.

Merle has registered to go to the NCDA Conference in San Antonio. James is hoping Husson will send him, and he has also applied for a scholarship from a professional group he belongs to.  Several people noted how valuable and fun it is to have more members attend. Deb indicated at the last meeting her interest in attending, and no other members have expressed interest. Merle and Deb will meet to discuss the finances for both to attend, and Merle will ask NCDA about the discount for registration of the president.

The meeting adjourned at 4:50 pm








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