MCDA Board Retreat 

Friday July 31, 2015


Leigh’s Cottage, Ocean Park, Maine

Attendees: Jim Peacock, Diane Anderson, Amy Jaffe, Peter Osborne, Leslie Smith,  Leigh Mundhenk, Holly Smevog, James Westhoff, Haley Brown

Absent: Bill Stone, Sarah Davis, Geneva Meserve, Maria Frankland, Kim Moore, Bryan Murphy

I. Welcome and introductions—James Westhoff

II.  Fun get to know you activity

III. Minutes from April 2015 meeting – Amy Jaffe

MOTION: Jim Peacock SECOND: Peter Osborne VOTE: Approved

IV. Treasurer Report – Diane Anderson 

MOTION: Leslie Smith SECOND: Leigh Mundhenk VOTE: Approved

ACTION ITEM:  Diane will continue to research the non-profit status issue and report back in September on next steps.

V. Membership Report:  New Membership Chair- Peter Osborne

Total 2015-2016 members as of 7/31/15: 95


  • Member’s email listserve is no longer in use
  • Membership chair will become part of Marketing/Membership Committee


  • Locate (Tom?)and review list of 2014-2015 members
  • Peter: send renewal notices to members that have not yet renewed
  • Peter: Send outreach message to people interested in receiving newsletter (several recent, per James)
  • James to research cost of Constant Contact: what will it cost if we add 2-3 more events? This will allow us to have multiple registration pages open on the website concurrently (i.e. Membership and Fall Workshop)
  • Committee will review cost of membership/event fee structure; will consider other states’ models with higher membership cost/lower event cost for members.

VI. Fall Workshop Report- Amy Jaffe

  • Date, location, speaker are set: November 6, 2015, USM LAC, Don Schutt


  • Amy: Set up registration form on website
  • Amy: Revise front page of website to publicize
  • Leslie: Share marketing plan and time frames with board

VII. Other programming possibilities (i.e., Sabrina Woods, etc.)—All Ideas Welcome


  • Sabrina Woods, holistic counseling/private practice
  • Chaos Theories of Careers (James)
  • Card sorts (Jim)
  • Employer panels
  • Multi-generations in the workplace (Leigh)
  • Applicant tracking systems (HR Associations?)


  • NEW: Programming Committee — Leigh, Jim, non-board member? others?
  • Programming Committee will plan two events a year
  • Send ideas to programming committee

VIII. 2016 Annual ConferenceAll

  • Discussion about feedback, what went well, what we would change;
  • Specifically: location was great, more casual lunch next year


  • James: Confer with conference committee
  • Conference committee: Pick a date in 2016
  • Conference committee: Develop language in call for proposals that will screen for sales aspects of presentations; differentiate between topics that are concepts vs. products

IX. Marketing/Membership Committee—Need to redevelop–All

Committee members include: Peter (membership), Haley (social media), Leslie (marketing), James (constant contact), Diane (constant contact/accounting)


  • James: Coordinate meeting of committee in August
  • Committee: recruit non-board member to sit on committee

X. Newsletter—Need more featured resources and member highlights–James


  • James: Share the format for “resources of the month” and “member highlight”
  • James: Share list of previous members and resources
  • All board members: submit a member highlight and resource

XI. Career Cafes DiscussionAll

Most will start up again in September.

  • Bangor: Bryan Murphy and James
  • Lewiston: Rob Klaiber
  • Central Maine: Katherine Carey
  • Portland: Leigh Mundhenk and TBD


  • Amy: Recruit new point person for Portland Career Cafes

XII. Benefits of Membership—All

Discussed conferences, workshop, other programming, career cafes, newsletter

XIII. Website—Jim, James, Amy


  • James: Eliminate calendar section from website
  • Amy: List upcoming events and board meetings on website

XIV. Engaging Members—Jim, James, Peter

XV. By-Laws Update – James

Need to elect a President-Elect in the next election for first time in 2016—James


  • James: reach out to based on discussion

XVI. Regional Collaboration


  • Haley and Jim will identify key point people in regional organizations, join LinkedIn groups
  • Groups to consider: HRASM, CMHRA, KBRHA, MCCC, EACE, Maine Adult Ed, Maine Counselors, Maine School Counselors

XVII. Board Meetings for next year: Always at USM LAC 2-4pm

  1. Friday, Sept 18, 2015
  1. Friday, December 18, 2015
  1. Friday, February 26, 2016
  1. Friday, April 29, 2016
  1. Board Retreat;  Week of July 25th, 2016 from 10am-3pm


  • All board members please hold above dates
  • Amy will reserve room at USM LAC for all dates

MOTION: Leslie Smith SECOND: Peter Osborne & Holly Smevog VOTE: Approved




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