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Minutes of the March 17, 2011 meeting

Attending: Tom Novak, Deb Walsh, James Westoff, Nancy Gibson, Merle Davis, Karen McGrady, Barbara Michaud

Meeting called to order at 3:05 PM. Merle rearranged the order of the agenda to begin with Board nominations.

Nancy Gibson reported that the procedure is to send out a call for nominations 90 days before the elections. An email should be sent to all MCDA members announcing that we are seeking nominations for the officers for the term 2011-2012, and the duties as enumerated in the By-Laws. A person can nominate him/herself or be nominated by another, but either must be in writing. In the last two elections we have not received any nominations via this method. However, we have missed this deadline if we are to comply with the By-Laws and be able to send out ballots on May 15. 90 days from now puts us at June 15, leaving just 9 days until June 24 meeting.  Another option is to shorten the 90 day period to insure that there is more time for the ballots. After some discussion we agreed to send the Call for Nominations out immediately, due back by June 15. Then we will send out the ballots, due back on June 22, just two days ahead of the annual meeting on June 24. All agreed that in the future we need to map out the dates in advance to avoid non-compliance with the By-Laws. We briefly discussed  amending the By-Laws to reflect a shorter time frame, more in keeping with the speed of electronic communication. Amendments must be proposed in writing to the Secretary at least 120 days prior to the annual meeting, then published least 30 days before the annual meeting OR can originate at an annual meeting and be approved by 2/3 of the membership. We will give this more thought. Several members noted that we have an obligation to inform our membership that we have shortened the timeframe for the return of ballots so that we are prepared if someone does push the issue. Merle requested that the minutes reflect that the Board members agreed to set aside this provision of the by-laws in order to facilitate the election process occurring in time for the annual meeting. She thanked Nancy for her efforts to get this process started.

The minutes from the last meeting were approved and have been published to the website.

The Treasurer’s report was unavailable, but will be attached to the minutes.

Tom Novak presented the Membership Report. We currently have 136 members. Deb has a check for $50 from MCA, She will clarify with Dean Collins which MCA members also agreed to join MCDA as part of their conference registration, then send that info to  Tom and to Bev Bayer.

James Westoff presented the Marketing Committee report. He and Jim talked last week. They believe some decisions need to be made about the website and direction of the committee, and they would like 3-4 members of the board present at a meeting on Tue. April 5 9-11 AM at KVCC, face to face if possible. Merle will send a reminder to Board members. She is planning to attend and Barbara Michaud will try. James is waiting for final conference info for next newsletter.  James noted that he recently sent a marketing piece to the MCA and MESCA list serves – about 300 of the emails bounced back out of a total of about 500. No was response from those that received the email.

A conference update report was sent in by Judy Danielson. Most of the board members were in attendance at the conf committee meeting. The tentative agenda has been sent out for comments. 12 workshop proposals were submitted. 8 presenters were accepted, along with each keynote doing sessions. There will be 5 sessions in both morning and afternoon. The proposals were very much in line with the theme for the day, seem to have good hands on things and a very positive outlook. Judy will assign the sessions and get out to everyone. Jill has sent out a list of accommodation possibilities. A link on the website would be great. Jill volunteered her concierge services if people want to make a weekend of it! Deb spoke to the MCA people and they were excited about the Bar Harbor location.  The auditorium holds 300. Classrooms are smallish, but will all hold 20-30. James mentioned that Rich has requested to be in the afternoon session in order to set up for his presentation. James will keep trying to speak with Rich, but it is difficult because he travels. We don’t want to put the keynote and plenary speaker workshop sessions head to head, and Rich’s really can’t occur before his keynote.  We also need clarification about whether or not his workshop can be held in the auditorium. This needs to be figured out. Deb mentioned that there are pictures of the rooms we’ll be using on the COA website. We can certainly help him get a room set up ahead of time.  At lunch we will have a section of the dining room, where amazing food will be served. Things are really coming together.  Next conference call is March 28 10-12 noon. The night before the conference there will be a dinner with the main speakers. Please let Jill know if you will be there, and if you will be brining a significant other (certainly welcome, but must pay for own meal). Some dorm rooms available (members only – no families) that Thursday night as well. Let Jill know if interested.

Deb Walsh will asked the Maine School Counselors Association ( MSCA) and the Maine Counseling Association (MeCA) to share their membership lists with us. It was decided to forward our newsletter to them and have them distribute it to their members. Deb will follow up with both associations.


Deb and Merle will be attending the NCDA conference in San Antonio immediately after our June conference. James also plans to attend, but his expenses will be covered by Husson and/or a grant. With two members attending and the increase in airfare due to the rise in gas prices, the cost of attending the conference has increased. Merle asked that the board approve an increase in the amount reimbursed to attendees to a total of $2000. ($1000 each).  Since all board members were not on the conference call today, Merle will send out an email to all board members, asking for a vote of approval for the increase in the reimbursement amount. She will report to the board the results of the vote as soon as she receives them back.


No more business was discussed.


The meeting adjourned at 4:40PM.


Minutes submitted by Karen McGrady and Merle Davis


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