Governing Board Meeting

May 19, 2011


Attending: Karen McGrady, Tom Novak Judy Danielson, Nancy Gibson, Barbara Michaud, Merle Davis, Jill Barlow-Kelley, Deb Walsh, and Gail Dyer. Bev Bayer joined the meeting at 3:20 pm

Present Merle Davis called the meeting to order 3:05 and welcomed guest Gail Dyer, who is a nominee for the Treasurer position.

The minutes of the March meeting were unanimously approved as written. They are posted on the website

Merle gave the President’s Report. Regretfully, she will most likely not attend NCDA conference. Deb Walsh will attend as the MCDA representative. James Westoff is also going as a representative of Husson University. Mark Danaher, North Atlantic Director for NCDA, has scheduled a conference call for noon – 1 pm on June 7th. Merle and Deb are unable to be on the call. Merle will send an email out to the Board to find members able to speak with him that day.

Bev Bayer presented the Treasurer’s report.  We have $2846.26 in the checking account and $4012.10 in savings, for a total of $6858.36. This puts us in good shape for the June conference. Upcoming expenses for the website, NCDA and the conference will total approximately  $2200.  The report was approved unanimously.

Tom Novak presented the Membership Report. MCDA has 137 members. The new membership year will begin with the June conference. We still have not received information about the 5 MECA members that joined MCDA as part of their annual MECA membership (an option for all their members). Deb Walsh will follow up. Those individuals will be considered members for 2011-2012.

Merle presented the Marketing Committee report for James and Jim, who were unable to attend the meeting. Several weeks ago Merle met with the committee to discuss creating a new, more eye-catching logo. The idea of including members in the decision came up. Central Maine Graphics (Joline Cloutier) will develop three possible logos that will be displayed at the June conference. Attendees will be asked to select one, which will then be developed.                                                                        James has been using a new product for his business called WordPress. It’s easier to use and update than what we have now. Since no major changes to the website are being considered at this time, the Webmaster has suggested that we move the content  to WordPress at a cost of $600.  Those present approved the expenditure unanimously. Merle will let James and Jim know of the decision. They are excited about the new website home.                                                                                                        A survey of website use was conducted, and stats for about a year were reviewed. The site had a total of 57,561 hits; 13,680 hits on the home page alone. Merle  consulted a DOL website staffer and found these numbers to be strong, as it amounts to about 1000 hits/month on the home page.  Some of the traffic is likely from companies phishing for email and membership lists.

Deb Walsh and Judy Danielson presented the June Conference Committee Report. Things are going well.  Jill has facilities well in hand.  We have received a quote of $2655 based on 85 participants. 47 are registered, with 7 of those presenters. Due to budget concerns, DOL will only be sending 7 instead of the 25 usually registered. Tom and James have done a great job getting word out. Tom got the NCDA membership list for Maine, and will email  the 20 or so who are not also members of MCDA.  Board members were encouraged to get their own registrations in and to encourage others to attend. There is a strong program, and the committee worked really hard and really well together.  The guest list for dinner on Thursday was clarified. Judy suggested Jill have a few baskets or boxes on hand to use for the drawings. She also suggested we assign board members ahead of time to introduce the session presenters and collect evaluation forms. Deb will do that via email and the group can finalize the list the night before.  We need close to 90 participants to break even.

Nancy Gibson presented the Nominations update. The call for nominations went out with June 15 as the closing date. So far only nominations from the board have been received. Merle asked Tom to send out a reminder on the list serve. Voting will take place from June 15 – June 22. We will be reviewing By-laws over the next year to correct a few inconsistencies, and Judy suggested we shorten the time frame for the nominations process.

Under New Business  we discussed board vacancies. Merle and Jim Peacock checked the termination dates listed on the website and found them correct. Nancy Brook has one year left on her term. Bev Bayer agreed to serve as an at-large member in that slot. Nancy Gibson’s term changed when she switched from private practice to college rep status, so she will serve another two years. Barbara Michaud served out the remainder of a term, and will continue for another three-year term.  Jill is also willing to continue for another three-year term. The only person Merle did not hear from is Robin Finelli. Judy will follow up with Robin, who has one more year in her term. If Deb is elected president, we will have a school counselor slot to fill; she is recruiting. We also need to find another student representative.  James may have a couple of candidates from Husson.

During Open Forum, Merle reminded the Board to send her any items for the business meeting agenda.  If we establish that there are board vacancy slots she will ask James or Tom to send an email to membership.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 pm.


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