Maine Career Development Association

Annual Business Meeting

Thursday November 1, 2012

I. Called to order at 12:35pm by Deborah Walsh, President MCDA.

 Introduction of Board members and announcement of open positions was made.

Open positions currently are: College Career Counselor, School Counselor, and Member At Large.

President’s Report was read.

II. Approval of 2011 Business Meeting minutes.  Motion to accept by Jill Barlow-Kelley and seconded by Dagmar Moravec.  Passed, No opposition.

III. Treasurer’s Report

Gail Dyer explained the report. It was recommended to remove the word “fee” (Fall Workshop Fees) found in the REVENUE section.  Motion to accept report with amendment made by Diane Anderson. Seconded by Monica Mitchell.  Passed, No opposition.

IV. Membership Report

Tom Novak reported that we currently have 72 members which is a little low for this time of year but it is primarily due to the fact that most members join at the annual conference and this years’ conference was canceled.  Last year at this time we had 135.  He is hopeful that we will pick up more members this year.

V. Annual Conference update

Merle Davis explained the reasons we needed to cancel our annual conference (low numbers of attendees, due to being so close to the 4th of July weekend).  Merle spoke briefly about the upcoming conference and asks that all people “hold the date”.

Theme:  Using Social Media Tools in Career Development

Keynote:  Lisa Severy, President-Elect of NCDA

We will also have another expert on LinkedIn speaking in the afternoon,
Sabrina Woods from Northeastern University & Holistic Care / Life Coach

Date:  Friday May 17th, 2013

Location:  USM – Lewiston-Auburn Campus

 VI. Votes by Membership

a. By-laws

Deborah Walsh reviewed the By-Law changes noting that most of the changes were to provide consistency and clarity to our current by-laws and to align more clearly with the National CDA.  Discussion focused on the first area that added a 4th purpose to MCDA.

“Promote professional credentialing of career development practitioners.”

A “call to vote” was asked for.  Motion made by Diane Anderson. Seconded by Darla
Sanford.  Did not pass.

Further discussion followed with concerns of “what it means” and “why do we need it?”  This is a statement found on the National CDA purposes.

Jim Peacock made a motion to remove it from one of the six (6) proposed changes to allow further discussion later.  Seconded by Rich Grant.  Motion passed.

b.   Dues change

Recommendation to raise our dues from $10 per year to $20.  Tom Novak raised some concerns about raising them now and asked that it be considered at the annual conference in May as long as we had enough money currently.  Further discussion followed.  Jim Peacock recommended the raise so that all dues covered the non-conference and non-workshop costs of the association. Motion made by Deb Kalikow-Pluck.  All in favor with the exception of one vote.

It was agreed that due to the significant changes voted here today, that we would also issue votes via email for one week after the workshop for the members not in attendance.

VII. Marketing Committee Report.

Jim Peacock reported that the Marketing Committee continues to work on the website, a monthly newsletter using Constant Contact, and are always looking for new career resources to share.

Motion to adjourn made by Judith DeMilo Brown at 1:40pm.

Respectfully submitted by Jim Peacock, Acting Secretary

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