MCDA Annual Business Meeting

June 24, 2011

College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor ME

The meeting was called to order at 12:50 pm by President Merle Davis.

The minutes from the 2010 annual business meeting, found in conference packets, must be approved. Merle called for a motion to accept the minutes as written. It was so moved and seconded. Those in attendance approved. The minutes will be posted to the website.

Treasurer Beverly Bayer presented the Treasurer’s Report. She noted that the organization is in good fiscal health, with approximately $8000 in the bank after conference expenses. She explained that funds are used to offer professional development opportunities, to maintain our website and to send delegates to the annual NCDA conference. Bev asked for feedback on the CareerWell interviews that MCDA funded this year. Though only a few present had tuned in for the interviews, they were enthusiastic about the quality and value.  Bev will recommend that we continue the expense and promote the opportunity for our membership. There was a motion and second to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Those in attendance approved. Bev noted that she was delighted to “pass the ceremonial checkbook” to new Treasurer Gail Dyer.

Past President Judy Danielson noted that Bev has traditionally handled the ordering of plaques to honor retiring officers of the Board, but suggested that she would prefer a gift certificate to a Rockland area restaurant. With that in mind, and based on a glowing recommendation from George Smith, Judy thanked Bev for her service as Treasurer and presented her with a gift certificate to Café Miranda in Rockland.  Judy also presented Merle Davis with a plaque, and thanked her for serving two years as President of MCDA.

Merle introduced Deb Walsh as the new president of MCDA. Gail Dyer, as previously noted, will serve as the new Treasurer. Karen McGrady will continue in the role of Secretary.  Merle announced that as President, Deb will have the honor of carrying the flag for Maine at the opening ceremonies of the NCDA conference next month in San Antonio.

Tom Novak presented the Membership Report. MCDA has 90 members, a number that will rise a bit after accounting for a few late registrations. This number is comparable to the last few years. Merle thanked Tom, and reminded attendees to spread the word about MCDA. She noted that it is great to have interest in our conference from outside Maine; this year we have attendees from Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Delaware and Massachusetts.

James Westhoff presented the Marketing Committee report.  James announced that MCDA is going to adopt a new logo. Several designs are on a poster in the back of the room, and attendees are invited to vote for their favorite.  MCDA is changing the platform that the website is on to make it easier to manage. A survey about the website revealed that most people are looking for links and resources, so the committee will be addressing that.  The monthly newsletter will continue to be distributed through Constant Contact.  Merle thanked the committee for their efforts.

The fall workshop will be coming up in October or early November. The planning committee is still accepting topic ideas and deciding on a site. The fall workshop traditionally has focused on a specific topic with one presenter for the whole day, and last year was held at USM. Anyone interested in serving on this committee should contract Merle or Deb. Meetings are held via conference call. Merle also noted that suggestions for future conference topics and/or locations are welcome. She thanked Board Member Jill Barlow-Kelley for coordinating the excellent conference logistics at College of the Atlantic.

Merle acknowledged Board members who are retiring this year, presenting them with framed certificates. Nancy Brook co-chaired last year’s fall workshop and reluctantly resigned from the Board due to family medical reasons. Her contributions are very appreciated. Nancy Gibson has completed her term. She has chaired the Nominating Committee and her expertise and advice as an attorney will be missed. Judy Danielson is retiring after 9 years on the Board, including 2 years as President, and two years Chairing the Conference Committee. Judy was an integral part of the effort to revitalize MCDA and Merle thanked her for her contributions and commitment.

Merle introduced and welcomed Kate Axelson from the University of Maine as our new student member of the Board.

Door prizes were awarded.

There being no new business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen McGrady, Secretary

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