MCDA Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday April 17
2:30 – 5pm
USM – Lewiston / Auburn campus

 PRESENT: Jim Peacock, James Westhoff, Diane Anderson, Peter Osborne, Leigh Mundhenk, Kim Moore, Sarah Davis, Deb Walsh, Amy Jaffe  ABSENT: Merle Davis, Katie Schindler, Tom Novak, Rachel McGraw, Jill Barlow-Kelly

I. Welcome / Housekeeping

II.      Approval of January minutes (Amy)

MOTION: Deb                    SECOND:       Diane            VOTE:APPROVED

 III. Treasurer Report (Diane)

Current Savings: $6021.89, Checking: $2384.72, Total $8406.61

MOTION:Deb                     SECOND:Sarah                            VOTE:APPROVED

 IV. Discussion about 2014 Conference Budget details:    

  • 2014 Conference budget includes $1000 speaker honorarium.
  • Need 35 to register to break even.
  • Conference registrations/membership renewal forms going to Diane Anderson

 ACTION ITEM: Need a standard operating procedure for new members, communication with them, add to the list serve, constant contact, etc. Form a committee?

V. Discussion about tax exempt status of MCDA

Diane reported that we do not qualify as tax exempt; we are not considered an “educational” non-profit organization. We are a “membership” organization. We are currently registered as a corporation. Diane suggests that we consult with a CPA.

ACTION ITEM: We need a certificate from State. Diane will consult with CPA through her contacts or Maine Association of Non-Profits. Certificates and other official documents will be stored on Google Drive.

Motion: For Diane to spend up to $200 for consultation with CPA to explore MCDA’s tax liability under current status as a corporation, and advise us on our options, including suggestion for the most beneficial status. She will return to the board for necessary further action.

MOTION:Diane                             SECOND:Peter                   VOTE:APPROVED


VI. Membership (Jim)

  • Current members: 104
  • Goal: 150


Committee to make a proposal on how to guide board on deciding which vendors / outside resources get posted on website.  i.e. request from Janet Wall to offer to members in exchange for our promotion 4 times a year. Committee: JILL, KIM, SARAH.

 Proposed statement:  MCDA does not necessarily endorse any of the companies,       organizations and/or individuals or products and resources listed or linked on its       website.  These links and resources should be evaluated thoroughly by the individual      user. 

ACTION ITEM: Committee will meet again to develop a final proposal for how to handle requests to be listed as a resource and a statement to include on the website.


ACTION ITEM: Board members will continue to connect with their assigned     members. Remind members about the Annual Conference (June 6 USM LAC).

 ACTION ITEM: Jim will email all members and bcc board members to explore who is/is not on the All Members List Serve.


  •           May 5 in Bangor – 9-10 attendees expected
  •           May 1 in Portland – attendance down?


 ACTION: James will work with Tom to review bounce backs, sync up the Constant Contact list with the current-members email list.

 ACTION ITEM: Jim will get the official current members email address and share with the board.


ACTION ITEM: Jim will send email to MCDA member list about conference deadline May 9 early bird.

 ACTION ITEM: James will send message via Constant Contact and then a message to the board stating that he just sent message.


Ad Hoc Committee (James/Jim) to work on By Law change of creating a President Elect position and adding a 1 year Grad Student position.

All such proposed amendments shall be presented in writing to the Secretary of MCDA at least 120 days prior to the annual meeting. They shall be reviewed by the Bylaws Committee and published in an official organ of the Association at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting of the Association.

A two-thirds vote by members in attendance is required to approve the amendment.

Section 2. Adoption . A proposed amendment shall be considered adopted if approved by a majority of members.

Spring of even years there will be a vote for a president-elect.

Jim presented two by-laws changes. Article V is Bolded

Article VII 2. Nominations Committee shall consist of 3 members


Wording will be added to a & b:
Current president is not eligible to serve on the Nominations and Elections Committee.


After much discussion, Deb stated that she believes the by-laws considered at this meeting are not the most recent version.


ACTION ITEM: Deb will send the updated version which was sent to NCDA for approval to Jim after the meeting.


XII. Update 10th anniversary Conference (JIM)

Jim stated the conference planning is going well with two keynote speakers and the various workshops.



  • Board Members will email members to get the word out to people.
  • Keynotes to be added to conference program for consistency.
  • Ok to register for early bird special pricing even if the check is not attached to the registration form.
  • James will send out email for conference with hyperlink to website for registration.



XII.     Marketing & Membership update  (James / Tom)

Goal 150 members by May 2014


Website / Newsletter update


          FEATURED RESOURCE (please send to Karen McGrady anytime, no need to wait until your month). Schedule has changed:

  • May- Jim Peacock- career websites
  • June- Rachel
  • July- Amy
  • August- Diane


Membership Subcommittee update

  • Membership only section
  • Value of membership


ACTION ITEM: James will organize another meeting of the subcommittee



XIII.    LinkedIn MCDA group

Need a person who can manage besides Jim / Merle, Peter has volunteered


XIV.    Mentor Program update

  • Kim Gustafson has worked on this. Scott Woodard has resigned.
  • Feb. 7th– Bates College meeting was held to encourage formal/informal mentor/mentee relationships
  • Jim would like to offer the program to grad students.

ACTION ITEM: Jill will set up table for Mentor program at June conference.



  • RECOMMENDATION:  Create an Ad Hoc Committee to review our registration forms (so we don’t have to recreate for each event), refund policies, electronic payment.ACTION: Diane will review, Deb has done revisions
  • Amy Jaffe created Google Drive for shared documents
  • Amy has uploaded forms to Google groups
  • DRIVE will be used by board members to collaboratively review and revise minutes.
  • DRIVE will be used to keep content related to conference and workshop planning (budgets, forms, etc.)

XVI. Fall workshop ideas / dates for 2014



  •  Date and location set for Nov 7, 2014 at USM LAC
  • ACTION ITEM: Amy Jaffe & Dale Stair to continue to explore ideas, connect with David Delong, with goal of having content and title determined by June Conference for advertisement.


XVII.   Note pads

  • Determined that they are too expensive – not enough interest in spending money for this
  • ACTION ITEM: Deb is going to look into a MCDA banner to be used at meetings and conferences.
  • ACTION ITEM: Everyone to think about “give-aways” for the conference



  • ACTION ITEM: Jim will send the board a doodle poll to decide the date for the summer retreat. This will be held at Leigh’s cottage at Ocean Park. Timeframe will be approximately 9:30- 3pm.



Motion: ????, Second: ???, Meeting adjourned

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