Maine Career Development Association Executive Board Meeting

Monday,  April 8, 2013

Attending:  Merle Davis, Gail Dyer, Jim Peacock, Leigh Mundhenk, Richelle Tiemann, Tom Novak, Karen McGrady, Jill Barlow-Kelley, Deb Walsh

President Deb Walsh called the meeting to order at 1:05 PM.

President’s Report:

  • Deb is attending the MeCA conference at the Samoset this week. She is handing out conference brochures to help with marketing. She noticed that the website was not on the brochure so she asked that it be added.
  • Jill sent an updated brochure by email with the website as the meeting continued.
  • Deb has sent the new By-Laws to NCDA for approval.
  • Deb is beginning to plan the Fall Workshop in which as Past President she will Chair. She has a few speakers in mind and will be trying to get a confirmation soon. Please let her know other speaker ideas.
  • Deb has had no information come to her regarding board insurance.
    • Gail said she has 3 quotes for insurance and will be communicating her progress as information becomes available.

Secretary’s  Report

  • Karen will join the meeting in a few minutes, Merle will take notes until then.
  • Minutes of the March meeting were approved, with a thank you to Jim Peacock or taking them..

Treasurer’s Report

  • $2,175.80 – Checking
  • $1,659.55 – Savings

Membership Report

  • 56 registrations so far
  • More marketing needs to be done
  • Early registration extended to April 30, 2013.

Marketing Committee Report

Jim, James and Richelle are meeting this Friday. They have struggled to find a meeting time that works, but the goal is once a month. The website has been updated with conference information, and Jim will make sure the website and conference program match.

Members discussed the importance of getting a newsletter or some monthly communication out to the membership. It was agreed that there does not need to be a President’s Report in every communication.

After more discussion Board members agreed to take a month to prepare a short article for the newsletter. It could be a summary of a career cafe, review of a book or article, best practices, etc.

People will be asked to sign up at the June strategic planning session.


Strategic Planning

June 19 is strategic planning day, scheduled for  9 – 4 at USM/LA. Jim and Deb will meet prior to that date to plan the agenda and make a recommendation about whether that entire timeframe is needed.

Annual Conference

The planning committee met last week. We have 56 registrants, and decided to extend the early registration date to April 30. Diane will redo the budget to better delineate revenue and expenses, but from elementary calculations we are in a position to definitely cover expenses. Having 65-70 attend will fill up sessions and make the discussions robust and improve networking. The economy is still tight. Gail noted that this year’s expenses are unusually low due to low keynotes costs, and help from NCDA. Boosting membership numbers will help insure adequate funding for the year. She would like a breakdown of expenses for the Treasurer’s Report.

Speaker gifts will be purchased, and we have a number of door prizes donated.

There will be a dinner the night before the conference with the keynotes, probably at Davinci’s in Lewiston. Sabrina’s and Lisa’s dinners will be covered  by MCDA and Board members will buy their own. Plan on a 7:15 or 7:30 PM start time.

Tom noted that the Fall Workshop sometimes draws more attendees than the conference, often new members. Leigh suggested we send a targeted “call to action” listing the many reasons to attend the annual conference. She will draft something and send it to the Marketing Committee for them to tweak at their meeting Friday.

Merle will explore getting CEUs from NCDA for conference attendance.

Karen will make certificates. Merle will get the box of blank certificates to Karen via Jim.

Board members have served as facilitators at sessions to be sure introductions and evaluations are done. In the past we haven’t been real strategic about it, but it is important to be sure there is someone at each workshop session. We decided to review sign ups at the dinner party the night before the conference.

The Packet Party will be  May 6 at Augusta Career Center at 3 pm. Merle, Diane,Diane’s daughter and Karen will attend. All are welcome.

Business meeting information will be added to the packets.

Merle feels we are in great shape – looking forward to a wonderful conference!

Old Business

Officer nominations and elections are underway. 15-20 people have voted.  Tom will send  another reminder.  Cut off date is April 15. Amy Jaffe and Bill Stone have been contacted regarding joining the board but Deb has not heard back from them. Deb will figure out the remaining vacancies and let the Board know so targeted recruiting can be done.

Fall Workshop

Deb has a couple of ideas and reminded Board members that it’s not too early to start lining up commitments for future conference and workshop. A committee will need to form soon for the fall workshop; only a few members are needed for this one. It was recommended that Deb not try to chair both the fall workshop and annual conference efforts.

Open forum

No items brought forth.

The meeting was  adjourned 2:35 pm. The next meeting will be our Annual Meeting, held in conjunction with the Annual Conference on May 17, 2013. In addition to the business meeting at lunch, Board members are requested to stay after the conference for a brief meeting.

Minutes submitted by Secretary Karen McGrady, with assistance from Merle Davis

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