MCDA Board Retreat

Tuesday July 12, 2016


Leigh’s Cottage, Ocean Park, Maine

Attendance: Leigh Mundhenk, Holly Smevog, James Westhoff, Kim Moore, Bryan Murphy, Haley Brown, Amy Jaffe, Diane Anderson, Geneva Meserve, Kate Axelsen-Foster, Leslie Smith. Bill Stone (afternoon)


  1. Welcome and introductions—James Westhoff


  1. Fun get to know you activity

Everyone shared their greatest adventure for the summer so far.


  • Minutes from Board Retreat 2015, July 31:

MOTION: Kate to approve. SECOND: Diane VOTE: approved.


  1. Treasurer Report – Diane Anderson

MCDA budget 2015- 2016.

MOTION: Kate to accept. Second: Geneva. VOTE: approved

                        MCDA estimated budget 2016-2017

                                    Leigh concerned about spending more than bringing in for 2 consecutive years.

                        ACTION ITEM: Diane to adjust Dues income from [email protected] $20 to 30 @ $20

                                                Account for difference in Annual Conference.

                        ACTION ITEM: Diane will adjust numbers and bring updated draft to next meeting.


  1. Membership/Marketing Report and Discussion (Haley Brown, Leslie Smith, James Westhoff)

Total Membership as of 7/13/16 – 54

Looking to target more from government agencies & K-12 school counselors.


ACTION ITEMS: Leigh to reach out to Mary Lafontaine, James to speak to Ed Upham, Haley to speak to Peter Diploc & Jake Marcou (JMG contact)


ACTION ITEM: Haley: to send email to former members to invite them to re-up.

Membership starts with July 1 fiscal year as opposed to when you sign up for workshops or conference. Members have opportunity to renew from 7/1 through Fall Workshop. Cut off for membership (new & renew) is 12/1. After that any sign-ups will be at non-member rate. There will be no change in membership fee.

MOTION: Kate to approve, Second: Haley, VOTE: Approved.


Marketing message is: Staying up on employee & employer trends in Maine.

ACTION ITEM: Create “members only” directory on website as a benefit to


ACTION ITEM: Run it past members first if they want to opt. in or out.

            Committee work on: James, Haley, Jim & Amy.


  1. Fall Workshop Report- Amy Jaffe

Proposed speaker – Elisabeth Saunders – Park. Topic: Working with clients who have a variety of barriers to employment. Need 55 attendees @ $75 to break even.

Format would be keynote presentation with interactive aspects then 1 hour of Knowledge Nomad Concept. Essentially she would bookend keynotes with interactive workshop in-between.

Will be at USM Lewiston/Auburn Nov4.

Early bird: $75 though 10/7; then goes to $95.

MOTION for Elisabeth Saunders – Park to do workshop. MOTION: Diane, Second Geneva, VOTE: Approved


  • Other programming possibilities (Workshop Committee: Leigh Mundhenk, Jim Peacock, Bryan Murphy, Kate Axelsen-Foster)

Jim Peacock – card sort workshop in January.

NCDA webinar – winter/spring

ACTION ITEM: Workshop committee to meet & discuss


  • 2017 Annual Conference—All

Proposed date: 5/19. Proposed Venues: Thomas, USM – LAC, Husson – Westbrook. Colby out due to commencement

Possible speaker: Richard Leider – focuses on purpose and over 50. Multi-generational workforce.

Feedback from 2016 Conference Survey: Low attendance. Timeframe had some effect. Attendees prefer late May/early June. Friday is overwhelmingly best day.

ACTION ITEM: Board members will reach out to membership for volunteers to serve on conference committee.

From members from board: Leigh, Jim, Diane, Jordan

ACTION ITEM: Look into venues


  1. Newsletter (James)

August Focus is Fall Workshop

ACTION ITEM: Member Highlight – Holly will take August.

ACTION ITEM: Include that we are changing dues and when they are accepted

Summary of NCDA conference.


  1. Career Cafes Discussion—All

Portland, Bangor & Augusta going well. Going to regroup on Lewiston

ACTION ITEM: Use as a platform for MCDA announcements.

Sept 27 – Portland, resumes & cover letter with HR people.


  1. Website—Jim, James, Amy

ACTION ITEM: Take Gio off and put up new content on Fall Workshop.

Featured resource Buzzfile – free resource that can sort by state and field.

Proposed reciprocal landing page with ACE. They can sign up “as a member” for our events and vice versa without actually joining. Entails putting link on website

ACTION ITEM: Amy/James to create the landing page/link.


  • Board Openings (James)

Graduate Student – Candidates: Brandi LeRoy & Carrie Dionne.

ACTION ITEM: Find out when they are graduating to see if we can roll one role into next year then vote online – James


  • State Leadership Report to NCDA (James)

National Career Development Month – Nov. 14-18. National Development Day – Nov. 16

NCDA wants MCDA to promote poster contest to K-12 schools

ACTION ITEM: Holly Smevog & Bryan will take the lead

Government Relations and Advocacy

There are a lot of laws and policies that MeCA follows and reports back to membership on. James proposed we find someone who will do the same as we (the  board) cannot advocate, but our members can (and it is in our bylaws).

ACTION ITEM: James will take on role.


  • Setting Board Meeting Dates and Locations for 2016/2017

Two locations work well for most people. Bryan and others can Google in as needed.

2-4 PM time frame works well.

ACTION ITEMS: James will send a Doodle survey for dates.


  1. Other Business

Advertising on the website – to be discussed in Sept.

ACTION ITEM: James to investigate: Eastern ACE, MeCA, CCDA


Kim motions to adjourn: James – Second, VOTE Adjourned.










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