MCDA Board Meeting

Friday, Dec. 16th


Locations Include:

Augusta  – UMA, 114 Jewett Hall

USM Portland – 144 Luther Bonney Hall

UMaine – Orono – Fogler Library Collaborative Media Lab

Phone-In Meet Me Line – 866-6401


  1. Welcome / Housekeeping
    1. In attendance: James Westhoff, Kim Moore, Geneva Meserve, Leslie Smith, Kate Axelsen-Foster, Bill Stone, Diane Anderson, Haley Brown, Carrie Dionne, Holly Smevog, Leigh Mundhenk (via phone)


  1. Approval of September minutes (Leslie)

MOTION to Accept: Geneva. Second: Kate. ACCEPTED


  • Treasurer Report (Diane)
    1. Fall Workshop brought in new members, but resulted in a slight loss financially –Diane doesn’t have final numbers yet but will send along when all the bills are in.
    2. Motion to Accept: Leslie. Second: Kim. ACCEPTED


  1. Membership Report (Haley)
    1. Total 115 members after workshop. We added 32 new members since July.
    2. Haley added a few more members to the spreadsheet in the Drive that board members are responsible to contact for upcoming events.


  1. Winter Workshop on Feb. 3rd (Workshop Committee: James, Carrie, Bryan)
    1. Magic of Card Sorts – Jim Peacock. Morning and afternoon sessions – can go to one or both. No limits on who can attend within limit of room capacity.
    2. Everything is up on the website and registration is live. A few members have already signed up. We need to start marketing within the next week. ACTION ITEM: Haley will send link to updated list to the board.
    3. ACTION ITEM: James will send write up about workshop with link to registration that we can send to members. Holly mentioned that it would be helpful if the marketing piece could be more descriptive around what card sorts do.
    4. ACTION ITEM: In drive are other affinity groups that James will delegate out to board members.


  1. March 15th Webinar (Workshop Committee: James, Carrie, Bryan)
    1. Kristen Garceau (from Michigan) – Preparing Todays Students for Tomorrows Choices. Information on MCDA website. Registration is not live until after cut-off for Feb Workshop.
    2. Looking to partner with CTE’s around the state so people gather at those four sites to view. That plan is not solid yet. ACTION ITEMS: People looking to secure sites: James – Bangor, Dillon Barnet – Portland, Janice Anthoine –Lewiston, Mid-Maine tech is confirmed.
    3. ACTION ITEM: Targeting practitioners for K-12. Marketing to Maine School Counselors Assoc. (MESCA) and MeCA, and JMG (via Bryan). There is a question around if private school practitioners have their own association. ACTION ITEM: Holly will investigate
    4. It will be free for members and $20 for nonmembers which includes membership to entice new members.


  • Annual Conference Update, Friday, May 19th, Thomas College (Committee)
    1. Keynote set: Greg Levoy. Title change: Nature& Nurture of Passion to Power of Passionate Work 5 hours. Then in afternoon: Two 75 minute sessions. Call for proposals in Jan for breakouts. Looking for a total of 8-10
    2. Next committee meeting will be at Thomas College so committee can scope out the venue.
  • Marketing plan for the upcoming programs (James, Leslie, Haley and committees)
    1. Continue with liaison work with members on our list.
    2. LinkedIn Group is most active on social media. Haley will post and have others “like” it.
    3. Postcards will be created for annual conference and Jim will do one for webinar.


  1. Board news and positions (James)
    1. Jordan Bell is leaving the board as he is moving back to Ohio for a job at the Columbus College of Art.
    2. ACTION ITEM: James will investigate if we can post jobs opportunities to our website.


  1. Any Old Business
    1. Membership form closed on website 12/1/16. From this point on, it will remain closed and members get discounts on spring events (membership benefit). Form will re-open after Annual Conference. Can become a member when you register for Annual Conference.


  1. New Business


XII.       Next Meetings:

  1. March 3. From 2-4. And May 5 from 2-4.


Motion to Adjourn: Kate, Second: Holly. Meeting adjourned.




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