MCDA Board Meeting
Friday, December 18, 2015
USM – Lewiston/ Auburn campus
Room 283

Present, in person: Peter Osborne, James Westhoff, Amy Jaffe, Jordan Bell, Diane Anderson, Leigh Mundhenk, Kim Moore, Geneva Meserve
Via Google Hangout: Leslie Smith, Bryan Murphy, Haley Brown, Jim Peacock
Missing: Bill Stone, Holly Smevog, Maria Frankland
Guests: Sue McLeod and Janice Cohen from the Maine Coaches Connection

I. Welcome / Housekeeping

II. What are you looking forward to in 2016

III. Approval of September minutes (Amy)
Motion: Peter, Second: Diane, Vote: APPROVED

IV. a) Treasurer Report (Diane)
Motion: Geneva, Second: Kim, Vote: APPROVED

b) Federal tax exempt status and by-laws change (Diane, Leslie, James)
• Need to make changes to by-laws. The required process includes
1) Notify secretary in writing (by Feb 10)
2) Communicate to members 30 days before the annual conference
3) Members vote at conference.
• Need to create a “conflict of interest” statement that must be approved by the board annually.
• ACTION ITEM: Board members review draft statement and discuss/vote at February board meeting

V. Membership Report (Peter)
• Total Members as of 12/18/15: 120
• Previous meeting (9/15) : 111
• Online registration is making membership renewal easier
• Peter is using tags in constant contact to manage year of membership
• Discussion: There are 300+ newsletter recipients. Who are they? Previous members, people located elsewhere in the region, past speakers, etc.
• ACTION ITEM: Conference committee to discuss rates/membership
• Ideas
o Member rate
o Rate for event plus membership payment
o Non-member rate

VI. Nominations Committee – (Jim Peacock, Haley, Jordan, Peter)
Key dates: (This is what we used last year)
• February 15 – Call for Nominations
• March 15 – Nominations are due and closed
• April 15 – Ballots out
• May 15 – Voting closes
• June 19th @ Conference Announce
• ACTION ITEM: Jim will coordinate with the committee before Feb 15

VII. Collaboration with Maine Coaches Connection (Sue and Janice)
• What is the Maine Coaches Connection? They are an affiliate of the International Coach Federation, New England chapter (ICFNE). Not a membership organization, but a recently formed affiliate group for Maine coaches.
• Three objectives: 1) provide educational events for coaches in Maine, 2) market, promote and raise awareness of coaching in Maine, 3) support the profession of private practice coaching in Maine
• Approximately 15-30 participants at events in Portland. Some career coaching; mostly personal, leadership, executive coaches.
• Interested in exploring collaboration with MCDA. Ideas: participate in regional gatherings (career cafes), attend conferences/events, join newsletter, share call for papers and present at each other’s events.

VIII. January 12th Webinar for state-wide Career Café (Workshop Committee)
• Prerecorded webinar via NCDA Go To Meeting
• Facilitated program, break-out activities interspersed with webinar material
• Program is planned for several locations, free registration is live on our website

IX. Annual Conference Update, Friday, June 10th Colby College (Committee)
• Theme: Lessons from Human Resources.
• How we can help our clients in the application and job search phase
• Proposed conference agenda:
o 8:30 – 9 Registration
o 9 – 9:15 Welcome
o 9:15 – 12pm Keynote, interactive panel, 15 min break
o 12 – 1 Lunch and business meeting
o 1:15 – 2 Structured networking
o 2 – 2:15 Break
o 2:15 – 3:45 Break out session
o 3:45 – 4 Wrap up, certificates, etc.
• Keynote and panelist ideas discussed

X. Marketing & Membership Committee Update (James and Peter)
• ACTION ITEM: board members send to James featured resource and member highlight by January 25th

XI. Website Resources (James)
• Suggestion to change website resource to simply link to NCDA resources pages.
• Consensus from group — agreement that it’s a good idea
• ACTION ITEM: James will make the change

XII. Next Meetings
1. February 26th, 2016, 2-4pm, location?
2. May 5th, 2016, 2-4pm, need location
3. Board Retreat July 29th, 2016 from 10am-3pm

Motion to Adjourn: Geneva, Second: Diane VOTE: MEETING ADJOURNED

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