MCDA Board Meeting

Friday December 19, 2014

1:30 – 3:30 pm

USM – Lewiston / Auburn campus – Room 238


  • To provide professional development opportunities for people in Maine who provide career information/career assistance to others.
  • To provide networking opportunities for these same professionals in the field of career development.
  • To be an advocacy group for career development issues.


  • To provide training & development in the form of a Fall Workshop day and an Annual Conference.

Attendees: Jim Peacock, Amy Jaffe, Diane Anderson, James Westhoff, Kim Moore, Peter Osborne, Bill Stone, Tom Novak, Deb Walsh, Leslie Smith Via phone: Leigh Mundhenk Absent: Sarah Davis

 Board Resignations:

  1. Katie Schindler – adult ed
  2. Racheal McGraw – grad student

 School Counselor Position: OPEN

Grad student representative: OPEN (Maria Frankland is interested)

Adult Ed Position: OPEN (Geneva may be interested, ACTION: Kim will contact)

1. Welcome/Housekeeping

2.  Approval of September minutes (Amy)

MOTION:       James Westhoff      SECOND:     Peter Osborne                    

VOTE: Approved via email voting after the meeting

 3. a) Treasurer Report (Diane)

    MOTION: James Westhoff              SECOND: Leslie  VOTE: APPROVED

        b) Tax Status

    • We currently have a federal tax ID number
    • Not “exempt status” because there is no previous filing history
    • Could file for 501(c)(5) status with no change to bylaws OR 501(c)(3) with a change to the dissolution clause in by-laws to “upon dissolution any remaining funds would be distributed to _______.” (NCDA or MeCA)
    • ACTION ITEM: James and Diane will get other opinions. b)  Federal tax exempt status

4. Membership Report (Tom)

            Current total for this year: 111

            Compare to last year at this time: 108

3 or 4 new members from LinkedIn event registration

           5.   NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE – Deb Walsh, Peter, Jill Barlow-Kelley, Monica Mitchell

            Full Election this year:

  • President (James Westhoff will submit a self-nomination)
  • Secretary (Amy Jaffe will submit a self-nomination)
  • Treasurer (Diane will decide)

 Key dates:

  • February 15 – Call for Nominations
  • March 15 – Nominations are due and closed
  • April 15 – Ballots out
  • May 15 – Voting closes
  • June 19th @ Conference Announce


  • Event was a success: great feedback in general, made money
  • To Change: explore new food provider, explore table linens
  • Jim Bradley is no longer at USM; new contact is Dan Philbrick (ACTION: Amy to confirm name with Leigh)
  • ACTION Amy — Ask membership for speaker ideas about next year

7.  LinkedIn – Sabrina Woods – Friday January 16th

  • Commitee: Jim Peacock, Amy Jaffe, Peter Osborne, Tom & Diane
  • Sabrina can handle 50 attendees
  • Registrations as of today: 14 all day, 4 in afternoon
  • USM Portland campus

8. Lesah Beckhusen / SkillScan – Tuesday April 7, 2015

  • Commitee: Jim Peacock, James Westhoff, Leslie Smith, Amy Jaffe, Tom Novak, Diane
  • USM Portland campus
  •  Website
  •  Create Forms
  •  Registration (I assume Tom & Diane)
  •  Promotional info:
  •  Coffee / lunch:
  •  Chair?
  •  Early bird registration – no

9. Annual Conference, Friday June 19th at Colby College

  • John Krumboltz is confirmed
  • Conference Committee Co-Chairs: Sarah Davis & Kim Moore
  • Committee: Leigh Mundhenk, Peter Osborne, Tom Novak/Diane Anderson, Deb Walsh, To recruit: other members
  •  Location/facilities are excellent, large auditorium, many break-out spaces, limited to 180.
  • No fee, insurance is included with arrangement/sponsorship through Career Center
  • Housing available on campus $49/night, $13 dinner
  • Lunch will be provided at cafeteria, additional food ordered ala carte
  • Call for proposals: goal of February, deadline in March


  • Conference Committee to meet AND recruit a MCDA member to join committee. Maybe Melinda Gilman?
  • Committee to meet an draft timeline: dates and methods(national) for call for proposals, call to proposals should go out in Jan/Feb
  • Agenda will include: business meeting agenda (Jim), recognition of officers
  • Conference committee will present a timeline and draft agenda before the Feb board meeting February 26, 2015

10. Marketing & Membership Committee Update (Tom Novak & Leslie Smith)

  •  Plan to increase membership to 140


  •  ACTION: James will work Tom to review bounce backs, sync up the constant contact list with the current-members email list.

                        “Engaging our members’ (all Board members)

  1. Online payment option for website
    • Details of Constant Contact presented; definitely strongest option due to cost effectiveness, ease of installation (none), installation process
    • Question: is there a charge per transaction? James to research
    • Fee becomes part of operating budget

MOTION: Tom   Amendment: Deb SECOND: Bill   APPROVED

MOTION: We approve constant contact as service provider

Amendment: regardless of answer to question about fee per transaction

ACTION ITEM (James?): Implement online payment option in time for Skillscan event registration (Tuesday April 7th)

All board members will contribute a resource of the month for the newsletter (book review, article, intake template, blog)

ACTION ITEM (ALL): Send your resource and highlight as soon as possible to James

 Featured Resource

      1. August – Diane
      2. September – Jim
      3. October – James
      4. November – Peter
      5. December – Amy
      6. January – Tom
      7. February – Leigh
      8. March -Bill
      9. April – Sarah
      10. May – Katie
      11. June – Kim

 Board members will be responsible for a Member Highlight in the monthly newsletter. More assignments to come at September board meeting.

    1. September – James
    2. October – Sarah
    3. November – James
    4. December – none
    5. January – Kim
    6. February – Tom
    7. March – Amy
    8. April – Leigh
    9. May – Peter
    10. June – Leslie
    11. July – Bill

   XII.    Career Cafe updates  – All going well

  XIII.   WEBSITE RESOURCES Committee. (Kim & Sarah)

Proposed statement:  MCDA does not necessarily endorse any of the companies, organizations and/or individuals or products and resources listed or linked on its website. These links and resources should be evaluated thoroughly by the individual user. 

  • ACTION ITEM (AMY): Put on the website on resources page
  • ACTION ITEM (Bill): will draft a statement and revise with committee
  • ACTION ITEM: Committee (Kim, Bill, Peter) to develop a proposed statement and send to the board

DRAFT: This page is reserved for resources for MCDA members, government career resources…… Use NCDA wording?


    • Leslie & Tom: NEW MEMBERS on-boarding (Committee Chairs will explore idea of new member orientation)
    • James: NEWSLETTER
    • PETER: SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE – LinkedIn, Facebook

XVI.     ACTION ITEM (ALL): Send out an email to your assigned members re: LinkedIn Workshop and announcing Skillscan

 MEETING ADJOURNED, Motion: Peter   Second: Bill   Approved

            Board meetings for year:

            September 23, 2014, 2 – 4:30 pm

            December 19, 2014, 2 – 4:30 pm

            February 26, 2015, 1 – 3:30pm

            April 16, 2015, 1-3:30pm


                        LinkedIn Training –  January 16, Friday – USM Portland

            SkillScan – Tuesday April 7th 9am – 4.30pm – USM Portland

            Annual Conference – Friday June 19th 8 – 4.30pm – Colby College

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