Minutes of MCDA Board meeting

Wednesday, Feb 1, 2012

Leigh Mundhenk home


Board members in attendance:                           Members absent;

  • Deb Walsh                                                Jill Barlow-Kelley
  • Merle Davis                                              Karen McGrady
  • Gail Dyer                                                  Kate Axelsen
  • Celia Vistica                                             Barbara Michaud
  • Jim Peacock                                              James Westhoff
  • Tom Novak                                               Robin Finelli
  • Leigh Mundhenk                                      Joan Tremberth

Note Taker: Merle Davis

Call to Order; 5PM

Deb presented the President’s Report – see attached

    • Annual conference – “Advocating for Career Development: Making a difference for your clients and your profession!”- chair-Merle Davis – July 6, 2012 at St Joseph College
    • Fall Workshop- “ Post Secondary & Career Issues Faced by Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders”- co-chairs-  Barbara Michaud and Celia Vistica – Nov. 1, 2012 at Calumet Club, Augusta,
    • Co-hosting NCDA Boston conference in 2013 –
    • New Web site is up and running – thanks to marketing committee
    • Thanks to Gail and her work on the financial report and budget.
    • Deb has:
      • Worked with Gail to draft the budget
      • Attended MeCA board meeting
      • Worked with NCDA planning for 2013 National conference in Boston
      • Worked w/ conference and workshop committees
    • Report was approved by members.

Gail presented the Treasurer’s Report – see attached report

    • $1,189 in checking account (2/1/12)
    • $1,118. in savings account (12/31/11)
    • Total – $2,307
    • Gail is researching possible firms to conduct much needed financial audit
    • Gail is researching applying for tax exempt status
    • Report was approved by members.
  • Gail is also working on:
    • Updating the By-laws
    • Gail is redesigning the conference registration form
    • Gail is redesigning the Membership form
    • Gail is creating a reimbursement form for Board expenses.
  • Membership report
    • 136 (?)  current members
  • Committee Reports
    • Marketing Committee
      • New logo approved by board and will be added to website soon
      • Logo is already on “conference flyer and call for programs flyer
      • Jim will be working on some “bugs” in web site such as the distribution (list) and attachments issues. – he will contact web designer for assistance.
    • Annual Conference
      • Call for programs flyer has been emailed to all members and to selected past presenters
      • Lengthy discussion on presenters’ registration fee; budget is unable to support free registration for presenters.
      • Board voted and approved to have workshop presenters pay the registration fee if they attend the entire day including lunch.
        • This will become policy.
        • Merle will send email to members and selected presenters with the revised Call for Programs form with explanation of budgetary restrictions
      • Jim will change the Call for Programs flyer attached to the website to reflect the board’s decision.
      • Jill will organize the completed Call for Programs forms as they come in
      • Committee will meet again in Feb – Wednesday, Feb. 22 at 3pm via conference call.
      • *See Budget discussion for other conference updates


  • Old Business
    • Membership Fee increase –
        • MCDA can no longer afford to have such a low annual membership fee of $10- suggested it be raised to $20 a year to support the ongoing expenses of the Association.
        • Ideally the annual membership fee will be used to support  association expenses and the registration fees for the annual conference and fall workshop will cover all event expenses resulting in a break even or profit situation..
        • Discussion concerning value of membership
          • Careerwell Interviews
          • Monthly Newsletter
          • Annual Conferences and Fall Workshops (professional development0
        • Board voted and approved to increase membership fee to $20 a year starting July 1, 2012. (the membership fee will be promoted on the 2012 Annual conference announcements but will be a separate fee from the event’s registration fee and listed as such.) After consulting the By-Laws we see that this will need to be voted on by the membership at the annual meeting.
    • NCDA Conference Boston -2013
        • Deb has been in conversations with Regional committee. – Deb has tentatively  agreed that MCDA will co-host along with other associations in the region.
        • Board had concerns about not having our own conference and the loss of revenue that may create and how to get membership dues.
        • Discussion was tabled until next board meeting.


  • New Business
    • Budget Discussion
        • Gail and Deb have been working extremely diligently on the association budget. We never really had a budget before. Gail presented a proposed 2011-2012 budget, budget worksheet and calendar year 2012 estimated cash flow. Please contact Gail or Deb for copies. Gail explained the budget entries and she will make adjustments as needed and as recommended.
        • There was a lengthy discussion about the $85 registration fee. Many felt that it was too high with the increase in the membership fee to $20 ( see Old Business) which was approved.  The total price would be $105 for the conference…it was suggested that we could afford to have the conference fee at $75 and with the membership fee that would be $95 (sounds better to be under $100)
        • With added expenses such as Careerwell, Annual website fee,  NCDA conference, Constant Contact, potential fee for accounting audit, etc

Annual conference keynote speaker and Fall workshop presenters’ fee are too high

            • Deb will try to negotiate a better fee rate with this year’s speakers
            • Will not be able to have such expensive speakers in the future
          • Discussion about marketing the value of membership and conferences.
          • Discussion will continue in next Board meeting


  • Brief mention that we will need another meeting before the next planned meeting in May. Watch email for date.
  • Board Meeting Adjourn-8:00PM

Next regularly scheduled meeting-  May 2, 2012


Treasurer’s Report
Checking Account 11/3/11 to 2/1/12 Transaction Details
Beginning Balance  $                    859.43 Checks Written To Amount Note
Staples  $    175.10 Fall Workshop speaker notes
AmarachAramark  $ 1,270.64 Fall Workshop food
Camden National  $       28.04 Check printing
Leigh Mundhenk  $    500.00 Fall Workshop speaker
Alpine Web Design  $    288.00 Web hosting
Alpine Web Design  $    400.00 Final site design
Central Maine Graphics  $    183.75 Web designs
Paid Out  $              (3,049.53) Constant Contact  $    204.00 E-mail marketing; My Library Plus
Deposits  $                3,380.00 Deposits  Amount  Note
 $ 2,150.00 Fall Workshop registrations
 $       30.00 Memberships
Ending Balance  $                1,189.90  $ 1,200.00 Transferred from savings
Savings Account 10/3/11-12/31/11
Beginning Balance  $                2,667.03
Interest Earned  $                         1.24
Deposits  $                             –
Transfers to Checking  $              (1,550.00) $350 shown on last Treasurer’s Report
Current Balance  $                1,118.27
Note:  Outstanding Fall Workshop registrations outstanding:  $290


MCDA Board Meeting

February 1, 2012

President’s Report

Dear Board Members:


Many of you have been busy in your personal lives, your professional roles, and with MCDA activities. With so many demands on your time I appreciate your effort and dedication to career development. Some things that are happening are:


Workshop & Conference Planning

  • Merle has now taken the lead for this fall workshop. We will be presenting Stephanie Vance, The Advocacy Guru, as the keynote speaker. The conference, titled Advocating for Career Development, Making a difference for your clients and your profession! will be held July 6th at Saint Joseph’s College, where Tom Novak is our liaison.
  • Barbara Michaud and Celia Vistica are co-chairing the Fall Workshop. They are working on plans to bring Jane Theirfield Brown and Laura DiGalbo to Maine to present Post Secondary & Career Issued Faced by Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. This workshop will be held November 1st at the Calumet Club in Augusta.
  • Discussions continue regionally & with NCDA about co-hosting the National Conference in Boston in 2013 and encouraging all of our members to attend there in lieu of holding our own conference.


Website Update:

  • The marketing team has done a great job with the web site conversion to a new platform. Thank you to Jim Peacock, Gaetane Johnson, and Terri Bruce!


Financial Planning

  • Gail Dyer has worked hard to review the financial records of the past few years and put records in order in preparation for an audit in the coming year.
  • Gail and I have completed analysis of expenditures, income, and cash flow to understand the financial needs of MCDA. This was a very enlightening experience. We will discuss our findings and implications for MCDA at the Board meeting February 1st.


Plans for next 2 months

  • Take action to reach a finalized budget if we don’t have one at the end of this meeting
  • Attend the MeCA Executive Board meeting March 9th at Husson University
  • Meet with committees as needed
  • Continue planning with NCDA and the New England divisions about co-hosting for 2013 National Conference in Boston
  • Continue to work on the conference and workshop committees


I am looking forward seeing you all at Leigh Mundhenk’s home for our February Board meeting on the 1st. It will be so nice to really see each other in-person.


Respectfully submitted,


Deborah Walsh

President, MCDA


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