MCDA Board Meeting

February 26, 2015, 1 – 3:30pm

USM – Lewiston / Auburn campus

Room 238


  •  To provide professional development opportunities for people in Maine who provide career information/career assistance to others.
  • To provide networking opportunities for these same professionals in the field of career development.
  • To be an advocacy group for career development issues.


  • To provide training & development in the form of a Fall Workshop day and an Annual Conference.

Attendees: Jim Peacock, Diane Anderson, James Westhoff, Amy Jaffe, Peter Osborne, Tom Novak, Bill Stone, Leslie Smith, Kim Moore, Sarah Davis, Deb Walsh, Leigh Mundhenk

New Board members: Geneva Meserve (Adult Ed), Maria Frankland (Grad student rep), Holly Smevog (School counselor)

Absent: NONE!!

I. Welcome / Housekeeping 

II.  Approval of our three new Board members

  •  Geneva Meserve, Adult Education
  •  Maria Frankland, Grad Student
  • Holly Smevog, School Counselor

MOTION: Deb Walsh, SECOND: Kim Moore AND Peter Osborne,   VOTE: Approved

III. Approval of December minutes (Amy)

MOTION: Leslie Smith, SECOND: Diane Anderson, VOTE: Approved

IV. Treasurer Report (Diane)

MOTION:James Westhoff, SECOND: Peter Osborne (via Diane), VOTE: Approved

 V. Federal tax exempt status (UPDATE)

    • We now have a federal tax exempt number
    • Not “exempt status” because there is no previous filing history
    • Could file for 501(c)(5) status with no change to bylaws OR 501(c)(3) with a change to the dissolution clause in by-laws to “upon dissolution any remaining funds would be distributed to _______.” (NCDA or MeCA)
    • ACTION ITEM: James and Diane will get other opinions – ON HOLD until Summer 2015

VI. Membership Report (Tom)

  •  Current total for this year: 131 (historical high), Compare to last year at this time: 103
  •  ACTION ITEM (AMY): Membership form on website needs to be updated to go to Diane Anderson

VII. NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE – Deb Walsh, Peter, Jill Barlow-Kelley, Monica Mitchell

Full Election this year:

  • President (James will submit a self-nomination)
  • Secretary (Amy will submit a self-nomination)
  • Treasurer (Diane will submit a self-nomination)

Key dates:

  • February 15 – Call for Nominations
  • March 15 – Nominations are due and closed
  • April 15 – Ballots out
  • May 15 – Voting closes
  • June 19th @ Conference Announce


  • ACTION Amy – Generate ideas to present to board in April, possibly poll membershi


  1. ACTION: Leslie will draft a message about promoting Skillscan. Board members will reach out to their assigned members.
  2. ACTION: Kim and Sarah will draft message about Call for Proposals message.
  3. ACTION: Deb will draft message about call for nominations. Board members will reach out to their assigned members.
  4. ACTION: Amy will update website to make Call for Nominations more prominent

Events Update:

1. LinkedIn – Sabrina Woods – Friday January 16th

Jim Peacock, Amy Jaffe, Peter Osborne, Tom & Diane, UPDATE – Went well.

2. Lesah Beckhusen / SkillScan – Tuesday April 7, 2015

  • Jim Peacock, James Westhoff, Leslie Smith, Amy Jaffe, Tom Novak, Diane
  • USM Portland campus
  • UPDATE – 8 registrations at this time, break-even is 20, early bird is 3/7, Adjusted early-bird date to 3/14 in constant contact.

X. Annual Conference, Friday June 19th at Colby College

  •  John Krumboltz is confirmed
  • Co-Chairs: Sarah Davis & Kim Moore
  • Committee: Leigh Mundhenk, Peter Osborne, Tom Novak/Diane Anderson,  Deb Walsh
  • To recruit:  other members
  • Call for proposals: Deadline March 15, communication strategy in place
  • Overview of draft outline/schedule by Sarah, $95 registration fee (early bird)
  • Discussion about giving honorarium or reduced registration cost for presenters. Decision to offer a “presenter rate” for conference $50 (any time), amount covers membership and lunch

MOTION (by Peter Osborne): We will NOT require presenters to register for the conference. SECOND: Kim Moore VOTE: Majority approved

 MOTION (Sarah): For lead presenters of sessions at the annual conference will be offered a reduced registration fee of $50 (any time), and will include their association membership fee and meals at the conference. SECOND: Bill Stone VOTE: Majority approved

ACTION ITEM for Conference Committee:

  • Committee shall remove wording from call for proposals about presenter registration according to these motions.
  • Agenda will include: business meeting agenda (Jim), recognition of officers
  • Committee shall integrate ideas from board meeting into the conference schedule. Bill Stone shall join the conference committee to assist with planning of Session One (networking).

XI.     Marketing & Membership Committee Update (Tom Novak & Leslie Smith)

  • Goal to increase membership to 140

XII.     Newsletters

  • Online payment option for website has been implemented (James W)
  • All board members will contribute a resource of the month for the newsletter (book review, article, intake template, blog) and for a Member Highlight in the monthly newsletter.
  • ACTION ITEM (ALL BOARD MEMBERS): All Board members who have not yet submitted a Resource or Member Highlight to the newsletter this year (July to now) should send 1) a resource and 2) member highlight to James Westhoff by May 1

XIII. Career Cafe updates – going well.

ACTION ITEM (James): James to seek new point person for Bangor career cafe

XIV.   WEBSITE RESOURCES Committee. (Bill, Kim, Sarah, Peter, Deb)

WEBSITE DISCLAIMER: In support of MCDA’s purpose, the resource page provides access to free career resources approved by the MCDA board, as well as an opportunity for MCDA members to post career resources and services that they provide, which may include books, workshops, or assessments that may not be free of charge. The MCDA board does not accept unsolicited postings or links sent by parties who are not members of the MCDA and reserves the right to screen and refuse any posting it finds not in keeping with the purpose of the organization.     

ACTION ITEM (AMY): Put on the website on resources page

MOTION: Leslie Smith      SECOND: Diane Anderson        VOTE: APPROVED


Ellen Weaver request: May this be mentioned in the MCDA newsletter or other appropriate vehicles?

Ellen Weaver Paquette, MA, CAG

The text would be: The NCDA CDF Instructor training is scheduled in Waterville, ME on June 17-18, 2015. Questions regarding the training may be answered by viewing NCDA | Welcome to the National Career Development Association or

The trainer will be Ellen Weaver Paquette, MA, CAGS, NCDA Fellow and Scholar, Board 2014-2017.

Applications available by contacting [email protected]

MOTION (Tom): To accept Ellen Weaver’s proposal and will include the information in the newsletter, SECOND:     Peter Osborne, VOTE:   11 yes, 2 nay, 1 abstain

ACTION ITEM (James): Include information in newsletter

 XV. ACTION ITEMS: DEVELOP STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES and add to Google Docs. Contact [email protected] with questions.


    • Leslie & Tom: NEW MEMBERS on-boarding(Committee Chairs will explore idea of new member orientation)
    • James: NEWSLETTER
    • PETER: SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE – LinkedIn, Facebook  – DONE

 XVI.     ACTION ITEM (ALL):  Send out an email to your assigned members re: elections, announcing Skillscan, Conference proposal





Board meetings for year:

            September 23, 2014, 2 – 4:30 pm

            December 19, 2014, 2 – 4:30 pm

            February 26, 2015, 1 – 3:30pm

            April 16, 2015, 1-3:30pm


SkillScan – Tuesday April 7th 9am – 4.30pm – USM Portland

Annual Conference – Friday June 19th 8 – 4.30pm – Colby College

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