MCDA Board Meeting

Friday, February 26, 2016


Locations Include:

USM Portland Campus-Wishcamper Room 427

UMA Augusta Campus-Jewett Hall Room 114

UMA Bangor Campus-Bangor Hall, Room 139



Present, in person or by video: Augusta: Diane Anderson, Jordan Bell, Haley Brown. Google Hangout: Bryan Murphy and Peter Osborn; Portland: Holly Smevog, Leslie Smith

Missing: Amy Jaffe, Leigh Mundhenk, Jim Peacock, Kim Moore, Geneva Meserve

I. Welcome / Housekeeping 

Peter reported he is leaving the board as he has a new job with the Maine DOE. He will be working in Career & Technical Education. helping CT educators to align courses with curriculum standards and develop assessments and standards that should be used and met. You have been wonderful to work with and we are sorry to see you go.

II. What are you looking forward to in 2016? 11/22/16 seems to be popular and Steve Jobs Book.

III. Approval of December minutes (Amy and Leslie)

Motion: Peter   Second:  Haley second Vote: APPROVED

IV.Treasurer Report (Diane)

Motion:  Peter  Second: Holly  Vote: APPROVED

Diane sent it to everyone electronically. Everything balanced.  Diane found the under reported dime. We have about $10 K in bank with a few deposits and withdrawls coming soon.

  1. a) Federal tax exempt status and by-laws change. Review draft of changes

V. Membership Report (Peter)

Total membership. 136. Up by one.

Haley offered to serve as membership chair moving forward. Diane offered to help with the transition at least until after the conference.

Motioned for approval: Leslie  Second: Jordan. Vote: Approved

 VI. NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE – (Jim Peacock, Haley, Jordan, Peter)

            We have one person nominated but confidential right now.

Key dates:

  • February 15 – Call for Nominations (Has gone out)
  • March 15 – Nominations are due and closed
  • April 15 – Ballots out
  • May 15 – Voting closes
  • June 19th @ Conference Announce

VII.       April 29th Workshop with Sabrina Woods.

Registration is now up on website. Two separate workshops: 1) Incubator Lab – Get Inspired & Turn Ideas into Action 2) Holistic & Mindfulness Career Counseling Techniques. We break even on cost at 15-20 members. We currently have six. We need to start promoting this.

VIII.      Annual Conference Update, Friday, June 10th Colby College (Committee)

  • Theme: Lessons from Human Resources. How we can help our clients in the application and job search phase.
  • We now have Keynote Speaker: Giovani Twigge who is the VP HR at IDEXX. He will get back with us soon to be more specific on what he plans to speak on.
    • Jean Paquette- Maine Department of Labor is a possibility for panel discussion?
    • Discussed possibly do two presentations with breakout sessions and not do a structured networking as members seem interested in hearing more about topic from HR perspective.
    • Action Item: James to send out Doodle for committee meeting on Friday 3/18 meeting.
    • Pricing similar to last year: $95 early bird for current member. After May 15 goes up by $20 to $115. Non -member early bird. After May 15 goes to $135.
    • Graduate students $35 and Retired career professional $50.
    • Presenter or panel members no charge but still need to register so we have their information. There will be an option on registration for them to become a member should they be interested.
    • We need 50 early bird member registrants to break even. $1800.
    • James can send out call for proposals for any presenters if board members have any ideas on who to reach out to.
      • HRASM – Human Resources of Southern Maine, EMHS may be interested in participating, Barb Babkirk is interested in presenting, Mary Lafontaine, Manager of Lewiston Career Center is interested in participating.
    • Proposed conference agenda:
      • 8:30 – 9 Registration
      • 9 – 9:15 Welcome
      • 9:15 – 12pm Keynote, interactive panel, 15 min break
      • 12 – 1 Lunch and business meeting
      • 1:15 – 2 Structured networking
      • 2 – 2:15 Break
      • 2:15 – 3:45 Break out session
      • 3:45 – 4 Wrap up, certificates, etc.
    • Keynote and panelist ideas discussed

IX. Marketing & Membership Committee Update (James, Leslie and Peter).

James mentioned he needs more Member Spotlights. Action Item: If you haven’t done member spotlight and future resource, please do. April 1 deadline.

Action Item: Haley mentioned that Federal Government streaming a Webinar Wednesday 3/9 5-6:30. She will send out link to everyone if case you want to sign up.

Marketing Action Item: Promote Sabrina until it is full then work on promoting Conference. Action Item: Leslie will write marketing letters and put in drive.

Regional collaboration file is in Drive so members know what groups they are responsible for contacting. There is also a letter for you to use in the Drive that Leslie wrote marked: MCDA Invitation

X. Website Resources (James)

  • Suggestion to change website resource to simply link to NCDA resources pages. It has been done and completed and we will continue to do.
  • Consensus from group — agreement that it’s a good idea
  • ACTION ITEM: James will make the change

 XI. Old Business

Follow up for Statewide Webinar in January.

We had 30-35 attend statewide via four sites. Everyone who attended thought it was a success. We paid $200 for Webinar and offered it free to participants.

XII. New Business – Advertising by outside organizations on MCDA newsletter or website

            Advertising – Husson University Graduate Program wants to advertise on Website. Could that be another revenue stream? Should we do it? If so, how do we do it? Would it be available to members only or members and their organizations?

Diane noted that we are nonprofit status so need to be careful not to make a profit from it. We need to do more research into nonprofit rules around it. Action Item: James will ask nonprofit attorney at Husson for his opinion. We decided to table until we officially become a nonprofit which won’t happen until membership can vote at the annual conference. After that we can think about how we can use those profits. Some thoughts that were shared: more free webinars and more prominent speakers for conferences.

Barbara Babkirk suggested asking Richard Lider conduct a workshop in the future. He specializes in Encore Careers. James wants to forward to workshop committee to investigate.

XIII.      Next Meetings:

  1. May 5th, 2016, 2-4pm, need location
  2. Board Retreat July 29th, 2016 from 10am-3pm

Motion to Adjourn:  Diane Anderson.

Second:  Peter (his last time doing so).






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