Maine Career Development Association
Minutes from the January 12, 2010 meeting

Attending: Jill Barlow-Kelley, Bev Bayer, Judy Danielson, Merle Davis, Nancy Gibson, Karen McGrady, Deb Walsh
The meeting was called to order at 3:00 PM.

Minutes from the 9/15/2009 meeting were approved as written.

Bev presented the Treasurer’s report.  There is currently $6707.49 in the combined checking and savings accounts. The fall workshop realized a profit of  $3250. Other recent expenses include web design fee, the October dinner meeting and Bev’s plane ticket for the national conference in San Francisco. Bev is pleased to report that we have plenty of money. The Treasurer’s report was approved as presented.

Merle presented the Membership Report for Tom Novak. As of the fall workshop, we have 137 members. It is evident that offering membership via registration at the workshop and/or annual conference is a great way to include people in our organization.

We briefly discussed options for continued phone meetings.  There is a conference call line available through the state for a fee of $60. Though there is a charge, the conference can accommodate an unlimited number of callers.  A new online site called asks for a yearly contract and a monthly commitment. Other sites that have been used are limited by the number of callers. Merle will continue to research this and report at a future meeting.

Old Business:

1.   The Website Committee was not represented at the meeting.  At the October dinner meeting, we had discussed renaming this committee the Marketing Committee. Those present agreed that this name better represents the purpose of the committee, and might inspire new membership. She will send an email to the general membership in an effort to recruit new members.

2.   Judy Danielson reported that the Annual Conference planning is underway, with a good, active committee involved. The conference will be held at Thomas College in Waterville, with Rich Grant serving as our contact there. Keynote speaker Dr. Sunny Hansen is all set. Robin Finelli is coordinating workshop proposals, and Board members are encourage to submit their own workshop ideas and/or recruit others to fill the 14 workshop slots available. Nancy has done some research about options for liability insurance coverage (part of the contract with Thomas), and this will be discussed further at the next committee meeting.  Bev noted that in the past the conference host organization has been a co-sponsor, avoiding the need for a separate policy (see new business for more on this topic). Information about the conference has been posted to the website.

3.   Bev asked the Board to consider changing the stipend for attending the national conference. San Francisco is an expensive city, and the conference itself provides very little in the way of meals (and the ones provided are pricey). There will also be costs for shuttles to the airport. After some discussion, it was agreed to provide an extra $250 as a location adjustment for this year. We will look at the average costs of the conference over the past few years to determine if we want to make a permanent adjustment in the conference stipend. Judy reminded the Board that national usually provides a stipend toward the cost of registration for one member from each state. Merle will check into this.

New Business:

  • There is currently one vacancy for an at-large member. Merle has two people in mind to ask, and she reviewed their qualifications. Either would be an asset to the Board. She will contact them about their availability and interest. It was suggested that one could be recruited for the Marketing Committee and one for the Board.            
  • Nancy discussed some of the reasons our Board might want to consider having Board Liability insurance. Without such a policy, there is a chance that individual Board members could be held liable for claims. She will continue to look into this on our behalf, and was thanked for her efforts to date. In the meantime, should we be required to have insurance for the annual conference, the Board agreed to assume that cost.
  • Merle reported that at the October dinner meeting, the idea of creating a new committee to look at policy development/legislative advocacy was discussed, something she and John Dorrer had talked about after the annual conference. She would like to continue that discussion at another more informal meeting. Those present agreed to try to schedule another dinner meeting in the spring, centrally located and perhaps on a Friday night. Others noted that many boards and organizations hold off-site retreats for the purpose of strategic planning and determining focus. This is something for us to consider.
  • Merle asked for volunteers to chair the Fall Workshop committee. Deb Walsh volunteered to be a Board rep to the committee, but cannot assume the responsibility of chairing. Judy mentioned that one of the Annual Conference committee members might be interested. She will contact that person. Some topic ideas include the Green Economy and Green Jobs,  Janet Wald from O-Net, and an idea Jim Peacock mentioned at this year’s workshop (Merle will follow up with Jim).
  • Merle announced that Jim and Jim had requested that each Board member take a month to offer a resource for the website. This might be a book review, report from a conference attended, a curriculum to use, etc., and will be a great way to take advantage of the wide range of expertise represented by the Board. Bev volunteered to submit a report from the national conference in July.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 PM.

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