MCDA Board Meeting

Friday January 17, 2014

9:30 – noon

USM – Lewiston / Auburn campus

 Attendees: Jim Peacock, James Westoff, Leigh Mundhenk, Kim Moore, Rachel McGraw, Deb Walsh, Jill Barlow-Kelly, Amy Jaffe, Peter Osborne (New Member, Welcome Peter!)

By Phone: Diane Anderson

Missing:   Sarah Davis, Merle Davis, Katie Schindler, Tom Novak


  1.         Welcome / Housekeeping

A. Secretary position: Vote to approve Amy Jaffe as new Secretary

  • Motion by: Deb, Seconded, Jill, Approved
  • Must pay for her MeCA membership
  • ACTION ITEM: Diane will investigate transfer of MeCA membership from Nicole Drew to Amy Jaffe

B. Intro’s (strangest job you’ve ever had or the worst job)

C. Approval of September minute

  • Motion by: James, Seconded, Deb, Approved

D. Approval of November  Minutes

  • Motion by: James, Seconded, Peter, Approved

E. Treasurer Report (Diane)

  • Since last meeting: Fall workshop expenses processed, web hosting annual bill paid ($239 annual)
  • Current Checking balance: $2222.48
  • Current Savings: $6021.15
  • Nothing outstanding until end of year
  • Motion by: Kim, Seconded, Rachel, Approved

2. Discussion about tax exempt status of MCDA

  • We have not applied, we probably do not qualify, we should explore further
  • ACTION ITEM: Diane will investigate

3. Membership (Tom)

  • Update from Tom via email 1/22/14, current membership is 103.

4. Committee to make a proposal on how to guide board on deciding which vendors / outside resources get posted on website.  i.e. request from Janet Wall to offer to members in exchange for our promotion 4 times a year.

  • Committee: JILL, KIM, SARAH.
  • Discussion of ideas presented by committee, agreement to include a disclaimer on website and to allow for and provide resources on our site, so long as they are relevant to members
  • ACTION ITEM: Committee will meet again, return to next meeting with proposal for disclaimer language and suggested parameters for what resources we will include on website. Emphasis will be on professional development and resources that help us as professionals, as opposed to resources for clients.

5. Updates on  engaging our members'(all Board members)

  •             ACTION ITEM: Jim will reassign people (Nicole’s) to Peter
  • ACTION ITEM: Board members will continue to connect with their assigned members. Topics may include: do they receive the newsletters and/or other MCDA communication, save the date for the Annual Conference (June 6 USM LAC), and interest in participation in planning events, attending the career cafes, etc.

6. Career Cafe updates

  • ACTION: James will work with Tom to review bounce backs, sync up the Constant Contact list with the current-members email list.
  • ACTION ITEM: Jim will get the official current members email address and share with the board.

7. Ad Hoc Committee to work on By Law change of creating a President-Elect position and adding a 1 year Grad Student position.  (James / Jim)

  •  Discussion, board is in agreement with the concept that president-elect is a good idea, 2 year presidency is good idea, details need to be further defined, need to develop a consistent conference committee chair role.
  • ACTIONITEM: Jim will explore constitutional issues and next steps with John W. from NCDA and return to board with complete proposal
  • Discussion about creating a standing conference committee w/ Past President or President Elect as a Co-Chair

8.  Update 10th anniversary Conference update (Deb Walsh / Katie/Jill)

THEME:         “Making Connections for Success”

Author of Group Career Counseling: Practices & Principles

DATE: Friday, June 6, 2014


NCDA will send Mark Danaher, NCDA President Elect

Call for proposals deadlines Feb 18th/ decisions Feb 28th

Registration form is  posted on website, Call for proposals is out, post cards will be printed soon. Early Bird Registration by May 9

  • Discussion about the conference agenda. Decision: board wants conference to include key note, morning break-out session, lunch, business meeting (30 min), NCDA speaker (1 hour),10th anniversary celebration (time?), afternoon break-out session, wrap-up/closing
  • ACTION ITEM: Conference committee will determine the agenda accordingly, will share proposed agenda with board when completed
  • ACTION ITEM: Anniversary celebration committee has been created. All shall consider ideas for 10th anniversary celebration and contact the anniversary conference committee with offers to volunteer.

10. Marketing & Membership update  (James / Tom)

  • Goal 150 members by May 2014
  •  Website / Newsletter
  1. October: Katie Schindler changed to Deb Walsh
  2. November: Jill Barlow Kelly
  3. December: Nicole Drew
  4. January: Tom Novak
  5. February: James Westhoff
  6. March: Katie Schindler
  7. April: Rachael McGraw
  8. May:  Amy Jaffe
  9. June: Diane Anderson
  •  Membership Subcommittee update (Tom?)

Topics include:Membership only section, Value of membership, Policy on resources on website / to membership, Request: Janet Wall, CareerWell (gone), Career Cafes, Workshops, Newsletter / resources, Website : develop resources / Members only section

  • ACTION ITEM: James will organize another meeting of the subcommittee
  • ACTION ITEM: James will send January newsletter out to members

11. LinkedIn. need a person who can manage besides Jim / Merle (Jim)

  •             Merle was to reach out to Sabrina for recommendations, No update

12. Mentor Program update (Jim)

  •  Update: Meeting scheduled on Feb 7 for mentor/mentee meet-up


13. RECOMMENDATION:  Create an Ad Hoc Committee to review our registration forms (so we don’t have to recreate for each event), refund policies, electronic payment.

  •  ACTION: Diane will review, Deb has done revisions

14.  Amy Jaffe to create Google Drive for shared documents:

  • Registration forms (Diane was to review registration forms to standardize)
  • LinkedIn policy
  • Conference / workshop budget form
  •  DRIVE will be used by board members to collaboratively review and revise minutes.
  • DRIVE will be used to keep content related to conference and workshop planning (budgets, forms, etc.)

15. Fall workshop ideas / dates for 2014

  • ACTION ITEM: Amy Jaffe & Dale Stair to consider ideas


  • Thursday April 17   2:30 – 5pm  @USM / LA
  • July or August meeting … maybe half day retreat?
  • ACTION ITEM: Jim will look for dates that work for all
  • Motion: Deb, Second: Jill, Meeting adjourned


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