Maine Career Development Association
Minutes from the January 8th, 2008 meeting

Members present: Jim Burnell, Robin Finelli, Judy Danielson, Heather Bannister, Jim Peacock, Mike Brammer, Nancy Gibson, Jill Barlow-Kelley


1. Approval of November 16, 2007 meeting minutes – approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report – acknowledgment of CD $3300 – due July 2008.
In the past the Department of Labor (DOL) has contributed as much as $2000 to our yearly budget, but they have been unable to do so recently, due to statewide budget cuts.

3. Membership Report – no updates

Old Business:

A. Board Membership – reviewed governing board members for vacancies.
Jim P.

will contact a potential candiate for adult education through his CDF graduate list. The Board welcomes Merle Davis, from DOL, who is filling the Agency vacancy.

B. Website Development – Mike, James Westhoff and Jim P. will work to further develop the website format and links. The webmaster will make the changes on the site.

New Business:

A. June Conference 2008 update – Robin and Jill gave an update on the conference details.

The site will be at KVCC again. Jim P. is willing to be site coordinator as he has done in the past. The board expressed their sincere appreciation of his offer. Judy and Robin will coordinate the food.

Judy confirmed the keynote speaker, Darrell Luzzo’s travel and presentation plans. She will confirm his date of departure in terms of having him present at one of the concurrent sessions in the morning.
Also a dinner with Darrell may be an option. Judy will contact him and notify board members.

Jim B. will handle Darrell’s transportation back and forth and has booked a room at the Holiday Inn in Waterville. Jim P. announced that there are additional rooms available for $47 a night.

Conference theme is “Practical Additions to your Career Toolbox”
which seemed to mirror Darrell’s presentation topic.

Proposals will be invited from not only the membership but other organizations linked with the association’s mission. J Leigh will be the contact person to receive proposals. Jim P. will send out a call for proposals to his current students and graduates of the CDF course.
Reminder to all board members to solicit proposals from other professional organizations and peers.

Heather will have a display table again this year. Much appreciation was given to Heather for all that she does to promote and support MCDA through the publication Employment Times.

An additional resource table will be organized to continue to sell T-shirts and books. Jim B. has 500 bags to give away at the next several conferences and workshops.

Need for a student or volunteer to cover the registration desk during late registration. Ideas?

Next conference call meeting February 12 at 9:30 am – 1-877-567-1262 then 942567# Stay on line until you get through no matter what!

A1. NCDA international conference participants for 2008, Washington, DC July 9-11. The president usually attends and other board members are encouraged to do so. $1200 has been awarded in the past. Past participants have been Jim Burnell, Jim Peacock, Judy Danielson, and Jill Barlow-Kelley. Judy will check with NCDA about the number of delegates based on number of members. Judy Danielson hopes to attend the July NCDA conference, but since she used MCDA funds last year to attend the Seattle conference she does not feel comfortable using MCDA funds again this year.
Other Board members are encouraged to notify her if they are able and would like to attend the July conference this year.

B. MCDA Governing Board Goals for the next year –

Continued website development – discussion about the value of a solid website with links to various related websites, related conferences not only by NCDA but also similar professional groups, and listserv to make it more interactive.

Past conference and workshop evaluations from participation. Jim P.

will send summaries to the board. Jill and Robin will review for suggestions for June conference.

Intercultural representation on the governing board. Perhaps the speaker from Catholic Charities or a recommendation of his. Board members are encouraged to think about gap areas in terms of board members and general membership.

Future site ideas for workshops and annual conference. USM might be available in the future depending on how soon we need a commitment.

6. Open Forum: silence

7. Next meeting is March 4, 2008 at 2:00 pm. Reminder Jill is not
available at that time.

Adjourned at 3:08

Respectfully submitted, Jill Barlow-Kelley

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