Maine Career Development Association
Minutes from the January 9th, 2007 meeting

Members present: Judy Danielson, Jim Burnell, Jim Peacock, Beverly Bayer, Nancy Gibson, Heather Banester, Karen Wagner, Larry Lowry, Abby More, Jill Barlow-Kelley


1. Minutes from Fall workshop board meeting – approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report – Checking balance is $2354.37

3. Old Business

A. Membership Report – Melissa Scott. Some discussion about MeCA members and MCDA members and dues paid to one or the other. Melissa will contact MeCA about numbers and transfer of funds.

B. Business Links to Career Professionals review. Heather reported that participants were generally favorable about the morning session; less so about the afternoon presenter. Costs were high using the facility though convenient ($1080). Not enough meals for those that paid at the door. Late registrations are complicated. Ideas for June conference include commitments and due dates. Meeting notes taken during the presentation should be sent to Nancy Gibson for archives. Nancy submitted a draft and requested other versions.

4. New Business:

A. June Annual Conference Committee status – June 18 at KVCC. Calls for proposals are out. Committee members include ________.

B. Slate of potential 2007 openings for officers will go out to membership. If anyone is interested from the board for the office of president or secretary positions they should submit a formal application. See website for details.

5. Open Forum – Judy and Jill agreed to coordinate the planning for the fall workshop 2007. Place and program needs to be determined. Though USM was an excellent site for many reasons, it was costly. Thoughts are to use a free space such as CMCC. Date is Friday, November 16.

NCDA annual conference will be in Seattle July 6-8. Early bird registration is February 1. Judy expressed interest. Others should let the board know if interested. A limit will be set for the price for travel, workshop fees, and hotel.

MeCA Annual Conference will be at the Samoset is April 1-3. See their website for details and presentations.

6. Next Board Meeting – March 6, 2007. Jill will be on vacation so a fill-in secretary is required

7. Adjourned at 3:13 pm

Respectfully submitted, Jill Barlow-Kelley, secretary

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