Maine Career Development Association
Minutes from the June 18th, 2007 meeting

Annual Meeting at KVCC called to order by Jim Burnell.


1. National Career Development Association awarded Jim Peacock, past president of MCDA, the 2007 Outstanding Career Practitioner Award.

2. Appreciation to Joan Gramer for book donations for the raffle.


1. Minutes from June 2006 annual meeting – Jill Barlow-Kelley. Approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report – Bev Bayer. As of June 2007 – checking account, $3975.97; savings account, $2357.78; CD, $3149.20. This does not include conference expenses and revenue. Approved.

3. Membership Report – Tom Novak. The membership for 2006-07 is 115. For 2007-08 we have 82 members who registered for the conference. The membership chair will be sending all 06-07 members information encouraging them to join for 2007-08 year. The new membership year begins this month.


A). Jim Burnell introduced the new Board Member Officers. He becomes the past president, Judy Danielson, president, Beverly Bayer, treasurer, Jill Barlow-Kelley, secretary. There are a number of vacancies on the board. Jim invited anyone interested to contact him.

B). Jim Brunell gave a positive State of Association Report which highlighted the 2006 activities including the June 2006 annual meeting and Fall 2006 workshop. He expressed his appreciation on behalf of all board members for the work of the conference volunteers.


A). Representatives to National Career Development Association conference in Seattle, WA in July 2007. Judy Danielson as the new president, Jim Burnell, as past president, and Jim Peacock as the recipient of the 2007 NCDA award will attend. There may be other MCDA members as well.

B). Announcement of Award to Jim Peacock announced earlier.

C). Passing the Gavel to New President Judy Danielson who complimented Jim’s leadership in the past two years of his presidency. She outlined her goals for continued professional development for career practitioners.

5. OPEN FORUM: Appreciation to KVCC for hosting the conference and to the food service.

6. ADJOURNED: at 12:50

Respectfully submitted, Jill Barlow-Kelley, Secretary

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