Maine Career Development Association

Board Meeting Minutes

June 19, 2013


Attending:Leigh Mundhenk, Merle Davis, Deb Walsh, Gail Dyer, Jim Peacock, Nicole Drew, Tom Novak, Jill Barlow-Kelly, James Westhoff and potential board members: Amy Jaffe and Ryan Anderson

I.       Called to order at 9:16am by Deborah Walsh, President MCDA

Introduction of two new potential board members Ryan Anderson of Goodwill who has an interest in leadership and non-profits, and Amy Jaffe, whose focus is career development related to business.  Both are considering becoming board members and come highly recommended by Deb Walsh.

Deb Walsh presented the president’s report. She requested that Katie Schindler be approved as the Adult Education contact on the board. She mentioned that Katie would like to co-chair the conference.  The potential theme of the conference is about resources and working with clients in multiple settings.

They would like to have round table sessions with facilitators (topics: disability, non-traditional students, and career changers, career services, Adult Ed, Voc. Ed) and how can we connect.

This is still in the early stages of the planning process.  There would be three or four breakout sessions to talk about resources access and tools.

James mentioned the career event we did for Husson that was similar to the ideas being discussed.  Jim stated that we need to have presenters and committees not made up of board members if possible.

The November 1 workshop is on ethics and is presented by Deb Drew and Charlie Bernachio at the Lewiston USM campus.  CEU’s are available and it is open to LSW, LCSW, LCPC, LMFT, counselors, lawyers, medical professionals and others.

II.    Secretary’s Report- Karen McGrady (presented by Jim Peacock)

Jim – made a motion to accept, seconded by Tom. The motion was approved.


III. Treasurer’s Report- Gail Dyer

Gail Dyer presented the new format to assist the following of cash flows.  This format breaks down membership and conference fees.  Once the money is in the conference dollars will go immediately to savings.  Gail said that new checks need to be printed, and we have received no invoice from CareerWell yet.  It was discussed that we should be tracking whether or not members are using it and if they aren’t should we discontinue it.  Tom stated that if we took away CareerWell then what do we have to offer our members.  NEACEF P.O is still out there and is not reflected in her report as of yet.  Gail would like a CPA to look at accounts.  Motion to accept: Jill Barlow Kelly, seconded, and approved.


IV. Membership R eport  – Tom Novak

Tom reported that we have 89 members and broke it down by profession: 39 higher ed., 6 non-profit, 10 private practices, 14 adult ed., 12-career center, 3 Voc Rehab. 1 tech center, 1 retired, 2 students, and 3 high schools as of July 1st.  Leigh  plotted the membership for the last three years and 89 is good, low 90’s is the largest and by the end of the year they hope to have 130.  As soon as everything is set for the fall workshop he will send out a notice.  He is working constantly to clean up emails, rate constant contacts, mailing lists.  Membership directory on line (Amy), usually kept private, is a great resource.

Move to accept by Jim seconded by James, approved


V.    Marketing Report – James Westhoff

Team: Karen McGrady, Joe Austin, and Kathleen Maloney

Goal: They are working on bolstering the calendar, continuing the newsletter at the beginning of each month.  If anyone has anything they would like to include in the newsletter or updates for the calendar, have it to James by the 27th of the month.  Karen featured the resource of the month, and has asked that each board member be responsible for writing about one resource. This can be a book review, conference session summary, an interview with a career professional, etc.  James is also looking for the best way to incorporate social media.  


VI. Announcements

James announced that there is a large company (AOL) moving into Orono and they have 16 positions open mostly in Accounting

Merle was acknowledged for her great work as past president by the board- Thank you Merle for all your hard work and commitment.

VII.          Strategic Planning

Deb spoke about the approval of bylaws with NCDA, and nomination for the  officers by Jan. 2015.

Deb is focusing on the annual conference and also proposing a Fall Workshop in 2014 where Richard Pyle  and Deb will co-facilitateGroup Career Counseling.

James has a good committee for marketing and they meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 3:30pm.   Career Café was at UMO and will continue to take place every 3 months in the area.  Jim is no longer part of the marketing committee as he is assuming the role of President though he will still help support it as much as he is able.  Career Café is to take place at Kaplan in Augusta in August and they will help coordinate for that area.  Leigh has offered to coordinate Portland and James is coordinating Bangor.  Leigh reports that the Career Café in Portland is growing attendance of 14 the first time and mornings seem to work better for people in her area.  Last Café that was held in So. Maine was “Coaching vs. Counseling” presented by Amy Jaffe and Leigh. They have five new members and Eileen Kalikow would like to volunteer.

Mentor Program is to be co-lead by Scott Woodard and Kim Gustafson and on LinkedIn they are creating a sub-group for mentoring.

Merle plans to stay on the board until she moves to Florida.

There are some concerns with the registration form and how we might make registration easier, for example, online registration might be easier.

What do members get for joining MCDA currently?

  • CareerWell
  • Newsletter
  • Preferential pricing for conference and workshops
  • Ties to professional development

Deb will not be attending the NCDA conference it has been decided that Jim will go in her place. Deb would like to have goals for next year clearly defined for the President, board, committees and implementation.

Board insurance: Gail stated that as long as a college is sponsoring us we are covered for event liability.  Board Liability- researched ACA and MECA, and we are not covered as a division.  Gail said the Cross Insurance quote is $600-800.00 annuall. She continues to look into what is covered/not covered and what is fiduciary responsibility.  Liability will cover if we are sued as well as lawyer’s fees, if we don’t hold Liability, board members could be sued.

Insurance was tabled until September and will be placed on the agenda.

Board Rotation is a 1/3 turnover each year.  The following positions are open: College Career Counselor, School Counselor, Graduate Student, At Large.

Incoming President Discussion

Jim said Katie is in for Adult Ed.

Bill Stone and Deb will meet Friday the 21st

Richelle Tiemann is still on the board

New Business

NCDA reception on July 8 will we donate to reception

Tom made a motion to donate $250.00, seconded by Jill seconded. Leigh asked if that amount was too high. Tom amended his motion to $100.00, seconded by Jill. The motion was approved.

Jim’s vision for the next few years is that we get more members involved; we can split up the 89 members and reach out to them.  He suggests we have better perks for members (better rates), we have 5 meetings yearly (less than every other month), and have less board members manning the committees.  We can each take turns writing about a featured resource for the newsletter/website,  and we can articulate what we do better.  Jim would like to bring Sabrina Woods  to do a LinkedIn workshop on Aug.23 or Sept. 16


Friday, Sept. 20th  from 9:30-11:30 we will have a Board meeting at the Waterville Public Library

Jim made a motion to adjourn at 1:20, seconded by Nicole. The motion passed.



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