Maine Career Development Association
Minutes from the June 23rd, 2008 meeting

1.  President’s report – Judy Danielson
A..  Offer her appreciation on behalf of the MCDA governing board to Darrell Luzzo and his presentations.  She presented Darrell with a gift of Maine products.
B.  Announced the revised MCDA website and recognized the members that had been involved.  Jim Peacock asked for volunteers to assist in keeping it updated.  Requested that members forward links of interest to other members.

            C.  Special thank you to Heather Banester Bassett, Employment Times, Marketing and Public Relations Director, for her continuing support of MCDA and thousands of dollars of free advertisement.
D.  Announced the National Career Development Association July conference in Washington, DC and invited members to attend.
E.  Introduced officers, governing board members and 2008 conference committee.

F.  Offered MCDA’s appreciation of KVCC facilities

2.  Minutes of June 2007 Annual Meeting Minutes – Approved.  Jill Barlow-Kelley

3.  Treasurer’s report – Beverly Bayer.

As of June 23, 2008 – $2543.58 checking + $3980.26 savings = $6523.84 total   Not including conference fees and outstanding bills for it.  Approved.

4.  Membership report – 79 current members.  Total of 126 in 2007.  Tom Novak

5.  Presentation of Recognition Award to Jim Burnell for his years of service to MCDA.  Judy Danielson.

6.  Darrell Luzzo made a brief presentation recognizing Jim Peacock’s years of service and national recognition as an outstanding career practitioner.  He encouraged members to attend the NCDA conference in Washington, DC.  One area Darrell is focusing on as president is career development public policy issues from a global perspective.  He is working to get a representative in Congress to represent the interests of career development professionals and services.

7.  Fall Workshop 2008 update – Mike Brammer and Beverly Bayer, co-chairs, asked for suggestions.  Topics suggested: Legal issues and career counseling, career counseling for ex-offenders, measuring the effectiveness of career services, panel focus on one industry (IT, healthcare, human services) how education fits into career development, grant writing skills, education services for unemployed, and academic advising.

8.  Open Forum – Judy invited members to get involved in committee work.

9.  Adjourned at 1:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted
Jill Barlow-Kelley, secretary

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