Maine Career Development Association
Minutes from the March 10th, 2009 meeting

Members present: Nancy Gibson, Judy Danielson, Karen Wagner, Deb Creighton, James Weston, Mike Brammer, Merle Davis, and Jill Barlow-Kelley


1.  November 21 minutes – approved.

2.  Treasurer’s Report –

$1040.01 in checking account + $3989.13 in savings account = $5029.14 total

3.  Membership Report – Jill will contact Tom Novak about numbers.

Old Business:

1.  June Conference Update – Jill reviewed the minutes from 2/26/09 with details.  Merle will contact John and Chris to confirm their presentations and timing.  Judy will email the group with talking points for John and Christopher with a request for additional points.

2.  Website Revisions – James Weston updated the board on the changes and invited additions, announcements and resources.  Board is very appreciative of efforts by James and Mike.

New Business:

1.  Status of Election of Officers – Nancy Gibson.  There was discussion about the process, the timing of vacancy announcements (90 days), nomination and solicitation of potential new officers, and the voting process.  The vote takes place by email.  Resumes of those interested in applying are required and should be sent to Nancy.

Treasurer – Bev Bayer is considering continuing in her position.
Secretary – Karen Wagner expressed interest.
President – Merle Davis expressed interest but was concerned about her increase in workload.  Judy reminded her that past presidents can step in and assist.

Soliciations and Nominations are still open for each position.

2.  Delegate to NCDA Global Conference in St. Louis.  Merle volunteered to go and between NCDA and MCDA funds should cover most of the expenses.

3.  Strong Interest Inventory request for training.  Jim Peacock suggested the topic for this meeting but he was unable to attend.  After a bit of discussion, the topic was tabled until Jim can join us.

Open Forum – no comments

Next meeting is May 5 at 3:00 pm
Respectfully submitted, Jill Barlow-Kelley, Secretary

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