Meeting of the Maine Career Development Association Governing Board March 13, 2012

Attending: Merle Davis, Gail Dyer, Deb Walsh, Karen McGrady, Leigh Mundhenk, Jill Barlow-Kelley

The meeting was called to order at 3:05 PM by President Deb Walsh.

Merle expressed concerns about the conference planning. The deadline for workshop proposals is this Friday(March 16), and she has only one so far. Many of the people she has spoken with say the July 4th weekend date is the issue. She is now concerned about our potential attendance and whether we can afford to put on the conference at all. In the past we have had some financial cushion to deal with low attendance, but his year that is not the case.

Merle suggested we consider changing the date. Leigh added that she has concerns the topic is too specific to appeal to the range of membership. She also expressed concerns about the email from Tom about how many emails to the membership were returned to him as being invalid. Gail mentioned that another issue is the emphasis on lobbying. This is something not allowed for state employees, which might mean they would not want to or perhaps be able to attend.

Merle said that she really wanted the Board’s input. If we are to change the date we need to do it now. Deb said MECA is excited about the topic, and others she has spoken with plan to attend. We still have time to cancel the speaker and St Joe’s with no financial penalty.
After discussion it was agreed that the Conference Committee will convene to make a decision next Thursday, March 22. In the meantime, Merle will design a doodle email to get a sense of attendance numbers, and if people are not planning to attend, to learn why. Date, topic and location are the three variables we can control. Members are strongly encouraged to contact their networks again to find presenters.

Gail presented the proposed revisions to the By-Laws that she, Karen and Deb worked on. The changes are designed to mirror language changes by our affiliated oganizations, make corrections and/or better reflect operations. Deb noted that though changes can be bumpy, they are indicative of the growth and change MCDA has experienced in the past few years.

The amendment proposals were presented to the Board Secretary in writing 120 days prior to the annual meeting, which is required by the by-laws. The next step is to present the proposals in writing to the membership at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting, scheduled for July 6, 2012. Several clarifications were suggested and questions answered. Gail will submit a final copy to Deb to review before sending to the full Board for review. At the May 2 Board meeting we will discuss the agenda for the annual meeting, including how the vote on the by-law changes will happen. The Committee was thanked for its efforts.

Etiquette for conducting board business via email was briefly discussed. Merle researched this and found that if an issue is not contested, or doesn’t require a lot of discussion, it can be handled by email. If there is a need for extensive discussion, then it should absolutely not be done via email. All agreed this makes sense.

Merle mentioned that there are now about 75 members of the MCDA LinkedIn group. She will make sure to invite all new Board members to join. Leigh noted that she loves the idea of the coffee meetings Jim Peacock is hosting. Gail expressed concern about what sponsorship by MCDA means. It raises the larger issue of board liability insurance. Such insuance can cost between $600-2000, depending on the size of the group and the types of actvities sponsored. Deb noted that MECA is also discussing this topic. Merle added that it ties in with her concerns about hosting a conference we can’t afford, then

being liable individually for the debts. This item deserves more discussion and will be placed on an agenda for a future meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm.

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