Maine Career Development Association
Minutes from the March 6th, 2007 meeting

MEMBERS PRESENT: Jim Peacock, Jim Burnell, Michael Brammer, Heather Banester, and (by telephone), Robin Finelli, Nancy Gibson, Bev Bayer, Larry Lowry, and Judy Danielson


  1. January 9, 2007 minutes, written by Jill Barlow-Kelley, were accepted with no discussion.
  2. .Fall conference was briefly reviewed by Jim B.
  3. Treasurer’s Report given by Bev. She just paid $60. for a website bill. There is $1294.22 in the checking account, $2355.00 in the savings account, and $3000. in a CD yielding 5% interest, which comes due in the summer. Jim P. asked Bev to send out an e-mail with an exact financial report.


A.Melissa Scott resigned as membership chair, due to new employment.

B.Discussion held about this crucial position. Familiarity with Access would be very helpful. Robin Finelli will consider this position. The Board discussed possibly offering a stipend to get a professional who would do this over the long term, as they don’t have to be a Board member, or even an MCDA member. Continuity in this position would be best. Jim P. will send out an e-mail asking for a volunteer, and if no one volunteers by the May 1st meeting, the Board will look into paying someone to do it.

C. Nancy Gibson hasn’t gotten any responses from the MCDA membership asking
for applications for the Slate of Officers. Bev Bayer agreed to continue serving

as treasurer, and Jill Barlow-Kelley will hopefully agree to continue serving as
secretary. Judy Danielson agreed to step up to the president’s position. Nancy
Gibson will resend the e-mail to Bev, Jill and Judy asking them to apply for the
positions, with resumes, as needed. Nancy will then send an e-mail to all MCDA
members asking them to vote on the enclosed ballot, so that the new officers can
be presented at the June conference.


A.Which Board member will attend the NDCA annual conference in July of 07 in Seattle is still up in the air. The Board has allocated $1200. to contribute to the expenses for that person. Jim B. will be attending also, but his expenses will be covered by other funds. Jim B. will send another e-mail to the Board asking who can go. Registration before May 15th is $295, and the fee increases after that. Only Board members get their NCDA membership paid. The Board will decide on the conference attendee at the May 1st meeting.

B.Jim B. welcomed the newest Board member, Michael Brammer, as a college counselor representative. There is now an ‘At Large’ position vacant on the Board.

C.June Conference update:

1.Jim P. sent minutes from the last conference planning committee meeting to those members and Board officers. The conference structure is very similar to last year.

2.Policy was established that if a registrant cancels by June 1st, their conference fee is returned, and $10 is allocated to their membership dues.

3.Jim P. has a call into the Holiday Inn to establish a special rate for conference attendees.

4.There will be 5 workshop offerings for the first two sessions, and 4 offerings during the 3rd session.

5.Jim B. indicated the Army would like to submit a proposal if possible

6.Jim P. and J Leigh Hamilton have been organizing the proposals, and they will soon be posted on the website. Jim P. will then send out 3 e-mails to the entire MCDA membership reminding them of the conference and directing them to the website to register. The e-mails will go out in March, April and May.

7.Heather B. will again design an ad and provide free advertising in the Employment Times for the conference.

8.Dale Stair will be asked if she could again send out a postcard, similar to the one she sent out last year.

9.Jim P. reviewed the actual schedule of the conference, indicating that the annual MCDA business meeting would be held from 12:45 – 1:10 in the cafeteria, hoping to attract most of the membership. People will be able to leave and network elsewhere if they desire. Jim B. will announce the new slate of officers, give the year end report, and Bev will give the treasurer’s report.

10.Jim P. also reviewed the policy of offering presenters a choice between a $50 honorarium or free conference registration (a $75. value).


11.Jim P. also mentioned that resource tables will be available for people to display items of interest, but that paid exhibitors would not in included, as that has not been a successful effort at past conferences.

12.Judy has gotten an estimate for $15 a head for food for the conference from Linda at Personal Touch Catering, and will also contact Rhonda at Food for Thought Catering for a second estimate.

D: Fall Workshop Update:


The fall workshop committee was established to include Jill, Robin, Michael,
Heather, and Judy. A site is being sought and a theme is needed.

Next Board meeting will be held May 1st, 2007 at 2:00 at KVCC.

Meeting adjourned at 3:20

Respectfully submitted,
Judy Danielson, Acting Secretary

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