Maine Career Development Association
Minutes from the March 9th, 2010 meeting

Attending: Bev Bayer, Nancy Brook, Merle Davis, Karen McGrady, Jim Peacock, Deb Walsh, James Westoff

President Merle Davis called the meeting to order at 3:00 PM.
New Board member Nancy Brook was introduced and welcomed.

Minutes of the January Board meeting were approved as written, and have been posted on the web page.

Bev presented the Treasurer’s report. There is currently  $4000.74 in savings and $2352.30 in checking, for a total of $6353.04.

There was no Membership Report presented. Jim noted that from the email distribution list, we have about 120 members. Bev noted that she has received a few checks for membership, and she will be sure that Tom has those names. Tom responded to the minutes with an updated figure of 139.

Under Old Business, James presented the Marketing Committee Report. Gaetane Johnson has joined the committee, and Terri Bruce is considering joining.  The committee has discussed using Constant Contact to distribute a monthly email newsletter. The cost is $15/month for unlimited emails, and they offer a 60-day free trial. The program has design templates, allowing us achieve a consistent look. Jim P noted that originally we had set up the website to function also as a newsletter, partly because the committee was so small. He believes it is worth looking at something that will be more professional looking. The Board agreed to pursue the 60-day free trial, and authorized the Marketing Committee to sign up if they like using the program.

James reported that the site license for the website has expired, and must be renewed for him to be able to make changes to the website. The cost for this is $199 for the year. The Board agreed to renew the site license for James (Jim P maintains his own site license for his consulting business). James and Jim once again requested help from the Board to submit resources, book reviews, etc. for the website. If each member submitted 1-2 items, they would be set for a year’s worth of “Featured Resources.” James will send out a reminder.  Deb agreed to submit the MCA calendar and school resources Merle sent something in on the federal Career One-Stop. Karen referred an article in the most recent Career Convergence.

Deb and Nancy presented the Fall Workshop Update. Jim contacted Don Asher and he agreed to hold the date open. Nancy will initiate an email to get a planning meeting set up. Jim P., Merle and Bev agreed to serve on the committee.

Jim presented the Annual Conference Update. We are all set for Thomas College, and thanks to Rich Grant for his help setting that up. Because we do not have Board Liability insurance, we will pay a rider fee to Thomas of $400, bringing the cost of the conference to approx. $2450 for 75 attendees. Merle has the contract, and will sign it and send it to Thomas. Kudos to Robin Finelli for coordinating the most successful call for workshop proposals in our history. Jim plans to put registration information up on the website soon. He will check with Dale Stair about the “save the date” postcard. The Employment Times will once again offer publicity in exchange for a resource table at the conference.

Nancy Gibson had been looking into obtaining Board Liability insurance. Merle will ask for an update on that for the next meeting. James offered to speak with his wife, a non-profit director about her recommendations on the issue.

Bev is looking forward to attending the NCDA conference in San Francisco in July. All arrangements have been made.

The creation of a Policy Committee was discussed. The idea came from John Doerr to create a committee to track legislative issues that might impact the mission of MCDA and its membership. Such a group could also keep track of NCDA, emerging research in the career development field, etc. James agreed to research how NCDA handles this and report back at a future meeting.

In New Business Merle reported that she has been in contact with Mark Danaher, the North Atlantic Regional Director for NCDA. He would like to discuss professional development initiatives across the region, including advertising and/or co-sponsoring events.
(I must have zoned out for a minute here – not sure what we decided to do… – anyone remember??)

Jim asked the Board to consider raising the membership fee. At the time the fee was set, we had few expenses, but since then have added the website, newsletter, annual NCDA conference expenses, etc.  Nancy noted that when she applied for membership, she questioned the low fee and wondered if MCDA was a serious organization.  Jim also mentioned that he feels members should get more of a price break than non-members when registering for MCDA sponsored workshops and conferences.  According to the By-Laws, any such change must be approved by the membership of the organization. We agreed to place this item for discussion at our May meeting, leaving time to present a proposal at the annual meeting in June; this means membership will remain at $10 for this year’s annual conference.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 PM.

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