Maine Career Development Association
Minutes from the May 1st, 2007 meeting

Members in attendance: Jim Peacock, Jim Burnell, Nancy Gibson, Mike Brammer, Larry Lowry, Robin Finelli, Judy Danielson, Tom Novak, Heather Bannister, Jill Barlow-Kelley


1. Approval of the March 6, 2007 minutes. Appreciation to Judy Danielson for taking the minutes.

2. Treasurer’s report – no report

3. Old Business:

A). Election Committee Report – Nancy Gibson reported that she had received bios from the three members running for office – Bev (continuing as treasurer), Jill (continuing as secretary) and Judy (president) – and posted these on the website. An email was sent out to members. Deadline for voting is Tuesday, May 15. Website will be updated with new officers.

B). Tom Novak from Saint Joseph’s College was welcomed as the new Membership Chairperson. The committee thanked Melissa Scott for her work during the past years.

C). NCDA Delegate from MCDA.. Judy Danielson will be the official delegate. Others may attend with their own funding.

New Business:

A). Meeting Locations for ‘07-08. Discussion prompted several members to check their home sites for potential meeting spaces. Location within the state was considered as well. Tabled until next meeting.

B). MECA 09 March meeting update – Location is at Maine Maritime. Jim B. will attend as he found the sharing of information very helpful. MCDA can send two representatives for no cost. Judy was also hoping to attend.

C). MECA conference update. Jim B. and Jill attended and generally felt the speakers and presentation was somewhat relevant though audience tends to be counselors and guidance personnel – not so much for higher education or agency personnel.

D). Annual Conference Committee Status. The general format is on the website. A reminder to board members to register. Members are reminded to promote the conference within their other associations such as MECUMS, MRC, and MASAP. There are 30 paid registrations to date. Expecting at least 50 participants.

E). Fall Workshop Committee. Members are Mike Brammer, Robin Finelli, Heather Banaster, Judy Danielson and Jill Barlow-Kelley with support from Jim Burnell. Judy will check on potential sites for the workshop in the Augusta area. Committee will have a teleconference on Friday, May 11 to discuss speakers and format.

5. Open Forum. The phones went dead.

6. Next Board Meeting will be June 18, 2007 at KVCC annual conference.

7. Adjourned at 3:00 ish.

Respectfully submitted,

Jill Barlow-Kelley, secretary

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