Maine Career Development Association
Minutes from the May 11th, 2010 meeting

Members Present:  James Westhoff, Merle Davis, Jill Barlow-Kelly, Barbara Michaud, Nancy Brook, Tom Novak, Deb Walsh, Judy Danielson

President Merle Davis called the meeting to order at 3 p.m.

Minutes of the March 9, 2010 meeting were approved as written, and have been posted on the web page.

Merle delivered Bev’s treasurer’s report – $4001.59 in savings, and $2155.09 in checking, for a total of $6,156.68.

Tom reported that MCDA currently has 139 members, and 23 conference registrations so far.

Conference Committee update:
Judy reported that the conference committee continues to meet regularly, and that everything is all set at Thomas College.   Rich Grant has been working with the event coordinator there, and the rooms and food are all set.   He has hired someone to ‘man’ the registration desk for most of the day.   Signage will be worked out, and parking will not be a problem.

There was some discussion about any other groups or individuals who could be alerted about the conference.   Board members are encouraged to connect with folks as much as possible.
A reminder for all Board members to get their registrations in.
Jim will coordinate a dinner the night before the conference with Sunny Hansen.   Board and conference committee members are invited, and their meals will be paid for.   Spouses pay for their own meal.    It will most likely be at the Last Unicorn in Waterville, and further details will be announced later.

Robin has been assembling the program, and will e-mail it to Copies, Etc. in Manchester where it will be printed, along with the other forms, and picked up by Judy.   The packet party date is set for June 10 at 3:45 at the Augusta Career Center.   Rich will get glossy folders from Thomas College.   Karen is doing the certificates, and will coordinate with Tom to get names, and print out certificates.    She is planning to attend the packet party.   Irene Lee at the Career Center and Barbara Michaud will help assemble packets, and maybe Robin.
Judy requested that Board members all plan to bring one or more items from their place of employment to use as give-aways.   Tom will bring a second set of names to put in the basket.

The next conference committee meeting is May 27 at 1:30.   Jim has reserved his 800 phone line.


Fall Workshop update:
Nancy and Deb have just confirmed the presenter, who will be Lisa Beckam.    She will do an all day presentation of the Skill Scan, which now includes transferable skills.   It will be a $1500. all inclusive fee, and will be on November 5th at USM.   Beth Higgins, at USM, who helped coordinate last year’s workshop, has agreed to help organize it again this year.   She will make sure they can keep one room for the whole day, and will work on food.    James did a business size card last year to be passed out at the June conference, and has agreed to use his template, and make another card this year.

Marketing Committee update:
Committee now includes James, Jim, Gayton Johnson and Terri Bruce.
James has purchased a contract from Constant Contact, that will allow him to do a one page newsletter to send out on a regular basis to MCDA members.   It is a professional format, and will include news, conference promotions, partner information, and anything else relevant to the MCDA membership.    He has a downloaded list of members, but needs a way to get notice of new members from Tom.   That was discussed, and Tom will create a system to make this happen.    Constant Contact can have multiple lists of people – up to 5000 contacts.   There was some discussion of whether or not permission is needed from individuals to put them on a particular list.   It is very easy to unsubscribe.  In the first newsletter, James will promote a logo contest.    His goal is to have several options to discuss at the June conference.    Contact James with any thoughts on this logo contest.

Liability Insurance update:
Nancy G. not available for comment.   Thomas College is picking up the cost of insurance for this year’s conference.

New Business:
There was considerable discussion about whether of not to increase the membership fee to $25.   Compared to other organizations our current $10 fee is very inexpensive.   However, our mission is to attract as many career information providers around the state as possible, and many have very limited budgets.  Our goal is just to be able to cover our expenses, and we do have money in the treasury.   We decided to table this decision until the next Board meeting.

No other items were presented for Open Discussion.

Meeting adjourned at 4:20.

Respectfully submitted,
Judy Danielson
(temporary secretary)

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