Maine Career Development Association Minutes of the Meeting of the Governing Board May 2, 2012

Attending: Tom Novak, James Westhoff, Deb Walsh, Merle Davis, Karen McGrady. Jim Peacock, Jill Barlow-Kelley and Gail Dyer unable to attend

President Deb Walsh called the meeting to order at 3:00 PM.
She recapped highlights of the President’s Report which was sent out prior to the meeting and is included with the minutes.

Karen McGrady presented the Secretary’s report, noting that minutes of the March meeting were distributed and no corrections or additions were submitted. The Secretary’s report was accepted as written.

The Treasurer’s report was sent out by Treasurer Gail Dyer prior to the meeting and is included with the minutes. Merle Davis questioned if the grand total is the combination of two accounts, which Deb confirmed. Merle is concerned about finances for the NCDA conference in Atlanta. Deb noted that much of the conference expenses have already been paid, but agreed that getting membership in will be really important to keep us fiscally healthy.

Tom Novak reported as Membership Chair that we currently have 128 members. Merle added that 93 people have joined the Linkedn MCDA group she started. Merle will encourage members of that group to join MCDA when we do the membership drive.
A membership renewal form will be put together for the webpage and a mailing sent out since we will not be having the June conference to renew yearly membership. We can also publicize that the Annual Meeting will take place at the fall workshop in November. At that meeting we will request an increase in membership dues, but for now they will remain at $10.

James Westhoff reported for the Marketing Committee. He and Jim are still learning new website, and have found a few hinderances to functionality which they are working on. The Newsletter is just about ready to go. Mailings have been sent and the website has been updated to promote the Career Cafes in L/A in May and in June in Bangor. James noted that incoming NCDA President Rich Feller is coming to Maine for the Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers conference, scheduled for June 4-6 in Portland, and he is excited to return to Maine. There are about 310 registered for the conference, which has sold out since they are in the largest venue in Portland. In larger cities there are often 500 attendees, so it’s a big conference, and the group is excited to host it.

The Fall Workshop planning is moving forward and it’s sounding like there is lots of interest. It is scheduled for Nov 1 at the Calumet Club in Augusta.
Planning Chair Barbara Michaud is checking into offering CEUs and looking into rehab counselors credit.

Deb reported that the By Laws proposed changes have been sent out to the Board. In the early fall it will be sent to membership prior to the fall workshop/annual meeting. Karen and Gail will do a summary to accompany the mailing.

There will be a conference call regarding the 2013 national conference in Boston on May 18 with Rich Feller and Mark _____, the NCDA eastern region delegate. Rich is trying to come up with an incentive

for our members to be able to attend and participate since Boston is relatively close. Any ideas to pass along can be sent to Deb. Deb and Merle reminded the Board that it was decided during the conference call about canceling our June conference that we will schedule our state conference in May to put some distance between our conference and national dates, and that members are committed to continuing an annual conference in Maine, even if a national conference occurs nearby.

We discussed setting new meeting dates. Merle suggested Deb pick a regular day every other month or every second month and stick to it. James asked that we consider holding several in-person meeting each year. It could be hosted in different locations. Several convenient locations were suggested. Deb will check into availability. After some discussion we agreed to the first Friday of each month from 3- 4:30 pm (phone meetings) and 3-5 pm (in person meetings). Our next meeting will be Friday, June 1st, and it will be a phone meeting. Additional meeting dates appear below.

Friday August 3 – live
Friday September 7 – phone
Friday October 5 – phone
Friday, November 2 – live (fall workshop) Friday, December 7 -phone
no January meeting
Friday, February 1 – phone
Friday, March 1 – live
Friday, April 5 – phone
May, date TBA – live, Annual Conference

The 2013 Annual Conference planning is underway. Merle had emailed Laurie Lachance about speaking. In the interim she was appointed President of Thomas College, so may not be available. The new president of the Maine Community Foundation, Ed Cervone, might also be willing to speak as we are focusing on getting someone local with few expenses. Still exploring space and catering options – send ideas to Merle.

Deb had a few announcements. John Fehlau at Kaplan is interested in coordinating something for National Career Development month. We will put this on the agenda for June to discuss.
Kate Axelson will be finishing her internship and is resigning from board.
We need to be recruiting a College Career Counselor and School Counselor for the Board.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 pm. Next meeting is Friday, June 1st from 3-4:30.

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