Maine Career Development Association
Minutes from the May 24th, 2006 meeting

Members present: Larry Lowry, Jim Burnell, Jim Peacock, Melissa Scott, Bill Schissler, Abby More, Jill Barlow-Kelley. By phone: Beverly Bayer, Judy Danielson, Karen Wagner

A welcome to Melissa Scott to the board!


1. Minutes from March 22, 2006 – approved as recorded.

2. Treasurer’s report – Savings Acct. – $2180.14

CD Savings Acct. – $3000.00

Checking Acct. – $5455.80

Total – $10,635.94

3. Old Business:

A. NCDA Conference – Delegate status. Jill must join NCDA in order to be in attendance at the National Conference and represent MCDA in July in Chicago. She will register asap.

B. Membership Report – Melissa Scott was introduced as the new membership chair taking over for Suzie Wagner who has taken another position and unable to continue. No new details since March to report.

C. Business Links to Career Professionals – Jim Burnell gave a brief update on the fall workshop to be held at USM on Friday, November 17, 2006. Mariah Gaughan is the contact person at USM.

Jim Burnell gave a brief update on the fall workshop to be held at USM on Friday, November 17, 2006. Mariah Gaughan is the contact person at USM. Jim B. is working to invite a number of human resource professionals from private and nonprofit businesses to panel a discussion about what employers are looking for in new employees to include qualifications and personal qualities such as work ethic. Jill will contact The Jackson Laboratory and Acadia National Park for representation. The afternoon sessions will be in-depth presentations from presenters about skills, resume development and other specific details important in the hiring of new professionals.

D. June 19th conference planning board update – Jim Peacock stated that 75 participants have registered for the conference and reminded board members that must as well. He hopes for a total of 100. Members and officers of MCDA must register for the conference.

There was a discussion about the fee for exhibitors and it was determined that the fee should be increased to $100 next year.

Exhibitors may attend the conference and have lunch for this year’s fee.

Heather from Employment Times will have her registration fee waived due to the amount of publicity she donates to MCDA.

Packets will be organized on June 8 at Augusta Career Center.

Volunteers welcome.

All conference participants will receive Nancy’s book Retiring Smart Retire Happy: Finding Your True Path in Life.

J. Leigh is creating the name tags and packet tags and Karen will send the certificate of attendance electronically to Jim Burnell to sign and these will be in the registration packets.

Nancy Schlossberg needs transportation to the airport immediately her afternoon session to catch her flight. $75 was allocated for gasoline.

4. New Business:

A. Abby More was officially voted to the board as a student representative with voting rights. July 1, she will become a member at large, with the student representative seat vacant. Strategies were discussed as how to fill that seat.

B. Membership Chairperson, Suzanne Wagner, has stepped down to take a new position and Melissa Scott volunteered to take on her duties. She was voted unanimously as a member of the board .

C. Larry Lowry proposed to change the membership levels to two from the four in the bylaws. Instead of professional, regular, retired and student membership levels, Larry proposed just two – professional and student. The members present at this meeting voted to endorse his proposal. If it is endorsed by a 2/3 majority at the business meeting on June 19, the bylaws will reflect the change. This will be added to the agenda for the 4 pm meeting. He will send an email out the membership at large with his proposal.

The wording of Article II membership will be modified for student members to “Student members are those who are enrolled in programs preparing them for work in career development and personnel work and whose application for association membership has been endorsed by their college or university. Student members must also have a desire to uphold the purpose and principles of MCDA.”

D. Letter of Appreciation to Larinda Meade, Director of Bureau of Employment Services for her support and appreciation of Dennis Fortier’s work with MCDA and his active participation on the board.

He is welcomed to continue with MCDA in his retirement!

5. Open Forum:

Jim B. announced that Debbie Drew is teaching a summer course at USM titled Advanced Career Development. For details see USM’s website

The current webmaster has sold his business to another company.

Members asked about having the capability to manipulate the webpages without a contractor. The renewal date for the contract is June 1. The future of the website will be more interactive with article reviews, related courses and conferences and other links of interest.

In review of the governing board membership there are several vacant seats. Robin Finelli will be asked to fill the college career counselor seat. In early June there will be an email to members to volunteers to fill the other vacant slots.

6. Next Quarterly Board Meeting is September 13 at KVCC 2:00 – 4:00 pm.

7. Adjourned at 4:10 pm.

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