MCDA Board Meeting

Friday, May 5th, 2017


Location:  Zoom

Zoom Link:


IN ATTENDANCE: James Westhoff, Kim Moore, Leigh Mundhenk, Amy Jaffe, Holly Smevog, Kate Axelson Foster, Carrie Dionne

NOT PRESENT: Geneva Meserve, Bill Stone, Bryan Murphy, Leslie Smith, Haley Brown, Diane Anderson


  1. Welcome / Housekeeping (1 minute)

This is the last meeting for James as President, then it’s Amy.

ACTION ITEM: James and Amy will get together in July for a transition meeting.


  1. Approval of March minutes (Amy) (5 Minutes)

Motion to accept Kim, Second Leigh.  Approved.


III.        Treasurer Report (Diane) (5 minutes)         

Not submitted, will be delivered at the Annual Conference, May 19. 


  1. Membership Report (Haley) (5 minutes)

Not submitted.  (ACTION ITEM JAMES: Investigate following up with potential members generated from newsletter.)


  1. March Webinar with Kristen Garceau Follow-Up (James, Carrie, Bryan) (5 Minutes)

Positive response, will share survey and attendance (approx 20) results at next meeting.


  1. Annual Conference Update, Friday, May 19th(James and Committee) (20 minutes)


  • 58 registrants to date, including some presenters. We approximate over 50 non-presenter attendees at this time, with more coming in.
  • How can we facilitate attendance for those whom price is a barrier? ACTION ITEM: Discuss at retreat.
  • Similar question regarding speaker fees and possible discount. ACTION ITEM BOARD: Discuss at summer retreat.  Include Diane for an informed financial perspective. 
  • Food, signage, packets, name tags- all set.
  • ACTION ITEM BOARD: Board members will help handing out evaluations in each workshop room. JAMES: Confirm we have enough evaluation forms.
  • KIM: Buy identifier for presenter and board members.


VII.       Annual Conference Business Meeting Content and Board Positions (15 minutes)


  • Executive Board member terms for Leslie and Diane expire in July. They have both agreed to stay for another year.
  • The motion from James: For Leslie Smith to continue on as the Secretary and Diane Andersen as the Treasurer for one additional year. ACTION ITEM JAMES: Reconvene by Feb 15, 2018 and ballot will go out by March 15th. The process will be managed by past president. Nomination committee is managed by the Board.
  • Motion to accept Kate, Second Leigh.


  • Board Member position terms are up for Leigh and Bill in 2017. Carrie up 2017 as a graduate student.
  • Leigh: Willing to continue for one more year.
  • Carrie: Willing to consider to move to ‘at large’ to allow for an additional graduate student board member.
  • ACTION ITEM KIM: Invite possible new board members to the retreat.


VIII.      Fall Workshop Update (Amy, Holly and Kim) (20 minutes)

  • First Friday of November, 11/3, 8:30-3:30
  • Location: Bates
  • Speaker, morning presentation, lunch, afternoon activity
    • Reviewing two speaker ideas
    • Committee will make a proposal at next meeting
  • By July meeting, be ready to present proposal for vote
  • ACTION ITEM AMY: Announce save the date at conference with a flyer


  1. New Business (5 minutes)
  • None


  1. Next Meetings (5 minutes)

                        Annual Conference: May 19th Business Meeting Only

                        July Retreat: July 14th at Leigh’s Cottage


Motion to adjourn Kim, Second Kate.  Approved.


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