Maine Career Development Association
Minutes from the May 6th, 2008 meeting

Members present: Judy Danielson, Jim Burnell, Jim Peacock, Robin Finelli, James Westhoff, Beverly Bayer, Mike Brammer, Meryl Davis, Tom Novak, and Nancy Gibson


1.  March 4th minutes – approved as recorded.
2.  Treasurer’s report (Beverly Bayer)

Savings Account: $3979.85
Upcoming Expenses: $1000.00 Webmaster
Checking Account: 356.58                                                     $1200.00 NCDA Regist.
Total: $4336.43-$2200.00 = $2136.43

3.  Membership report (Tom Novak) – 07-08 = 122

Old Business:

1.  NCDA delegate for 2008 Conference in Washington.  Judy will attend on behalf of MCDA.
2.  Annual June Conference Update.  Plans are firming up.  Jim Burnell will contact with Darrell for his arrival and departure plans.  Board members are invited to join Darrell for dinner and are asked to confirm with Judy.  20 registrations to date. The schedule for the day will be determined at the next Conference committee meeting, May 12.
3.  Update on Website Revisions.  Jim P., Mike and James presented current updates and future projects.  Represents a lot of time on their part.  Goal is to make it as interactive as possible and have monthly bulletins sponsored by board members on a rotation basis.  A discussion about having a searchable membership directory was tabled for now.

New Business:

1.  Fall Workshop Committee Co-Chairs are Mike Brammer and Beverly Bayer.  Date is November 21, 2008.  They will coordinate to find a location.  Ideas for the workshop should be forwarded to them.  Participants at the June Conference will be urged to offer suggestions as well.  One suggestion has been to have something that would appeal to school counselors.

2.   June 23 Conference Business Meeting agenda.  Judy reviewed topic areas to include president’s report, approval of minutes from last year’s conference meeting, introduction of board members and vacancies, reports on the budget and membership, and a short presentation by Darrell Luzzo about national public policy forums.  Karen Wagner will bring the gift for Darrell.

Next Meeting: June 23 Annual Conference Business Meeting

Adjourned at 3:19

Respectfully submitted, Jill Barlow-Kelley, secretary

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