Maine Career Development Association
Minutes from the May 9th, 2009 meeting

Attending: Judy Danielson, Deborah Walsh, Beverly Bayer, Michael Brammer, Merle Davis, Nancy Gibson and Karen McGrady

The meeting was called to order by President Judy Danielson at 2:05 pm. She requested a volunteer to take notes as Jill was unable to attend. Karen McGrady volunteered.

Minutes of the March 10th meeting, which were previously circulated and posted on the website, were accepted unanimously.

Bev Bayer presented the Treasurer’s Report.

As of March 31, 2009, MaineCDA has $3,991.59 in the savings account, and $1,101.31 in checking. These figures do not include any annual conference registrations.
The Treasurer’s report was unanimously accepted as presented.

Judy delivered the Membership Report as emailed by Tom Novak, Membership Chair.
We currently have 89 paid members. After some discussion, Judy agreed to ask that an email be sent to the membership as a reminder that membership expires with the June conference. Those not planning to attend the conference (registration for which includes yearly membership fee) will be encouraged to re-up for 2009-2010.

In old business, Merle Davis reported that she is registered for the NCDA conference and has made travel and hotel arrangements. She obtained release time from work, and is excited to attend the conference in St. Louis.

Details for the June 26 Conference were reviewed.

-The website is complete except for a few presenter bios.  After discussion it was agreed that Merle will follow up about talking points with the two plenary session presenters and will send that information to Jim Peacock for the web site.
-16 registrations were reported to date by Tom.
-The postcard from Dale Stair has been sent.
-Judy will ask Tom to send another reminder to membership.
-Mike spoke with USM about folders and will know in a day or two whether they are available. If they are, he will seek a volunteer to transport them from Portland to Augusta for the packet party.

-The packet party has been scheduled for Monday, June 15 from 3:30-5 PM at the Augusta Career Center. Karen will print certificates and she and Jim P will coordinate to be sure certificates, pencils, notepads, etc. get to the party.
-Judy asked Mike about a student or staff member willing to work the registration table. –In the past we have paid $75 for someone to do this so that committee members are free to attend workshops throughout the day. He will find someone.
-Mike will do a walk through of the facility to determine signage needs. Signs are already made, and parking and computer access are all set. Mike noted that most of his office staff will be present to help, and he has invited the new President of USM to make welcoming remarks at the start of the conference.
-Food is all set. Numbers will need to be confirmed the week before.
-Karen is compiling the thank you baskets for the two plenary session presenters.
-Bev will make sure we have extra name tags (the website asks attendees to bring their own), and she will have the checkbook with her that day.

-Judy will send an email to solicit a few more give aways.
-Judy reminded Board members to review the Annual Meeting agenda she sent earlier this week. Please send comments/corrections, etc to her ASAP.

Mike Brammer reported that things are going well with the website. He encouraged us to use the site and indicated that input is always welcomed.

Nancy Gibson reported that the deadline for nominations for officer positions for the coming year is May 7. There have been no new nominations to date. If that is still the case on the 7th, she will ask Tom to send the election ballot out on May 8th, due back on May 18th. The results of the election will be announced at the June 26 Annual Meeting. All board members are strongly encouraged to vote!
Nancy indicated that the terms of several current board members (Robin Finelli, Deb Walsh, Karen McGrady and Nancy Gibson) expire this year. Judy will contact each member to see if they are interested in another term.

In new business, Nancy Gibson reported on planning for the Fall Workshop.

The committee had a conference call recently. Mike is looking into USM as a location. Jim P spoke with Kathy Raynes at CDP (publisher of the Strong and MBTI tests) . She presents Strong and Strong/MBTI workshops throughout the country. They usually cost about $85 per person, and are not offered north of Boston.
The workshop that combines the Strong and MBTI is quite hands on, and breaks down the facets of the test, reviews some reports, includes case studies and research. In a one day workshop, attendees would not receive any certification or qualify for credentialing. Kathy Raynes also noted that if we get 10 post-secondary institutions to commit to attending, she won’t charge a fee for the workshop.
Committee members feel that between Maine and possibly NH and northern MA, that number is achievable. She is currently available on Nov 20.
Board members agreed that we should pursue this opportunity, and that it would be ideal to make an announcement about the Fall Workshop at the June 26 conference. A poster and take-away information could be available and/or it could be part of the packet or business meeting.

Judy thanks everyone for attending and adjourned the meeting at 4:05 pm.

Minutes taken and respectfully submitted by Karen McGrady

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