Maine Career Development Association Board Meeting August 3, 2012
Attending: Jill Barlow-Kelley, Deb Walsh, Gail Dyer, Leigh Mundhenk, Tom Novak, Merle Davis, Karen McGrady

The meeting was called to order at 3:05 pm by President Deb Walsh.
Refreshments were enjoyed by those attending the live meeting in Lewiston. Thanks to Leigh for hosting the meeting and arranging for a call-in option.

Highlights of the President’s Report are identical to those included in the report prepared for MECA, which Deb emailed to the Board. Deb and Leigh attended the NCDA conference, and got many good ideas for their practices and for potential MCDA conferences. Deb followed a military-focused track and learned Maine sends more people to active deployment than other states, meaning we also have many returning. There are implications for career counseling, innovation and research. There is a link from the NCDA webpage if you’d like to join an on-line group discussing this issue.

Colleges serving veterans need to develop services for vets that help them integrate into the college community. UMA has a really good model they have been using for awhile.
Leigh especially appreciated a workshop on _______ inquiry. It was a mind-blowing, fabulous focus on who clients are and using their strengths instead of problems to facilitate _______ .

**Leigh, please help me here 🙂 – I did not hear everything you said and want to be sure it’s right in the minutes!
Sharing info from the conference should be a priority for those that get to attend. This can be done through presentations at the spring conference or at the Career Cafes. Members of

NCDA can access Power Points from each presentation also. Leigh and Deb did some networking with potential conference speakers and will follow up.
The Northeast Region people offed a state leadership session and discussed the July 8-10, 2013 NCDA conference in Boston and how to gets lots of people to the conference. Anyone interested in helping work on plans for that conference should contact Deb.

Karen McGrady sent copies of the Secretary’s report via email before the meeting. A few corrections had been made following the May meeting. Those attending accepted the Secretary’s report as presented.

Gail Dyer sent out the Treasurer’s report via email before the meeting. By canceling the spring conference, we lost the usual mechanism for members to renew their memberships and for us to rebuild our funds. Tom recently sent out another plea for members to rejoin. Memberships and workshop registrations have come in, but we need to pay attention and watch expenses. Merle will send Gail the budget for next spring’s conference. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted as presented.

Tom Novak reported that membership is currently at 44, including 9 registered for fall workshop. As noted, Tom recently sent out an email to all those members from past few years that have not renewed membership or registered for the workshop. Confirmations and membership cards are out, so he is up to date with everything. Tom will get help from Jim Peacock to do a mass email through the media mailman list ???? and the next newsletter will go out soon. We discussed ways to encourage members to rejoin, especially as many employers are no longer paying professional association dues. With our dues scheduled to increase next year, we need to be sure members are clear on the value of membership

in MCDA. We briefly discussed ways to make parts of the website accessible only to members.

Gail Dyer updated the Board on the by-laws review. Because the formatting on website isn’t compatible with her word processor and changes are hard to fix, Gail will retype the by-laws with proposed changes. She will compile a brief summary of the changes as well, and this will be distributed to all members prior to the Annual Meeting for 2012, which will take place at the Fall Workshop on November 1st. Will Deb asked that we make sure we are clear on the voting process and percentage of affirmative votes needed to enact changes to the by-laws. We discussed easy ways to let participants at the workshop know whether or not they are members and therefore entitled to vote that day. Also discussed ways to ensure the Annual Meeting business is completed quickly and coordinated with the workshop presenter. Elections of officers and new board members will not be completed until the Spring 2013 conference. Vacancies will be filled via the by-law process that allows the President to submit names for approval to the Board.

In Old Business Deb added a few things to the discussion about the Boston NCDA conference for 2013. Maine is recognized by NCDA as a leader and strong positive model. There was discussion about reaching out to career and post-secondary professionals in NH and VT to join our organization as they do not have state groups. This might help our numbers as well as encourage strong attendance at the Boston conference and future collaboration opportunities. Deb noted there was some discussion about NCDA providing us with keynote speakers for our state conference in exchange for our getting significant numbers to attend NCDA. Leigh expressed concern for this, as the conference is expensive even without airfare. Perhaps we can find a less expensive hotel and book a block of rooms for our membership. NCDA is interested in hearing ideas for ways to get people involved, including perhaps holding regional conferences. Our new Northeast Regional Rep is Lourdes Rivera from New York. People with ideas and interest in this topic should contact Deb.

Deb presented an update on the Fall Workshop for Barbara (Michaud) Lohman. Laura Degalo will be presenting on her own. There is some confusion about the fee and her expenses with this change, and no contract has been written yet. Several members suggested Deb attempt to renegotiate the fee and expenses, as the total projected now exceeds our original target of $1200. Given the current financial situation we cannot commit to more. Merle mentioned that the state always adds a clause to contracts that says “subject to funds being available.” Deb will contact Laura and let the Board know the outcome.

Deb asked for ideas on how we can attract new people to the board. There are 4 open positions: high school counselor, college career services, college student, and adult ed career advising. Several names were suggested. One on one recruitment is the best method. The website should reflect the current vacancies.

Deb asked that we put board liability insurance put on next agenda. MECA is looking into this as well. We need to clarify if chapters and divisions are covered should MECA obtain a policy, or if we need our own coverage.

Merle Davis reported on the Spring 2013 Conference. She recently sent out minutes of the last committee meeting and there is nothing to add right now. Deb noted that at the MECA meeting interest in our topic of social media was expressed. The main focus is to ensure we give people practical info

they can use right away, delivered by a dynamic speaker. The committee will meet again in September.

Deb asked about scheduling meetings for the coming year. After some discussion it was agreed to continue to meet on the first Friday of each month from 3-5 pm. She encouraged people to bring snacks to live meetings. Deb requested that Board members be prepared to stay after the Fall Workshop for a brief meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 5 PM.

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