Maine Career Development Association
Minutes from the Nov 21st, 2008 meeting

Members: Judy Danielson, Jim Peacock, Bev Bayer, Tom Novak, James Westhoff, Mike Brammer Deb Walsh, Robin Finelli, Merle Davis


  1. Review of September minutes. Accepted.
  2. Treasurer’s report – Bev Bayer. Total funds available: $5451.34. We will not refund money to those people who paid for, but did not attend the workshop.  In the future, we should include a date by which refunds will be given. Treasurer’s report accepted.
  3. Membership report – Tom Novak. Currently we have 89 members.


Old Business

  1. June Conference Update: Chairs: Judy & Jim. Tom will do registrations. Helpers include: Deb, Mike, James, Merle, Robin, Bev. Send mass email to invite members to participate. Date: June 26. USM is a possible location.  First committee meeting will be December 18 @ 2:00 @ UMA. Robin will try to book a conference room. Possible keynote speaker: John Dorer, or Charlie Colgen.


New Business

  1. Next meeting dates: January 6 @ 3:00, March 10 @ 3:00, May 5 @ 3:00, June conference

Open Forum

Jim mentioned that we could get Strong Interest Inventory and/or MBTI training in Maine. It
could be our Fall Workshop, or a separate event. $85 per person for a 4-5 hour workshop. We
will discuss this more at our next meeting.

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