Maine Career Development Association
Board Meeting Minutes
October 5, 2012
Attending: Merle Davis, Deb Walsh, Gail Dyer, Karen McGrady, Leigh Mundhenk, Tom Novak, Jim Peacock

President Deb Walsh called the meeting to order at 3:05 pm. She announced that we have a new student representative possible. Nicole Drew is a graduate student at Husson finishing a master’s with a focus on career development. She works with James Westhoff at the Career Center and comes highly recommended. Those present agreed to invite her to join the Board to fill that vacancy.

Gail presented the Treasurer’s Report. We are in relatively good shape, with $2049.17 in the checking account, and $1119.17 in savings. Costs for the fall workshop will be covered by registrations.
Those present agreed to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented.

Gail reported that she plans to finish re-formatting the By-Laws this weekend and will send to Deb for distribution to the membership before the Annual Meeting on November 1.

Deb gave the President’s Report. Mostly she has been troubleshooting. With Barbara Michaud Lohman leaving the Board and the area, we needed to quickly figure out how to take care of the fall workshop details. Merle jumped in energetically and Deb expressed appreciation for her help. The speaker’s final price is a $1100 flat fee, excluding handouts. She will allow us to post the handouts to website after workshop. Deb updated the workshop registration form so only late pricing option shows.

Deb will attend the MECA Board Meeting next Friday in Bangor.
NCDA conference planning has slowed down for now. Deb was able to secure a key note speaker for our May 2013 conference. Her name is Lisa Severy, 2014 incoming President of NCDA. She will speak on social media.

The minutes of the September meeting were accepted as presented by those present. Karen will ask Jim to post to the website.

Tom presented the Membership Report. We have a total of 64 members. 34 of this number have registered for workshop. Deb would like the membership forms updated on the website, so we can do one last push for membership. Jim will take care of this.

The Marketing Committee has not met and needs to. Jim and James will get together.
Deb would like an update about the spring conference posted ASAP. After some discussion it was agreed that a “save the date” is sufficient for now, and that we need more conference details before soliciting registrations.

The Annual Meeting will be held at the fall workshop, and we must have a quorum to vote on the proposed changes to the By-Laws. Several ways to accomplish this were suggested.
1. Have the vote and discussion at the meeting and let that stand. The current # of registrants and memberships will make this legal if all present participate.

2. Have the vote and discussion at the meeting, but also allow electronic voting to give all members an opportunity to weigh in on these issues, whether or not they attend the workshop.
Deb pointed out that the proposed changes have been well publicized in newsletter. However, the info on website does not have the Annual Meeting listed on the schedule – Deb will correct that. No decision was reached about this.

The fall workshop will be at Le Club Calumet in a small room with separate entrance at the back of the building, so we need to make sure registrants have adequate directions and that there is good signage that day. The space is free, food will be under $20 per person and speaker fee is $1100 plus copying of handouts. Merle will pick up a gift for the presenter. A brief board meeting will be held immediately after the workshop. Jim will take minutes for both meetings as Karen is unable to attend. Merle will check to see if there is any chance for calling in for the board meeting portion of the event.

Deb presented the results from the board survey. It is clear that members prefer at least some in person meetings. Additional information is needed about the frequency and location of meetings before making any decisions.
We agreed that maintaining the call-in option is important, understanding that though the in-person commitment might be the expectation, unusual circumstances to arise.

Structure of the meetings was also discussed. We agreed that Board meetings should be used more as reporting out/decision making opportunities, and that the “grunt work” of committees should take place in between meetings and not during Board meetings, especially when those meetings are conducted via phone conference.

We agreed to the importance of scheduling a strategic planning meeting that would include all members in person and last 2-3 hours. Deb agreed to do a new poll to determine the date and location of that meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 PM.

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