Maine Career Development Association
Minutes from the October 10th, 2006 meeting

Jim Peacock, President MCDA, Advising & Career Center Director
Kennebec Valley Community College
453-5082 1-800-528-5882 ext 5082 (in state only)

Members present: Nancy Gibson, Heather Bannister, Melissa Scott, Jim Burnell, Jim Peacock, and Jill Barlow-Kelley


1. Jim B. opened the meeting.

2. No treasurer’s report or minutes from last meeting


3. Membership update: 3 new members for MCDA through MeCA – Melissawill get names from Gene Oakes, membership coordinator for MeCA.

4. Panel update for Thursday, November 9, Fall Workshop at USM.Details are in place. Mariah is our contact person on site though she will be unable to attend. Jim updated the board regarding the plannedevents. The panel will represent a number of different types of employers from around the state of Maine. Panelists received information in three attachments – directions and agenda and potential questions.


5. Packets for workshop participants will be completed on site (MCDA information, notepads, pencils, name tags, etc.). Judy Danielson will be the point person for registration. Certificates for 4.0 contact hours will be available for signing for interested participants. Plaque from NCDA will be on display!

6. June Annual Conference Committee Status. Jim P. will chair of the conference committee. Conference Committee will be meeting October 25th at KVCC to begin working on the June 18th Monday Conference.

7. Jim B. suggested the idea of having a session for members of MCDA at the MeCA conference in early April. This might include a preconference meeting or specific session related to the work of MCDA members in addition to what MeCA offers its members. The idea of offering workshops specifically for MCDA members might provide additional
opportunities for professional development. Generally attendance numbers from MCDA at MeCA’s annual conference have been small.

Jim B. will meet with MeCA on Friday, October 13 as a representative for MCDA.

8. Debbie Drew recommended that two student are available for the board membership. One student and one at-large position is currently available. Jim P. suggested that the at-large slot should be filled by a professional in the counseling field.

9. Jim B. suggested that board meetings be planned in advance and should include the annual conference and fall workshop dates. Dates set are January 9, 2007; March 6, 2007; May 1, 2007; June 18, 2007

ANNUAL CONFERENCE; September/November to be announced.

10. Election of New Officers. The committee will be convened at the USM workshop. The time line is that a member contact the current officers to establish their interest in continuing their current positions. The committee will solicit nominations from the full membership until January’s meeting, the nominees will be posted on the website, ballots will be developed with voting concluded by May 1 and the results announced at the June meeting.

11. Next Board meeting will be at the Fall Workshop, Nov. 9 at USM.

12. Adjourned at 3:15

Respectfully submitted,
Jill Barlow-Kelley, Secretary

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