Maine Career Development Association Board Meeting Minutes
Friday, September 7, 2012

Deb Walsh, Leigh Mundhenk, Karen McGrady, Tom Novak

Despite the small turnout for the meeting we agreed to discuss several items, and President Deb Walsh called the meeting to order at 3:15 pm

Deb apologized for the late meeting notice and unreliability of her home email account, from which she sent information last week that no one received. She will only use work email to send future official communications to the Board. Other possible reasons for poor turnout at the last few meetings were suggested: time of day, frequency of meetings, size of Board (currently have some vacancies). It is concerning, and we should plan to spend some time making a strategic plan to address. Deb suggested we concentrate on planning for the fall workshop/annual meeing for now, and put strategic planning on the December agenda.

Barbara (Michaud) Lohman has retired from the state. Because her training position was key to informing state workers about the fall workshop, we need to be sure all the notificatons have gone out. Deb will check with Barbara this weekend and let the Board know if we need to do outreach to groups. We identified groups to be sure are aware of the workshop: Voc Rehab, K-12 teachers and guidance, Human Resource Associations, Maine College Career Counselors and Disability Coordinators, TRIO, Adult Ed and MEOC. Those present agreed to send out the workshop information to our networks and contacts at the abovementioned organizations. Tom reported that currently there are 15 people registered for the workshop. 13 are current members, and 2 are non-members. 48 people have renewed membership in MCDA, and 2 new members have joined in addition to registering for the workshop. Tom noted that the Early Bird deadline is next Friday, and traditionally few registrations have come in after that date. He questioned whether we should extend the date. There is some confusion about the pricing for the workshop. Tom agreed to contact two people that have paid the member rate insead of the non-member rate. The newsletter will go out shortly, and Deb will remind people to renew membership and register for the workshop.

A significant number of MCDA members really need to attend, as our annual meeting will be held in conjunction with the workshop. A poor turnout at the fall workshop especially after canceling the June conference is concerning. Making sure our members feel there is value to being part of MCDA is necessary. Leigh noted that she is part of the American Society for Training and Development group that meets for monthly professional development in Falmouth. Each workshop costs $20-25, and annual membership is $100 or $125. 60-80 people attend the sessions. She thinks that MCDA has the potential to be just as vibrant and successful, and that providing more opportunities to learn about best practices could be a way to revitalize out organization. We agreed to continue this discussion as part of the strategic plan discussion.

Deb contacted the workshop presenter. They agreed on a fee of $1100, with the presenter paying her own expenses. She will provide info that can be photocopied (at MCDA expense) and after the workshop she will provide materials that can be posted to the website. Deb would like to be sure that only conference attendees can access that information and is not sure about the technology to do that. Deb noted that the workshop space is offered at no charge, so if we back out the cost of meals ($23 she thinks) from the $75 registration fee, 22 people is our breakeven point.

Deb agreed to send out a note to the Board after speaking with Barbara. She will also resend the workshop info and President’s message to James for the newsletter.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Friday, Oct 5 from 3-4:30. Because it is the start of a holiday weekend, Deb will poll the Board to see if the meeting should be rescheduled. Karen noted that if other members can more easily meet during the day, someone else can take minutes. Having meetings that people are able to attend is critical at this point.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 pm.

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