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Minutes from the Sept 16th, 2008 meeting

MCDA Governing Board Meeting                                                     September 16, 2008

Members:  Judy Danielson, Bev Bayer, Merle Davis, Nancy Gibson, Jim Peacock, Karen Wagner, Deb Walsh, Mike Brammer and Jill Barlow-Kelley


  1. Minutes from May 6, 2008:  Approved and added to the website.

Review of June 23 minutes from the June Conference.  Jill Barlow-Kelley. Minutes                acknowledged.  Formal Approval will be at the June Conference 2009.

2.    Treasurer’s Report – Bev Bayer.  To date bank balance is $5907.64 with outstanding bills for              NCDA conference, June’s keynote speaker gift, and plaque for Jim Burnell.

3.   Membership Report – Tom Novak.  Currently there are 79 members.  Brief discussion building             membership and following up with former members.

  1. Old Business


    1. Review of June Conference:  33 out of a possible 79 evaluations received.  Evaluations were determined critical.  Discussion about how to get more feedback after conference.  Suggestions were survey monkey, gift drawing, prize for submissions, etc.
    2. Fall Workshop ’08 update:  Theme will be Maine’s Changing Career Environment.   Mike gave a report of the plans which includes a panel of employers, some from previous panels.  Location is at University College at Rockland.  Website is being updated.  Date:  November 21.  Discussion about panelists, registration fees, mileage reimbursement and lunch costs.  Is there a policy?
    3. Website status:  Jim, Mike, James and Sarah Hall (new member of the board) are working with the website master to keep it current and provide links to helpful information for members.  Suggestions and recommendations welcome.  Board voted to allocate up to $80 for software.   9/23/08 Judy made the motion to increase the amount to $180 to cover the real costs).
    4. Report from NCDA Conference:  Judy Danielson.  Limited discussion due to time.
    5. Governing Board Membership:  New members include Susan Hall, Deborah Creighton, Meredith Morgan – positions held?
  1. New Business


A.  Establish June 2009 Conference committee:  Mike, Robin, Nancy, Merle, Judy and                                                                   Jill volunteered to organize it.  Suggestions for themes or ideas?
B.  MCDA Governing Board Goals for 2008-09:  increase membership numbers and        meet        those professional needs

6.  Open Forum:

7.  Next Board Meeting:  November 21, 2008 @ 2 pm following Fall Workshop.

8.  Adjourned at 4:27 pm

Respectfully submitted, Jill Barlow-Kelley, MCDA secretary

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