MCDA Board Meeting

Friday, September 18, 2015


USM – Lewiston/ Auburn campusRoom 238

Present, in person: Peter Osborne, James Westhoff, Amy Jaffe, Leslie Smith, Geneva Meserve, Jordan Bell, Diane Anderson

Via Google Hangout: Leigh Mundhenk, Bryan Murphy, Haley Brown

Missing: Bill Stone, Jim Peacock, Holly Smevog, Kim Moore, Maria Frankland



  •  To provide professional development opportunities for people in Maine who provide career information/career assistance to others.
  •  To provide networking opportunities for these same professionals in the field of career development.
  •  To be an advocacy group for career development issues.


  •  To provide training & development in the form of a Fall Workshop day, an Annual Conference, and other workshops during the year.


I.​Welcome / Housekeeping / Introductions (if needed)

Motion from the president, James Westhoff, to elect Jordan Bell to the board

Second: Peter Osborne, Vote: APPROVED

II.​Favorite recent movie or book

III.​Annual Board Retreat Minutes/Last Board Meeting Minutes (Amy)

Motion: Leslie Second: Diane Vote: APPROVED

ACTION ITEM (James): need to change date of last meeting in April

IV.​Treasurer Report (Diane) – Current balance $10,095

Motion: Geneva Second: Peter​ Vote: APPROVED

Discussion: Tax status questions/update. The organization was first created with an “unincorporated” status. This status is acceptable for an organization that has an operating budget of $5000 or less. At this point our current bank balance is higher than that.  Also, with unincorporated status board members are personally liable for legal action taken against the organization. Recommendation is to register as a “Non-Profit Status” (fees estimated at several hundred dollars) and incorporate in the state of Maine (fee of $40). The Non-profit status will require a revision in the by-laws that names at least one separate organization that our organization’s funds would be transfer to if and when we dissolve.

Motion: Peter, Second; Leslie, Vote: APPROVED

  1. That the newly-formed By-laws Committee will re-write the appropriate by-law and facilitate a member vote
  2. Diane Anderson will file MCDA as with non-profit tax status and file for incorporation in the state of Maine.

ACTION ITEM (By-laws committee – Diane, James, Leslie): shall meet and move forward

V.​ Membership Report (Peter)    Current membership 111

  • Renewal request for 2014 members who had not renewed yielded approx. 20 memberships
  • Discussion about membership card
  • Member liaison breakdowns — in google drive

ACTION ITEM (Peter): Discontinue paper membership card, develop and replace with electronic version.

ACTION ITEM (Bryan): Will register as a member

​VI. Nominations Committee:  Jim, Peter, Haley, Jordan

  • We need a small committee to take charge
  • ​Will need to elect our first ever President-Elect at Annual Conference.

Key dates (This is what we did for last year’s nomination process):

  • February 15 – Call for Nominations
  • March 15 – Nominations are due and closed
  • April 15 – Ballots out
  • May 15 – Voting closes
  • June 19th @ Conference Announce

ACTION ITEM (Committee): Meet to formulate plan

VII.​Fall Workshop Update: November 6th with Don Schutt

Marketing plan and what else do we need at this point

ACTION ITEM (Fall Workshop Committee – Amy and Dale): Send postcard to all members

ACTION ITEM (James): Send message to members through Constant Contact

ACTION ITEM (James):  Reach out to regional collaboration contacts

ACTION ITEM (All Board Members): Board members will send message to their member contacts week of 10/5

VIII.​Workshop Committee Update

  • Sabrina Woods program — looking for location, April 29, morning and afternoon
  • Discussion of other programming topics – Card sorts (Jim), WOWI (Rosie) — exhibit at a conference?
  • Defined the purpose of programming — not product promotional; intended to give access to professional development to members throughout the state, possibility of webinars.
  • Idea of exhibitors at events — members for free? for a fee? further discussion

ACTION ITEM (Workshop committee): Draft language for board to consider at next meeting


  • On hold: Friday June 17, 2016 – Colby College
  • Possible date change, earlier in the month – 6/3 and 6/10?
  • Committee: Jim Peacock, James, Jordan, Kim (Diane, Peter)
  • Topic idea: HR and recruiters
  • Discussion: the topic needs to speak to participant’s needs, consider wider audience of who our attendees work with — students, non-traditional students, voc rehab,
  • How do we recruit non-MCDA member speakers? Could we consider honorarium? Recruiters may be willing to attend in exchange for access to this audience. Board members have access to HR contacts. Maine College Career Consortium — HR contacts attend.

ACTION ITEM: Diane will check for possibility of hosting at Thomas. Jordan, other dates at Colby?

X.​Marketing & Membership Committee Update (James, Leslie, and Peter)

  • ​Newsletter needs, Marketing Fall Workshop, Marketing Career Cafes,
  • Marketing Other Programming, Reaching out to members, Collaboration Opportunities with other groups

ACTION ITEM (All Board Members): Send member profiles and featured resources to James by December 18 board meeting

  XI. ​Career Cafe Updates

  • Bangor: Sept topic  – assessments/CDV theory, Nov. 3– HR and employers
  • Portland: ACTION: Amy/Leigh will reach out to SoMe members to assess interest
  • Augusta: Oct 7 – Addressing barriers for employment for individuals have criminal records
  • Lewiston: no update

XII. ​Other and New Business – None

Motion to adjourn: Peter, Second: Geneva, ADJOURNED

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