Maine Career Development Association
Minutes from the Sept 19th, 2009 meeting

Merle Davis, James Westoff, Joan Trembeth, Nancy Gibson,  Judy Danielson, Sharon Labbe, Deb Walsh, Jill Barlow-Kelley, Karen McGrady
President Merle Davis called the meeting to order at 3:05 PM. She welcomed new officers: Karen McGrady, Secretary; Judy Danielson, Past President; and herself as President.  Sharon Labbe was welcomed as a new Board member. She works at the Augusta Career Center and will serve as our agency representative.
The minutes of the May meeting were reviewed. A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as written. The minutes were unanimously approved. Judy clarified for the Board that the minutes taken at the June Annual Meeting do not get formally approved until the following June. Karen will post the June minutes to the website with a notation that they are not yet approved.
Merle reported that she greatly enjoyed attending the national conference in St Louis. She felt the information will be beneficial to our group, and she made a number of connections with associations in other states and the regional coordinator. She is pleased to note that our association seems very organized and active. Merle will be meeting with Rob Klaiber of Andover College and Katherine Maloney, the PR chair of the Career Professionals International New England organization to discuss opportunities to work together.

Judy Danielson reported that she and Merle had lunch recently and discussed a number of transition issues as well as some ideas for the future. She and Merle will discuss this further under New Business.
Treasurer Bev Bayer was unable to attend the meeting, but submitted her report through Merle. MCDA currently has $3994.08 in savings and $2300.65 in the checking account.  Revenue for the June conference was $3720. After deducting $2308.83 for expenses, we realized a profit of  $1411.17.  Bev also reported that NCDA memberships had been paid for the year for herself and Merle. Judy reminded the Executive Committee that MCDA will pay the annual dues to NCDA and Maine Counseling  Association for Executive Committee members.  Judy questioned if these figures reflect the NCDA conference expenses. We will need to consult Bev for this information. Judy noted that in either case, the organization is in good financial shape.  A motion was made and seconded to accept the Treasurer’s report. It was unanimously approved.

James Westoff reported that the Website Committee has been reduced to himself and Jim Peacock. They welcome new members! The new software makes updating the site very easy, and the committee meets briefly once a month by phone.  The committee has considered asking Board members to assist with the monthly resources section. It was suggested that James email with Board with this request. Merle will include the need for new committee members in an upcoming email to the general membership. James also reported that as his employment contract ends December 31, he is unsure whether he will be able to continue to serve MCDA. He and Jim Peacock have discussed a back up plan, and he will keep the Board informed. Those present wished James good luck with his job search, and expressed hope that he would be able to stay involved with the organization.
The Fall Workshop Committee reported that organization is well underway. The registration form is up on the website. Merle encouraged Board members to register. Nancy reminded the Board that the price of $50, though higher than past fall workshops, is substantially lower than the usual  $85 price for this particular offering (and we include lunch!). The price also reflects the $500 fee to CPP, which we will not have to pay if representatives from at least 10 colleges attend the workshop. Several strategies for marketing the workshop were discussed. Merle will promote it to our membership. Board members should promote through their various contacts., especially colleges in Maine, NH and northern MA. The space limits participation to 60-70.
Under Old Business, Merle reported with regret that Mike Brammer had resigned from the Board. He recently moved back to his home state of Oregon to take a new position. Those present expressed appreciation for Mike’s many contributions to the Board and wish him well in his new endeavors.

With Mike leaving, the Board has two vacancies; a college career counselor position and a student position. Nancy Gibson announced that she has been hired at Bates College to do pre-law advising and supervise internships, thereby making her eligible to fill college counselor representation, She speculated that filling her at-large seat would be easier, and all present agreed. James made the change on the website to reflect this. Merle will contact Husson and USM about a student representative, and both vacancies will be announced in her email to the general membership.
Merle requested that upcoming Board meeting dates and times be posted on the website, which James agreed to do. She asked if the Board wanted to consider changing the day and/or time of the meetings, in light of the number that could not make today’s meeting. Those present agreed that the current arrangement seems to work most of the time.
Merle noted that the 2010 NCDA conference will be held in San Francisco, and that Bev Bayer has agreed to represent MCDA.  It was noted that it would be beneficial to have others attend. Perhaps MCDA could help by paying registrations of other Board members. This will be continued for discussion at a future Board meeting.

Under New business, Merle asked if Judy would consider chairing the Annual Conference Planning Committee. Judy agreed, and asked for a co-chair or two. Sharon Labbe expressed interest. Nancy and Joan said they would serve on the committee, and Merle agreed to help as needed.  An initial conference call meeting was set for Thursday, October 15 from 1-2 PM.
Merle  presented some of the ideas she and Judy discussed over lunch.  Though the conference call meetings are convenient and allow for good participation by our members, she would like the opportunity to connect face to face more often.  One idea  is to hold periodic informal dinner meetings. In addition to the opportunity to get to know one another, the dinners could be a time for brainstorming and visioning. Those present agreed that this would be beneficial, and set a tentative date of Thursday, October 15 from 6-8 pm at the Senator Inn in Augusta. It was suggested that MCDA sponsor the cost of the dinner. Merle will check with Bev and Jim Peacock to get their input on this.
Merle questioned the need for more frequent meetings. She noted that the November meeting that happens following the workshop is generally not much of a meeting, and then we don’t meet again until January. Those present agreed to discuss this at the October dinner meeting.
Merle had a brief conversation with John Dorrer, following up on a suggestion from the annual conference that MCDA consider becoming more active in policy development/promotion.. After some discussion, those present agreed that this would also be a good topic for the October dinner discussion.

There being no additional New Business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:25 PM.

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