Maine Career Development Association

Board Meeting

Friday, September 20, 2013

9:30 – 11:30 am

LOCATION:  Colby College, Waterville Maine

Jim Peacocks Goals were shared with the Board.

To engage our membership and increase participation on committees and attending events.

To increase the number of professional development and networking opportunities throughout the year

To increase our membership to at least 150 by May 2014

To create an Ad Hoc committee this winter to look at creating a President Elect position to our Board

Attendance: Jim Peacock, Diane Anderson, Nicole Drew, James Westhoff, Sarah Davis, Katie Schindler, Deb Walsh, Racheal McGraw, Amy Jaffe, , Leigh Mundhenk, Merle Davis, Ryan Anderson.

Absent: Jill Barlow Kelly,Tom Novak


I.              Welcome / Introductions / Grad Student Racheal McGraw

II.             Approval of minutes from June meeting: Nicole Drew

Motion to approve, Seconded.

Approved unanimously.

III.            Treasurer report:  Diane Anderson

Motion to approve, Seconded.

Approved unanimously.

IV.           Membership report: Tom Novak

99 plus Racheal McGraw’s application today as the grad student rep.

V.            Fall Workshop:  Amy Jaffe. 6 registered, emails to go out to membership.

VI.           Annual Conference:  Deb Walsh and Katie Schindler. Theme is Making Connections. Location USM Lewiston / Auburn. Keynote Richard Pyle. Only looking for an honorarium. More details to be brought to next meeting.

VII.          Marketing Committee:  James Westhoff

– Update on website (James W. Amy Jaffe, Jim Peacock, Karen McGrady,           Katherine Maloney updates the calendar)  Possible “members only” section

– Update on newsletter and marketing (James Westhoff, Tom Novak, Joe Austin,               Leslie Smith, ?)

NOTE:          Featured Resource for Newsletter @month (Karen Wagner McGrady)

October: Katie Schindler changed to Deb Walsh

November: Jill Barlow Kelly

December: Nicole Drew

January: Tom Novak

February: James Westhoff

March: Katie Schindler

April: Rachael McGraw

May:  Amy Jaffe

June: Diane Anderson

– NEWSLETTER:  President / Board corner. Discussion followed and it was decided to keep the Presidents Corner and not have a Board Message in place of it.


RECOMMENDATION:  Change name to Marketing & Membership Committee

Website focus:

Membership / Marketing / Newsletter focus

CAREER CAFE:  Coordinators report  Leigh, James

Tues Oct 15th 8:30-10:30 at UMA Veterans

IX.           LINKEDIN MCDA Group:  Merle

Recommend Management policy (who gets approved, purpose, managers?)

*new people posting need “approval” to post.

Action: Jim Peacock and Scott Woodard will work on a policy and bring to next Board meeting

X.            Mentor / Mentee Committee: Kim Gustafson / Scott

Jim reported that Kim and Scott are working on putting together a mentor program by this winter.

ENGAGEMENT OF MEMBERS: Board member take 8 members and reach out to them, encourage involvement, ask for topics at Career Cafes, etc… (sign up sheet)

ACTION REQUESTED:  Pass around list. 100 members were divided between all Board members to reach out to and “engage” them in activities events and seek feedback.

XII.          Board Insurance:  We will not pursue this

XIII.         Board Meetings: Is Central Maine OK?

Friday November 22nd      9:30 – 11:30

Friday January 17                               9:30 -11:30 (Katie & Jill can’t make it)

Thursday April 17                                2:30 -4:30   (Jill & Amy)

Friday June 20                     9:30 – 11:30 (Sarah Davis) (NCDA in CA)

ACTION REQUESTED:  Alternate June date?

June 27 Friday?

Action. Decided to meet in Lewiston Auburn USM campus instead of central Maine

Will need to find alternate date for Board meeting in June

Future work:

Standard Operating Procedures typed up for all events / processes. (on file with Secretary)  As we look toward creating a standard operating procedure perhaps we could consider an electronic archive – google docs or dropbox – where we organize each event and all have access. To discuss… Amy Jaffe

Action.  To create an Ad Hoc committee this winter to look at creating a President Elect position to our Board

Action.   By law changes for one year Grad Student representation.

Action.   Review CareerWell TeleInterviews

Action.      History of MCDA (Deb & Jim)

Action. To look at creating common Registration Forms for Members / Non Members (look at what other organizations are doing)

Action. To look at Electronic Payment online

Minutes respectfully submitted by Jim Peacock in January 2014 after our Secretary left the Board in October and did not submit minutes.

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