Maine Career Development Association
Minutes from the Sept 21st, 2010 meeting

Attending: Bev Bayer, Merle Davis, Deb Walsh, Tom Novak, Jim Peacock, Judy Danielson, Nancy Brook,  Jill Barlow-Kelley, Karen McGrady

The meeting was called to order at 3:00 PM by Merle Davis, President.

Minutes from the May 11, 2010 are not currently posted on the website, and no one had a copy so we did not approve them. We encourage James or Jim to update the website with the up to date minutes. The minutes of the business meeting held at the June conference are approved annually at the conference.

Bev Bayer presented the Treasurer’s report. As of July 15, 2010 the checkbook balance is- $3577.67. In savings we have – $4003.58, for a total of  $7583.25
Conference total revenue – $7205.  Expenses were $5189.39, resulting in a net profit of $2023.61.

Other expense: $100 dues MCA

Tom Novak presented the membershp report. We now have 136 members.

Great news – the fall workshop is almost full! After some discussion it was agreed that Tom will send confirmations to those whose registrations have been processed. Jim will post on the website that we are full.  A waiting list will be compiled. Registrants that cancel will be informed that MCDA will retain $10 for the membership fee and refund the remainder. Tom will inform anyone on the waiting list that makes it in.

Merle thanked the Fall Conference Committee for a great job planning the day.  Committee members noted that everyone knows their tasks, has worked well as a team and things are moving forward.  Things are all set with USM, and a student has been hired to help for the day. Nancy asked the Board to consider having our presenter sell some of her products. This has been done in the past and there was no objection.

Under old Business, Bev reported that she had a great time at the NCDA conference. All the “big names: were there. She accepted MCDA’s award, and will bring the plaque to the fall workshop. All the sessions were good, but she especially liked the Gen Y presentation. Some tips that were shared: Start new Gen Y hires on Tuesdays at 10am; Gen Y looks for jobs differently; Gen Y so dependent on technology because they don’t know a world without it, but it doesn’t mean they understand it; Sit next to a baby boomer at a workshop – they will have a pen! Bev will write a summary for the website. She noted that the extra funds were appreciated and essential, and she recommended that we consider permanently increasing the expenses stipend. This will be discussed further at a later meeting.

Nancy Gibson emailed Merle that she will provide an update on liability insurance at the next Board meeting.

We discussed Jim Peacock’s proposal to join so that our members can participate in regular phone conversations with career theorists. Joining will cost $600/year, which is half the regular price. In addition to the weekly phone calls, archived conversations are available.  Those in attendance discussed whether our members would take advantage of the service, and we concluded there is no way to know short of trying it. We agreed that we have the funds to try it for a year, with the understanding that we must publicize it well and collect information on how often the service is accessed. Jim will set it up.

Merle asked if Board members were interested in having an informal Board dinner and discussion meeting following the fall workshop. Those in attendance agreed. Judy suggested that minutes be taken so that anyone not present will still get the benefit of the discussion. Merle will do this. She requested that anyone with agenda items or discussion ideas send them to her.

The idea of increasing our membership dues was discussed. There were concerns that the low fee might cause people to question whether MCDA is a worthwhile organization to join. After some discussion we agreed that we don’t really need the extra income at this time, so there is little justification for raising dues during economic hard times.

Under new business, Judy requested a volunteer to co-chair the committee, or even take over as Chair. She is feeling stretched and doesn’t have the time to take this on without help. Deb noted that continuity on the committee is important, and she agreed to consider co-chairing. Merle and Tom both volunteered to continue on the committee. A topics list generated from last year’s conference in addition to suggestions from the upcoming workshop will guide development of topics and speaker recruitment. Several site options were discussed. Deb recently attended a conference at Maine Maritime Academy, and wondered if hosting the conference at a site with overnight lodging available might allow for more networking. Several members have attended conferences at MMA and agreed it is a beautiful site, the food is great, and they organize events well.  It was noted that MMA is in Castine, which addresses the criticism of having the conferences primarily in the south. A tentative date of June 24 was selected. Deb will contact Jeff Wright at MMA to get us penciled in, as their dates fill up fast. Dates for other conferences that might conflict will also be considered. NCDA, for example, will be in San Antonio June 30-July 2. The conference committee will convene in the next few weeks to make a decision about the date, location and keynote. Merle will ask Rich Grant to send notes from the conference wrap up meeting held in July.
Merle mentioned that she would like to attend the 2011 NCDA conference in San Antonio. Deb also expressed interest. We agreed to discuss this at a future meeting, and to consider allocating funds to support additional members to attend. Those that have gone in the past noted it is nice to have two representatives as too much is offered for one person to cover completely.

A suggestion was made to have the Treasurer’s report prepared in spreadsheet format. Bev is willing to send the report to members before meetings so that it can be reviewed, but would prefer not to invest energy in creating a new report format at this point, as she will retire as Treasurer when her term expires. Those in attendance agreed this will suffice for now, and will be reconsidered after election of a new Treasurer.
Merle noted that now is a good time to look at the timeline for recruiting new members and officers. She will contact Nancy Gibson and place this on the next agenda.

Deb recently attended the MeCA leadership meeting as MCDA liaison. She spoke in support of our affiliation as a way to communicate and collaborate.  Deb agreed to take on the responsibilities of liaison permanently, at Judy’s request. She will send minutes of meetings to Board members. Judy reminded the Board that any membership costs should be reimbursed by MCDA.

Jim asked the Board to consider developing a policy about accepting advertisements in MCDA publications such as the newsletter and conference brochure. Many other organizations do this, as it helps to offset expenses. Deb agreed to collect information about how MeCA and MeSCA handle this. Those in attendance agreed to direct the Marketing Committee to explore this and make a recommendation to the full Board.

Merle noted that she had no response to an email about the NCDA poster contest opportunity. The contest is geared toward elementary and middle school students, which might account for lack of MCDA membership interest.

There being no more business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 5:05 PM.

Next meeting: October 14 – informal discussion dinner following the Fall Workshop.

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