MCDA Board Meeting

Friday, Sept. 23rd


Locations Include:

Augusta – UMA – 114 Jewett Hall

Orono/Bangor – UMaine – Shibles Hall, Room 11

Portland – USM Luther Bonney Hall, Room 144



  1. Welcome / Housekeeping: Welcome to our new board member, Carrie Dionne 
    1. In attendance: James Westhoff, Haley Brown, Kate Axelsen-Foster, Leigh Mundhenk, Bill Stone, Diane Anderson, Amy Jaffe, Jordan Bell, Carrie Dionne


  1. Approval of July minutes (Leslie)
    1. Motion to Accept: Kate. Second Haley. Minutes approved.


  • Treasurer Report (Diane)
    1. MCDA Draft Budget.
    2. Diane reviewed July 2016-June 2017

Motion to accept: Kate, Second: Leslie. Approved.


  1. Membership Report (Haley)
    1. 94 members as of 9/23/16. Board contacts are up to date. James would like the number back up to 140 this coming year.
      1. Business ( HHHHR or Training & Development) and K-12, DOL are targets for new members.
    2. Located in Google Docs is Board Liaison list. Haley kept color coding so people know who they are responsible for. She added another column to note who has already registered for upcoming program. She will keep that column up to date for corresponding upcoming events.


  1. Fall Workshop Update (Amy)
    1. Event is on November 4. There are 15 people who have registered as of 9/20. We want a total of 54 registered. October 7 is when early bird ends.
    2. We have already made announcements in newsletters, on social media and marketing letter. We will continue to promote
    3. Elisabeth has created a video we can use for marketing – will probably put on website.
    4. Elisabeth is also featured in NCDA newsletter which we feature in upcoming email marketing.
    5. ACTION ITEM: James will arrange to get CEU certificates


  1. Workshop Committee and workshop ideas (James, Leigh, Carrie, Bryan)
    1. Carrie Dionne newest member.
    2. Jim Peacock will give a card sort workshop on Friday 2/3/17 (snow day 2/10). His fee is $1,000. Attendees will be given the option for a full or ½ day. Morning session can hold up to 50 people. Afternoon limited to 20 people. To break even we need 16 attendees total.
      1. ACTION ITEM: James will talk with Jim to see if Jim can find help allowing an increase the capacity in the afternoon closer to 50.
      2. Board members and Colby could support additional card sorts for use if we are able to increase the number of attendees.
  • ACTION ITEM: Table the vote until James speaks with Jim. We agree to vote via email.
  1. Proposed March Webinar – Kristen Garceau from Michigan. $500 for 2 hours. This is a way to appeal to K-12 practitioners. Topic:  “How to Help students understand the world of work and college choice.”
    1. James called for a VOTE TO ACCEPT – ACCEPTED
  2. Additional topics for later in the year:
    1. Using Gamification in career counseling – next year’s Fall Workshop?
  • Annual Conference Update, Friday, May 19th, Thomas College ( Jim, James, Diane Jordan, Leigh, Haley and Nicole Collins)
    1. We have secured Greg Lavoy for the keynote. He has written two books: Callings, Nature & Nurture of Passion.
    2. He will give a 2.5 hour presentation. First part is a talk followed by hands-on workshop with entire group.
    3. Fee $2500 + expenses
    4. Theme: Something around passion can be learned.
    5. Should market heavily to HR groups
    6. James: call for a VOTE TO ACCEPT – ACCEPTED
  • Marketing & Membership Committee Update (Haley, Leslie, James)
    1. We need to work toward an Increase numbers for Fall Workshop.
    2. We need a Resource of the month –
      1. ACTION ITEM: AMY will read Elisabeth Sanders-Park book and use that.
    3. ACTION ITEM: Haley will add a Google calendar to track events onto MCDA website.
    4. ACTION ITEM: Haley has a MCDA Twitter account ready to go and will manage as part of social media management position.
  1. Do we offer advertising to members of programs they charge for? Do we offer paid advertising to members/non-members?
    1. There have been more and more inquiries around this. Bigger question is around management. In theory to be paid to support member programs is a win-win.
      1. ACTION ITEM: Bill & Jordan will investigate what it could look like and circle back to the board on that.
  1. NCDA Poetry Poster Contest Committee (Bryan Murphy, Holly Smevog) –
    1. Big undertaking. Maine one of 15 states that have not taken this on in 35 years. Bryan & Holly did some research and found it to be a bigger project than they anticipated. Successful programs have things in place at the state level that would require board decisions. ACTION ITEM: Holly to contact the School Counselor rep for the Maine Counseling Association to introduce myself & MCDA and have an exploratory conversation about this type of Career Development Month program.
  1. New Business
    1. No new business.
  • Next Meetings: Friday, December 16 from 2-4, March 3 from 2-4, May 5 from 2-4,






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