MCDA Board Meeting

Friday, March 3, 2017


Locations Include:

UMA Randall Center Room: Room 208

UMaine Fogler Library Room: Folger Library

USM – Portland Luther Bonney Hall Room: Room 147

Phone-In:  Meet Me Line – 866-64910

IN ATTENDANCE: James Westhoff, Bryan Murphy, Kim Moore, Leigh Mundhenk, Haley Brown, Carrie Dionne, Diane Anderson, Amy Jaffe, Leslie Smith

NOT PRESENT: Kate Axelson Foster, Holly Smevog, Geneva Meserve, Bill Stone


Welcome / Housekeeping

  1. Approval of December minutes (Leslie)

Motion: Carrie Dion    Second: Haley Brown      ACCEPTED

III. Treasurer Report (Diane)

  • Lost about $1000 for fall workshop, but brought in more registrations than expected and added more members; speaker fee accounts for the loss
  • Goal for conference: 80-90 registrations
  • Discussion about year-to-year conference and workshop attendance changes

Motion: Bryan Murphy   Second: Kim Moore    ACCEPTED

2. Membership Report (Haley)

  • Non-member fee has short membership; then they “renew” at May conference
  • 131 members as of 3/3/17


  1. March Webinar with Kristen Garceau update (James, Carrie, Bryan)
  • 20 registered as of 3/3/17


  1. Annual Conference Update, Friday, May 19th, Thomas College (Committee)


  • 6 proposals, 7th coming, goal 8-10
  • Discussion about four concurrent vs five concurrent workshops


    • Registration is live


  • ACTION ALL: Board members should register


VII. Marketing plan for the upcoming programs (James, Leslie, Haley and committees)


  • ACTION: Leslie will draft two messages for board members to use for marketing


    • Haley has updated the board-liaison list with newest members


  • ACTION ALL: Board members will message their assigned members encouraging registration



VIII. Any Old Business


  1. New Business
    1. Amy: Fall workshop – Kim is willing to help, Geneva may be interested.


  • ACTION: Amy will plan a meeting with Kim and Geneva


    1. Diane: Incorporation paperwork; need current addresses from board members


  • ACTION: Diane will gather board members addresses


    1. Election of treasurer and secretary need to happen in 2017
      1. Diane and Leslie are interested in continuing in their roles (with lots of coffee promises, of course!)
      2. A committee will be formed to manage the nomination and election process
      3. Vote will take place at the annual business meeting at the spring conference


  • ACTION: James will review by-laws and form a committee before next board meeting


    1. Board vacancy needs to be filled  – Plan is to move Kim to At-large, recruit someone from an agency


  • ACTION: Kim will contact potential person


Next Meetings


May 5 – Same locations as today, Haley will coordinate rooms

July 14 – Retreat at Leigh’s summer house

Motion to adjourn: Kim   Second: Diane   ADJOURNED

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