MCDA Board Meeting
Tuesday September 23, 2014
2:00 – 4:30 pm
USM – Lewiston / Auburn campus
Room 283


To provide professional development opportunities for people in Maine who provide career information/career assistance to others.

  • To provide networking opportunities for these same professionals in the field of career development.
  • To be an advocacy group for career development issues.


  • To provide training & development in the form of a Fall Workshop day and an Annual Conference.

Attendees: Jim Peacock, Amy Jaffe, Diane Anderson, Leigh Mundhenk, James Westhoff, Kim Moore, Peter Osborne, Bill Stone, Tom Novak,  Via Skype: Leslie Smith, Via Phone: Deb Walsh,  Absent: Sarah Davis, Katie Schindler, Rachael McGraw

School Counselor Position: OPEN

I. Welcome / Housekeeping

II. Approval of July retreat minutes

MOTION: James Westhoff  SECOND:     Diane Anderson      VOTE: APPROVED

III. Treasurer Report

MOTION:        Tom Novak    SECOND: Peter Osborne   VOTE: APPROVED

Diane to bring revised budget for 2014-2015

MOTION: Bill Stone SECOND: Kim Moore        VOTE: APPROVED

Discussion about tax exempt status of MCDA, Per advice from MANP Accountant:

  • MCDA’s previous status with IRS has been revoked
  • Need to reapply by meeting with IRS; Diane will get advice at that time of exactly how MCDA should file.

IV. Membership Report (Tom)

  • Total for Last year: 108
  • Current total for this year: 101
  • ACTION: Board members will contact their assigned members (per Tom’s email) about Fall Workshop


  • Full Election this year: President, Secretary, Treasurer
  • Call for nominations from members by February 15, XXX by March 15, Ballots out by April 15, Announce at May Conference
  • ACTION: Board needs to address filling two slots on the election committee gaps: Peter Osborne.

MOTION: Peter Osborne and Amy Jaffe approval of board should they choose to serve on the nominations committee.

MOTION: Deb Walsh           SECOND: James Westhoff           VOTE: APPROVED


  •  Friday November 7 @ 8:45am-3:30pm
  •  USM Lewiston – Auburn Campus
    • Amy will develop boiler plate communication for everyone to use including specific topics and take-aways.
    • Board members will contact their assigned members who have not registered yet
    • Board will reach out to chambers, career centers, HR orgs to spread the word about the workshop

 VII.     Special Event: Lesah Beckhusen / SkillScan

  • Date: Tuesday April 7, 2015
  • Location of workshop: USM Portland campus
  • Decided: Our preference is that Lesah present the ADVANCED PACK
  • Promote event: by emphasizing Advanced Pack and training on the online version of Skillscan
  • ACTION REQUESTED: Jim, Tom, James, Leslie on Skillscan Committee needs volunteers for:
    • Website update
    • Create Form (Amy)
    • Registration (Diane)
    • Promotional info:
    • Coffee / lunch:

VII. Annual Conference

  • Friday June 19th at USM L / A campus
  • John Krumboltz is confirmed
  • Must limit this to 120 people due to facility
  • Conference Committee Created: Leigh Mundhenk, Peter Osborne, Sarah Davis (co-chair), Tom Novak/Diane Anderson (in Membership/Treasurer capacity), Kim Moore

Sarah Davis will convene committee to discuss:

  • Space question – LAC accommodates 120, shall we consider another location that accommodates more (Portland)?
  • Prepare an announcement for fall workshop (Nov 7)
  • Committee to present recommendation about location at Dec board meeting
  • Recruit member to serve on committee (Melinda Gilman? Others?)

IX. Marketing & Membership Committee Update (Tom Novak & Leslie Smith)



  • Plan to increase membership to 140; IDEAS: Adult Ed, Jobs for Maine Grads, NE members of NCDA and Eastern ACE



  • ACTION: James and Tom will continue to review bounce backs, sync up the constant contact list with the current-members email list.

XI. ENGAGING OUR MEMBERS (all Board members)


  • Online payment option for website
    • Our need to is to have an online registration form, with electronic payment and submittal option, also need option to submit electronically but pay by check or PO. Also need to explore ability for system to create lists.
    • Constant Contact can create forms, lists, payments, Cost: 0-3 events per year, $140/annually (less for non-profit status)
    • WordPress is free, paypal charges 2%
  • ACTION ITEMS: AmyJaffe  & Bill Stone will research WordPress, James will research Constant Contact, all will report at December board meeting


XII. Newsletter

  • All board members will contribute a resource of the month for the newsletter (book review, article, intake template, blog. Send to Karen McGrady at anytime. Deadline: the 27th of the previous month.
  • Featured Resource
      1. August – Diane
      2. September – Jim
      3. October – James
      4. November – Peter
      5. December – Amy
      6. January – Tom
      7. February – Leigh
      8. March -Bill
      9. April – Sarah
      10. May – Katie
      11. June – Kim
  • Board members will be responsible for a Member Highlight in the monthly newsletter. More assignments to come at September board meeting.
      1. September –
      2. October – Sarah
      3. November – James
      4. December – Kim
      5. January – Tom
      6. February – Amy
      7. March – Leigh
      8. April – Peter
      9. May – Leslie
      10. June  – Bill
  • Add links to Career Convergence (open) & Career Developments (with permission)

XIII. Career Cafe

  • Bangor, Portland, Lewiston all going well
  • Question to connect all the career cafes virtually?

XIV.    Website Resources Committee. (Kim & Sarah)

  •  Proposed statement:  MCDA does not necessarily endorse any of the companies,             organizations and/or individuals or products and resources listed or linked on its website. These links and resources should be evaluated thoroughly by the individual user. 

         MOTION: Put disclaimer onto website. Committee to continue discussion.





XV.      Standard Operating Procedures and Forms

  • RECOMMENDATION:  Create an Ad Hoc Committee to review our registration forms (so we don’t have to recreate for each event), refund policies, electronic payment.
  • ACTION: Diane will review, Deb has done revisions
  • ACTION:  Create standard operating proceedures for following processes:
    • Committee Chairs will develop Standard Operating Procedure for on-boarding new members
    • Committee Chairs will explore idea of new member orientation
      • Jim Peacock will draft standard operating procedures for new Board Member orientation
    • CAREER CAFES (Amy)
    • NEWSLETTER (James)
    • CONFERENCE PLANNING (Diane will check if she has from Merle)
    • SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE – LinkedIn, Facebook (Peter)


XVI.  Update on Collaboration with NH / VT (Jim) 

  •  We have invited NH/VT members to 2014/2015 events.


XVII. Board meetings for year:

  •   September 23, 2014, 2 – 4:30 pm
  •   December – TBD
  •   February 26, 2015, 1 – 3:30pm
  •   April 16, 2015, 1-3:30pm


XVIII.  Upcoming Events

  •   Fall Workshop – David DeLong Friday November 7th
  •   LinkedIn Training – tentatively January
  •   Train the Trainer – Leigh – when? At the conference?
  •   SkillScan – Tuesday April 7th 9am – 4.30pm
  •   Annual Conference – Friday June 19 8 – 4.30pm


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